Phone Messages #4


Some callers are starting to address Pastor Rice and think that God took Brother Stair for a reason.   This is what Brother Stan says also.   This would mean that God seems to have forgotten to fulfill what He put in Bro Stair’s mouth…

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Brother Stair
Phone Messages #4

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The Overcomer Broadcast presents over 12 minutes of 12 more phone messages.  Brother Stair’s teachings are slowly being turned into a worse apostasy propagated by the current regime in control at the Overcomer Ministry.  They are not saying or supporting the teachings of Brother Stair for this present time, and this will only become more manifest in the next few months.

Some callers are starting to address Pastor Rice and think that God took Brother Stair for a reason.   This is what Brother Stan says also.   God seems to have forgotten to fulfill what He (supposedly) put in Bro Stair’s mouth.   More of them seem to know that Brother Stair is dead now – which is more than might be said of the current Congregation.

Higher Than God

One caller says it sounds like Brother Stair’s speaking on the mountain to everybody below him with the echo.   Instead of realizing the confusion of that sound that he thinks it’s amazing how that sounds and exalts Brother Stair above us – as he always did speak down to us.

Some of them can hardly be understood over the broadcast mesmerizing them in the background.

The Mark of a Ministry

The tally is 7 women to 5 men, better than usual.  This is better than the Overcomer Farm where the majority are older women.  Remember the great Prophet of God Brother RG Stair told us that the mark of a ministry that is of God is that there are a majority of young men.  Another sign that we should not ignore.

The blindness of the listeners is reflected in these phone calls from the elite of the Overcomer listeners.  One man is praying for the saints a the Overcomer and at the River unaware that the River saints are not considered saints by Brother Stair or the current regime.  The River was excommunicated by Brother Stair because they stood up to put an end to his groping the young sisters as he furthered his sexual agenda at the River.

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On his death bed, Brother Stair was still unrepentant to restore them, even when his ex-wife Teresa interceded with him to restore them (Rev 2:21).  Wasn’t this the one who claimed to be the Prophet of Restoration?  Thus his attitude and stance on this were carried over by the new regime who neither allowed the River nor Bro Stair’s “good friend” Brother Chris to attend his funeral.  We see here how the listeners who support the ministry do not know as they think they know.

On What Mark?

Two brothers speak of how right on Brother Stair’s broadcasts are and how his voice is more relevant today than ever before.  One says it’s amazing everything that’s played of the recordings from Brother Stair, and how on and how just right on the mark scripturally and everything that he’s talked about.  More relevant?  On the mark scripturally?  Today, more than ever before,  Brother Stair’s words are proving his irrelevance and how false all his predictions were. How scripturally in err he is/was.  Unless you don’t have eyes to see and ears to hear (Mt 13:9, 11).  Which unfortunately appears to be the way it is.

A caller who says that God does not error from His words is also looking for the Two Witnesses are still to be revealed.  Does he not know that Brother Stair is the one who is to do that revealing?  As far as God not erring, either he doesn’t know God’s word or he’s not listening to Brother Stair who has long erred from it.  The same man says that God will finish what He started.  Indeed, that is what shows us that God did not begin this work of Brother Stairs’.

Another praises the Prophet Stair as the Last Day Prophet of God.  This is what this ministry has wrought, the adoration of a man, and even a dead man.  Does he not know that the Last Day Prophet is the false prophet to the Antichrist (Rev 19:20)?

The Unreached Gospel

Don’t overlook the constant Pastor Rice interruptions that inform us that we are listening to the Overcomer Ministry – as if anyone listening doesn’t know this.  The first thing that we should find odd about this is why they aren’t using Brother Stair’s voice to say this.  He’s recorded saying these same words many times.  We are starting to see a move away from not only Brother Stair’s teachings for the current time (as the ministry does not acknowledge or promote them either on the broadcast or the website) but also from Brother Stair himself.

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Nor ignore that on many of these interruptions the deliberate cut out of Pastor Rice from saying that they are preaching the gospel of Christ. where the gospel of Jesus Christ [is preached has been cut].  They are telling us that the gospel of Jesus Christ is NOT PREACHED.  This was probably a mistake but we should put God in this sign.

Not only is Pastor Rice’s new announcement asking for phone calls, from which they are getting this new content as posted here, but he is also asking for offerings – after telling us a few months ago that they had all the radio time paid up till October.  Because the consensus then was that Jesus is coming in September, but agreement on that fell to the wayside and they have chosen to not even discuss it over the broadcast, in Services, or on their website – which we are also directed to for more information.

