Peanut Brains

OCM Peanut harvest

God told me to stop calling you people Peanut Brains (Aug 2002 after Brother Stair came out of Jail).

Weeks later, Brother Stair would get angry and say, That was such a good phrase, I wish I could use it. [Who would think that slandering God’s people was good? (Pr 10:18Mk 7:20-231Pt 3:16Jam 4:11Tit 3:2)]

A few weeks later, Brother Stair went back to dispensing Peanut Brains upon God’s people without a second thought, without justification, and without repentance.  In direct disobedience to God’s word to him.

As so it continues today…

So, did God repent of telling Brother Stair to stop calling us Peanut Brains?  Did God change His mind? (Mal 3:6)  We know Brother Stair teaches us that what God supposedly told us the witness we got on Bro Stair can never change and that we are to hold to it no matter what we actually witness Brother Stair doing (Mt 11:41Jn 1:3Mt 7:20).  Why is it that Brother Stair doesn’t have this same constraint [witness] with what his own mouth proclaims that God told him?

Something to think about today (John 9:4-5).