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Introducing the new Website layout.

The Forum is in response to R.G. Stair Rebuke Page that was the Walterboro Topix forum, which went away when Topix went away from forums.  It served as an outlet for many to voice their concerns and what they witnessed on the broadcast.

As we transfer the site there will be many differences in when the content is located from this site, so browse around.

There’s going to be some broken links and missing images for a while.  Please be patient.

Your old Bookmarks are going to need to be updated.

If the images are not showing up – Refresh your Browser [F5 or Command-R].

Let us know what you think in the Comments and how we can make it better.

The Bible verses that highlights can be hovered over with your mouse and the verse will pop-up (may take a moment at first), or you can click on them to read them on BibleGateway.

As we are still updating the older articles for the new format, some of them may not be in the index yet.  Use the Search box or click on the magnifier at the right side of the Main Menu to perform a search.  The new search will give results of your search criteria from even within articles.

The new site will let you comment on the articles and share them on your social media so that community discussions on the topic can grow.

If you’d like to help, make a Comment below.  We hope to be getting up an Instruction page for you to know how you can be a part of this work and or donate to the effort.

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