The Last Day of the Last Day Prophet

Brother Stair dies at 87. Brother Stair dead. Brother Stair death.

Last Updated on May 31, 2022

It is with a sad heavy heart that we report to you the passing of Brother R.G. Stair.  We have no pleasure in the death of the wicked.  As likewise, we have heard from several saints (that left the Farm years ago) that were impressed to pray for Brother Stair over the past month and even some to fast.  So we see God wanted him to come to repentance (Eze 33:11).  We desired that he repent of his wickedness and turn to God but in his final days we heard the same angry bitter man that has manifested over the last 20 years.

On a personal note, I (a chief editor here) would like to say a few personal things about Brother Stair that most of our readers don’t know.Brother Stair dies at 87. Brother Stair dead. Brother Stair death. Bro Stair not still alive.

It is surreal to me that it would come to an end like this.  It’s hard to have to write on this but we’ve known it was heading to this.  While on the Farm the mourning and weeping are coming from a nagging disillusionment that they are soon going to have to face the fact that Brother Stair was a false prophet and maybe even an outright liar.  My sorrow is for another man that I remember.

I have never held any bitterness or despite toward Brother Stair, and when I have dreams of my times on the Farm or of Brother Stair he is always the kind man that I always wanted him to be.  Even though I have suffered PTSD and terrors from remembering some of those actual times I am grateful that my dreams of him do not terrify me. 

I am not saying that I didn’t have any real-life encounters of him terrorizing me – I have those memories.  But I think God that He kept me there long enough after I knew Brother Stair was a lying hypocrite that I dealt with any bitterness before I left.  I still have a love for the man, it’s his biblical errors and his crimes that I take issue with.  You may wonder why I stayed there knowing the truth.  I don’t have a simple quick answer for you on that.  Perhaps I’ll cover that at a later date.

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So today I feel as if a family member has passed.  Because I saw Brother Stair as my family for many years.  You don’t just walk away from that.  Not without tearing out something deep inside.  No matter how much they wronged you and others.  Leaving there is like a divorce.  It leaves scars.  This is why many that leave are bitter and angry.

The Brother Stair that I knew, and I was close to him for a time, was a conflicted man.  He wasn’t always the evil madman that we saw and heard over the last 20 years, but that is also part of the deception.  I have seen him normal, then snap like some demon took over – which it did.  Unfortunately, that’s what he allowed to control him most of the time, certainly when he was in the presence of people.  So it’s the man inside that needed freed from his demons and from himself – his epic narcissism.  For that man, that Jesus died to save, I grieve and weep, because he would not walk in the path of salvation. 

He knew and preached what was required of others but he excluded himself from that obedience.  Showing us that it’s doubtful that he believed in the reality of God at all.  He just used “God” as a means to invoke fear and to exalt himself in the eyes of God’s people.  Sad – and wicked.

We have many more things to say about this over the coming days but I just wanted to let the visitors know about his passing.  As many have been wondering what happened when the Passover Services for the week stopped after his evident ill health in the last Service.  We may add more to this over time.

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Official Announcement of Brother Stair’s Death

From the Overcomer Broadcast:


“With great faith in the power of the resurrection and the nearness of Jesus’ second coming.  The Overcomer Ministry announces the passing of our dear Brother, Prophet R.G. Stair.  On the third of April 2021 at 11:17 PM, Brother Stair passed away at his home in Canady’s, South Carolina.”

“On behalf of the saints here we would like to thank you all for your faithful and continued support throughout these many years.  Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward and seek God’s direction for the Overcomer Ministry. Continuing on, by faith, and holding fast to the precious promises of Christ’s soon return.  May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.  Amen.  Maranatha!”


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28 thoughts on “The Last Day of the Last Day Prophet

  1. I have Prayed for my dad for over 30 years. Yes I am sad, but I am also thankful that Jesus is Lord.
    May God help all return to the God of the Bible and Jesus HIS only Son.
    May the Grace Of God be with you all.
    Dr. Terry Lee Stair, Sr.

    1. Dr. Terry, I got Anchor to download from Google Play. I listened to one of your Church Services and the message you preached. It was Excellent! I really enjoy it! As far as your Dad goes, I didn’t agree with my Dad on many things, for example, listening to Rock and R & B Music. I’m not much of a fan of Hip Hop, but my Dad was a part time Country Music Songwriter. Some Country is o.k., but I’m just using this as a example. I’ll be getting on 60 in a few years, I still listen to Classic Rock/Top 40-Pop and Classic R & B. If someone doesn’t like it, its a free country. The most important thing is your relationship with Jesus Christ. That’s all that should matter and you repent of sins. Humans sin all the time, in my opinion! Thank you to you and your wife, Debbie, I’ll will be listening more to you!