More information on what?  There have not been any timely words on there for years.  These offerings are still asked to go to the Walterboro post office address.  For a group of people that are trying to convince you that the end is near and that they are going to shut everything down, they are making no plans on disrupting their daily trips to the Post Office.  A Federal building that will eventually require vaccination status to enter.

Let’s Address the Address

Decades ago, when the Campground in Walterboro moved to the Canadys Farm, Brother Stair should have moved the mailing address there also.  It’s not like they were worried about confusing people – they changed the phone numbers after all.  Brother Stair kept the mail coming to Walterboro so that he could make his trips to town and get his porn, his erection pills (Purple Rhino), and still have his rendezvous with his local prostitutes.  Like the ones that would call the Farm looking for “Ralph” when he was in Jail. 

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Remember that he insisted on going through the mail before he brought it back.  He preached that this was because he alone had the spiritual discernment to filter it out.  This is how he filtered out his porn, his erection pills (Purple Rhino), his private letters, and the cash offerings that he would skim off before Sister Margeret got the mail for processing.  You wouldn’t want to be paying for those prostitutes with ministry money now would you?  These things were uncovered when he went to jail in 2002.  He also got him a personal P.O. Box in Canadys while in jail.  One has to wonder what that was all about.  Again begging the question, why wasn’t the mail moved to Canadys or delivered to the Farm?

Many listeners don’t know that back in 2001 (when Brother Stair was caught molesting and raping the sisters on the Farm) that we didn’t allow him to go anywhere alone.  He was chaperoned to town and from the Radio Room to the Tabernacle.  Unfortunately, if we would have continued this practice it would have helped to restrict him in magnifying his sexual perversions to the pinnacle that he did at his death – living with another man’s wife.  But as he always gets his way in things, and not God’s way, his slight of tongue finally removed us from doing that.

Thou sufferest that Jezebel, which calleth [himself] a prophet[],
to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication,
and to eat things [teachings/doctrines] sacrificed unto idols [exaulted men].

I gave [him] space to repent of [his] fornication; and [he] repented not.
(Rev 2:20-21)

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2 thoughts on “Phone Messages #4

  1. Interesting that Sister Teresa pled and interceded for the River Community on Stair’s death bed for him to restore them. This just highlights his implacable and hardened heart and will add on to the list of ungodly deeds he has done. Stair did not discern the Lord’s body and trampled underfoot the blood of Jesus. I would hope by now there is no wavering or confusion that any brother or sister needed to seek this wicked man’s approval and it troubles me some appear to still be ensnared by his heresies, and his wresting of Scriptures. He was so cunning and adroit with his sleight of words to subvert the faith of the saints. Stair made a point to speak multiple times of those that left because they wouldn’t forgive and we see how he refused to settle a grudge he held merely because the young women there didn’t feel comfortable with Stair’s hugs. Rather then showing the River as being cut off, it shows us the condemnation Stair faces because he is the one cut off. Stair had no authority to cut off or restore anyone. His numerous false prophecies, his defrauding and extortion of brothers and sisters, and his porn addiction and planned in advance sexual acts m to sisters and teens make him exempt and invalid. His goal was to cripple and hobble the sheep so they were incapacitated and then exploit them for what he could personally benefit from. He was never a Shepherd and he never served or was willing to put down his life, but only took advantage of others, and if you were hesitant to give willingly, he would take it by constraint coercion, duress or force. I remember Stair saying once that he would never put up with the treatment and words he spoke to us. He stated this at the Tabernacle and even paused to chuckle at his own capacity to pull the wool over our eyes. It was a sport to him to revile and take away our dignity because we were of no value or worth to him but replaceable chattel. I remember feeling sickened when certain in our assembly were mistreated past what is righteous or godly and after that others couldn’t see them the same because they had no standing. They were considered vile and untouchable because that is the definition of being shamefully entreated. They were avoided and people just waited for them to leave or be evicted. I also believe that was me at a certain point so my experience gives me a witness to confirm the spiritual, emotional, and mental cruelty exhibited there. This man Stair was devoid of any love of God and did not know Him, he did not represent Him, and we do not have to fear him as he has no authority over us. I hope this helps anyone who may still be in doubt or be troubled.

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