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Brother Stair
Brother Stair
New A.D. Phone Messages (#2)

Last Updated on Mon July 26, 2021 @ 10:01 am

In the unforeseen death of Prophet Brother RG Stair, we have many in radio land and in his Overcomer community wondering and perishing (Acts 13:41) as they wrestle the scriptures on what this means and what to do now (2Pt 3:16).

The latest addition of phone calls (messages) in this AD time of Brother Stair, provides us 16 messages over 14 minutes.  This magnification is due to Pastor Rice’s latest announcement telling people to call in their prayer requests and send their offerings.

We have Joe in Maine still getting in his check-in that gives him purpose.  Then a former Grace Community member thanks the dead Brother Stair, actually leaving a message for the deceased Brother Stair.

One praises Brother Stair as a great man of God, another thanks him for opening eyes – yet he is still blinded to what Brother Stair said and that his words have now all fallen to the ground.  Sorrowful for the passing of Brother Stair whom he acknowledges many called you a false prophet but you preached the word of god.  Which god that he preached would be in question.  This brother says Bro Stair moved us to action.  This is not evident in any of Brother Stair’s services preaching to his congregation that they ever moved to action.  Here we have another man denying what Brother Stair said.  The brother also notes, there’s nothing false about preaching.  That sounds like one of Bro Stair’s nonsense lines that equate to nothing.

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Manfred from Austria sends letters and is sorry for the passing of Brother Stair and he misses him.  He is glad the phone service is still up so he can keep Brother Stair informed on radio reports and when something new is up.

Another says Pastor Rice has big boots to fill.  Is that the plan, filling Brother Stair’s boots?  Because that’s not what Bro Stair taught.  His narcissism taught that no one would fill his place.  [We are beginning to witness the apostasy of the Overcomer Ministry away from Brother Stair’s teachings.]  The brother is believing Jesus is coming like the prophet told us.  Says “Few there be that find it” thinking that his being few qualifies him as finding it.  It doesn’t work that way.  Again blessing the dead prophet and how beautiful Pastor Rice’s empty words are.

Switzerland is still listening and believing that Jesus Christ is coming very soon.  Bro Philip from Brookland NY has been listening for quite a while. Bro Stair is the only one preaching the truth.  He’s 70-y-o and going blind.  Sadly, he is already spiritually blindHe doesn’t even know that Bro Stair is dead.  Bro Stair is the only one speaking the truth about the gospel – he doesn’t even know that Bro Stair doesn’t even preach the gospel.  Phillip wants to contribute – they will gladly take your money as they are still asking for offerings and offering books, music, and radios that they don’t have to give you.  While they sit on Walter’s millions.

More prayers and patients for the soon return of Jesus.  Several brothers and sisters calling in at Pastor Rices request after Prayer Time.  A sister calls for prayer for someone overtaken by the Devil.  The Overcomer Ministry is run by devils – Satan is not going to cast out Satan (Matt 12:26).   Another brother asks for prayer because he doesn’t make right choices, is he referring to his choice of listening to the Overcomer or following Brother Stair? 

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Lastly, we have a sister Smith from KY crying to us a poem (2Tim 3:6-9).  This poem is declared as from the Holy Ghost who is magnifying Brother Stair and the sign, as the work of God that men know him not.  The Holy Spirit seems to quote several of Bro Stair’s pet phrases and some songs that are often played on the Overcomer. 

One prominent pet phrase she quotes is the lie that Brother Wayne (called Simon by Bro Stair) said as his last words “Hear and obey”.  These were not Wayne Douglas’ last words but came from a message of his.  But this is the narrative that Bro Stair wanted to promote – at Brother Wayne’s expense – to promote the Prophet to his unquestionable obedience status that he so desired.  Bro Stair would also manufacture a death bed story about Brother Wayne that was false which the brothers that lived with him and cared for him refuted.

Sadly God and His Spirit get blamed for so many things that are opposed to His ways.  A good word of warning to God’s people – Do not hastily ascribe anything as from GodTest the spirits to see if they are from God is what He told us to do.  Brother Stair has always taught us to blindly and quickly accept everything he says and does as from God.  Totally contrary to God’s word.  Who are you going to believe?

The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding
shall remain in the congregation of the dead
(Proverbs 21:16)

What kind of spiritual perversion have these people learned from this ‘great’ man?

This all reveals to us the confusion that this ministry of confusion is propagating in its listeners.  Many are thinking that Jesus is coming soon in September and giving offerings.  Some are even still thinking they are leaving a message for Brother Stair – they don’t know he’s dead

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There’s a sign to them that they do not discern the truth of what they are hearing when they don’t even know the simple truth about his early demise.  But most of them are clearly mislead into praising the Prophet in their idolatry.

The wicked walk on every side,
when the vilest men are exalted
(Psalm 12:8)
A wicked doer giveth heed to false lips;
and a liar giveth ear to a naughty tongue
(Proverbs 17:4)

5 thoughts on “New A.D. Phone Messages (#2)

  1. Your Article here is Profound and Clearly Descriptive of The Delusion & The Total Desolation the Radio ministry of the voice of the last Day False Prophet of God is Becoming and will no doubt in God’s Time be Totally ICHABOD ~ ANATHEMA !! Truly by October 3rd their lies will have to be Magnified just like Ralph always said about Him being the Sign ~ about the Return of Jesus The Christ, For JESUS is NOT Coming as the False Witness Rg Stair has Proclaimed for years about what GOD TOLD HIM His END Would be and the soon Return of Jesus !! As Ole Ralph often said ” Don’t Overlook The Obvious “!!! It will Get More Comprehensive with Intensity Now !!!

  2. Just one more Note: talk about a Delusion ~ This Article Profoundly Illustrates the Strong Delusion that Rg Stair and His Listeners are Under and have been under for Quite Some Time Now: 2 Thessalonians 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. Amen & Amen

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