  2. To People Living At The Overcomer Ministry, Brother Stair’s Listeners and Brother Stair’s Family,

    I am sad with all of you, along with my wife and my mother of the loss of Brother Stair. Now, some of you folks can get upset with me. but there were some things me and Brother Stair didn’t see “Eye to Eye on. He told People stop going to the Doctors and Get the TVs out of your home. I disagreed with him on those two major things.

    Also, I got angry with the disrespect he had for President Donald Trump. I voted for President Trump. He called President Trump a Crook, Liar, and, The Man of Sin. That upset me. Yes, Brother Stair, put down former President Barack Obama. I heard it. We Americans should have respected for our President’s, even if we don’t agree with them, Current President Biden, President Trump, President Obama, President George W. Bush, President Clinton.

    To all at the Overcomer Ministry, pray to Jesus for comfort and healing, be strong, stay close to God! Let Jesus be Number One always in you life. Go to a Doctor, watch the National News on TV, listen to Sean Hannity if you want and do not feel like it’s a sin. Stay strong! Even though me and Stair did agree on every issue, I’m still sad of his passing.

    BTW: We broadcast the Overcomer Ministry on Saturday Nights at 10 PM to 10:30 AM Sunday Mornings. Now, not sure what going to do. It’s in God’s Hands and the Brothers at the Overcomer Ministry. Hope to hear something. Is someone like Pastor Rice take over, perhaps?

    Scott Bailey
    WMRO Radio
    Gallatin, TN.

  3. Let me make a correction. If me and Stair did not agree on every issue, I’m still sad of his passing.

    1. Yeah, the Prophecy of 1987 and 2000. I think the false one Stair made in 2000 is on You Tube. A clip of Ralph Stair making a prediction that never happened.

      One other thing David, Ralph Stair was awaiting trial on eight criminal charges when he passed away. What happened? Why didn’t the State of South Carolina take care of this. Where was our Federal Government? The bust on the farm was made in December 2018 by Homeland Security, The FBI, South Carolina Bureau of Investigations, and the County? This was all done under President Trump’s Administration.

      It’s not Donald Trump’s fault the charges didn’t go to trial. nor Senator Lindsey Graham. Also, we still don’t know about Rapper Craig Mack’s death. The Puff Daddy (Sean Combs) I do know wants a answer.

    2. Hi David,
      Let me say, along with other Shortwave Radio and other Radio Broadcaster, I am sort of down about Ralph Stair’s passing. My Southern Baptist Preacher didn’t like him, but if Stair was right about the Scriptures, he didn’t call him out on them. Over the past two presidential administrations, Stair made a few predictions or comments he was correct on, but perhaps, he was watching TV, nobody knew it and he had internet access. He was on his PC all the time. He may have had a TV hid out in the Radio Room or his house and we didn’t know it. He was hooked to the mainstream media news like all Americans. Once again, me and Stair have disagreed, but I do not think he hated people that disagreed with him on the issues. Maybe his predictions were to get mainstream media attention. Preachers have done that.

    3. Hey David, This year, in 2021, in January, Ralph Stair was still going strong live on the radio. Ralph got angry with a caller who simply asked him, “What do you think about this new (Biden/Harris) Administration wanting to end the Senate Filibuster. Ralph scream out over the radio, “Christians are not to be concerned about politics”! He also said in the past Christian are not suppose to vote. We’ll my friend, I disagree with all of that. I can’t believe Ralph Stair said that when most of the time his radio broadcast sounded like “Slanted Newscast” I even heard him start of the hour saying “In The News”. Then rants about Trump, Obama, let’s circle around to George W Bush, and members of Congress and The Senate. He would steal News Actualities from FOX News, CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS, and other On Line Internet News Sources, and play them on the radio. Too bad Ralph Stair didn’t live long enough into the Biden Administration because he would be bashing Biden, then he would attack Vice President Kamala Harris. As I said, he touched on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “AOC”. Cortez is politically putting people in Jail for those who attack her! I saw it tonight on the Mainstream TV News! Let’s be glad Ralph Stair didn’t go any further David, bashing President Biden, Past Presidents, and Members Of Congress. Dude, I think I will listen to Joel Osteen this weekend! A little of God’s happiness goes a long way, my friend!

