The Face of Repentance


Colleton County minister denies sexually assaulting church members: “We had a good time” Bro RG Stair Speaks Out on Craig Mack Documentary

The Face of Repentance?

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The Face of Repentance?

Colleton County minister denies sexually assaulting church members: “We had a good time”

“When I committed adultery the women were old enough, and we had a good time!”

Brother RG Stair said in a recent Documentary on Craig Mack, When God Comes[We regret that in Brother Stair’s case that title would be spelled a bit differently.]Bro RG Stair Speaks Out on Craig Mack Documentary


Harve Jacobs from Live5 TV, WCSC in Charleston, SC has another report on church leader Prophet Brother R.G. Stair in Canadys, SC. It seems Bro Stair is foaming out his true beliefs and intentions when it comes to his sorrow and repentance over his sex sins (crimes).  For which he is under house arrest and awaiting trial.

A fact he doesn’t want his radio stations to realize.  Radio Stations that he lists as WRMI, WBCQ, WWCR, WINB, WWVA, WCKY, WSNR, KCAA, WCVG, WKMK, KYAH, and KXEL.  And according to MicroCults many of Brother Stair’s radio stations are owned by iHeart Radio.  I’m sure these stations would love to hear from you and your thoughts on their support in airing the Overcomer and allowing a sexual predator who is awaiting trial to be on their stations.  The same stations that pull him off the air for less than what has come out since that time.  This report comes from MicroCults Twitter feed.  You can join MicroCults on Twitter @MicroCults

Passover 2019

This comes out as Brother Stair is having his annual Passover Service Gathering event where this year he is trying hard to recruit many into his Farm as the mass exodus from his sex sins and arrest has dwindled his flock down to mostly elderly and he needs workers to keep the Farm running, and for his sexual pleasures.  As mentioned in the article Grinder’s Needed, Come on Down.

Feast of Unleavened Bread 2019

Brother R.G. Stair “keeps” the Passover (and we use keeps lightly) as he uses the Feast Days as substitute Gatherings so that he doesn’t have to have them on the road as all his past Gatherings were done.  Now that he’s under house arrest and can’t travel they are necessary to replace the ever-leaving flock.  It’s like Bro Stair knew he was going to be confined over his sins someday.  While the practice of Gatherings shows Stair’s continual need to replenish those who flee upon realizing that his fruit is not of God, those he excommunicates because they won’t allow him to “have a good time” with them, or those who oppose Bro Stair walking after the flesh doing whatsoever he would (Gal 5:17).

Easter 2019

With the time of Passover corresponding closely with Easter in 2019, one would wonder with Brother Stair’s wanton sexual vice why he doesn’t have a truly traditional sexual Easter Gathering?  We can think of no one more in line with the pagan Easter practices than Brother RG Stair is with his sexual deviance.  As his remarks in the above report show.  It would not be a leap to call his wanton sexual behavior that of a sexual psychopath.

Obelisk Rising

Rest assured Brother Stair is fully stocked up with his pagan obelisk enhancing Purple Rhino penis pills that he has for many years been getting in the mail (along with the sex toys he orders for the sisters).  So it’s sure to be a Happy Easter for Bro R.G. Stair with all his Farm Bunny’s and the fresh meat coming in for the Gathering of the Vulture to feed on the Body (Mt 24:28).  The Old opposing Obelisk will be sure to raise himself above God’s people and show himself that he is “gods man of the hour” (2Thes 2:4) in this Final Hour.


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