    1. I just realized you have to have a Spotify Account to listen. I’m going to do that soon. I’m sure it will be refreshing to hear Dr Terry Stair preach God’s word, and what HE, our God wants us to follow! I have heard nothing but great things about Dr. Terry and his wife!

  4. Oh My Gosh, Copy and Paste the link below to this newscast report out of South Carolina to watch it. Look what the “Media Mob” is saying about Ralph Stair and these Criminal Charges, and is Ms. Yates telling the truth? You decide. I want Sean Hannity to see this! I know some you may not like Hannity, but Sean Hannity said on TV on his show that we can not rush to judgment until trial happens in court. Look at what’s going with Governor Andrew Cummo of New York.

  5. This is not a shocker, but Brother Ralph Stair did know who actress Jennifer Aniston was. She was on the hit TV Show “Friends”. She played the part of Rachel Green. In her own words, for what it’s worth, here is what Jennifer Aniston said about God.

    “I don’t have a religion. I believe in a God. I don’t know what it looks like but it’s MY God. My own interpretation of the supernatural.”

    Brother Ralph Stair said he was baffled by what Jennifer Aniston said about God, but he said maybe she might find her way to Jesus before it’s too late. He told me this in a email several years ago that I can not find now.

    1. Now at least I have some understanding of why you keep mentioning her. Bro Stair acted baffled but he was actually living the same thing. His god was of his own interpretation, and his god eventually manifested himself AS Brother Stair.

      1. Exactly! I sometimes now believe he thought he was God. He thought he could rule the people on the farm and his listeners on the Radio with a Iron Fist. Why did the people on the farm call him on phone to this answering machine, maybe quote a scripture from the Bible or just him they were listening to The Prophet? Seems to me the people living on the farm could have just walked into the radio room and he would have put them on the air live, or as he was recording, or both. This I’ve noticed and taken note since 2016. I was listening one night a couple of years ago and Brother Stair was talking about not going to the Doctor. There was atleast I think one or two men calling him and asking, “Is it O.K. to take a Aspirin”. No human being on this earth can be God. Jesus Christ was God on Earth on we know the story, it was something God had to do because God was fed up with man (men and women). I miss Brother Stair and his teachings of breaking down Scriptures out of The Bible and explain them over the Radio where a Third Grader could understand. I can’t say if Aniston knows really who Brother Stair is/was, but you know how those people are out there in Los Angeles who are of the Elite. Some of them say they want to thank God, like in a Awards Ceremony, but do they really know HIM, or showing out to the general public for “Show”? Did Brother Stair want to “Show Out” in his mind sometimes to the general gublic and the people on the Overcomer Farm he was God because he was a Prophet? Ever heard the saying “People in the world get on Ego Trips”? Mr. Administrator, these things you might know best! I’ll leave it here at that.

      2. Mr. Administrator, I apologize. I was not logged in when I got your reply and I reply back as Anonymous. Your reply came in my email box with a click “reply” to respond. I will remember to log in. Thank you.

  6. 2 Chronicle 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. Ecclesiastes 12:13, : Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. THANK YOU JESUS

  7. I did a dance in the yard over his passing. I hope anyone that ever followed him isnt sharing the flames of torment he is now suffering.

    1. I kind of chuckled at your comment because I can’t blame you for feeling the way you do if somebody would did me that way. I never met Ralph Stair, my radio station just carried his broadcast. I only talked to Ralph Stair one time on the phone, the rest was short emails on business.

      At first, I couldn’t believe all these wild sex accusations of what was being told me about Ralph Stair from another radio station manager in Tennessee.

      I thought to myself, how could Ralph Stair do this? In January 2018, I spoke to Alan Weiner of WBCQ in Monticello, Maine over the phone. Alan Weiner and his wife, Angela, had a vacation home in Florida. Alan to me that they would stop by the Overcomer Ministry Farm to see Ralph Stair on the way home to Monticello.

      At that time, December 2017, we broadcasters were told to remove the Overcomer Ministry from the air, but Alan told me that he thought it was fine to let Ralph back on in January 2018. Fine with me as long as the monthly invoice was paid.

      Well, I’ve been listening back to some of Ralph’s craziness and thinking to myself, all he done was scream and mock the folks like yourself. He was rude to callers on his broadcast in the radio room.

      I had a argument with Ralph Stair around 2013 or 2014, over things like non payments, and then he want to challenge me on my religious beliefs. That was none of Ralph’s business, I made that very clear. I was able to shut him down on that subject, made things “business only” from there.

      Glad you got out away from him. I would have just taken my fist and knocked the crap out of someone like that.

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