Phone Messages #17

Phone Call Messages 17
Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Phone Messages #17
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Don’t want to keep commenting on these phone calls (or Services) but these are some things that stick out.  About 15 calls, originally over 15 minutes.

Many are still addressing their message to Brother Stair.  Hard to let those idols go.  One man is so unwilling to open his eyes and see the truth that he refuses to accept that Brother Stair is dead.  That is the kind of blindness and stubborn spirit that keeps people hooked to Brother Stair – even after death.  Some like Montfort in Austria is sad and can’t believe it but I’m sure he does believe it anyway.  Another thinks the Canadians bomb weather” is perhaps us reaping the bomb

One reason that they are addressing Brother Stair, even with those in better contact with the ministry, is because there is no other face for the ministry.  They have decided to continue putting Brother Stair out because he is the one who brings in the money.  While they continue to use his merchandising clips to bring in those much-needed funds to pay their bills and for all their cell phones that Brother Stair got for the sisters so he could sext them and text them for meet-ups.

Then there are the phone calls responding to the merchandising that the Overcomer is putting out to try to remain on the air.  This was covered in more detail in the last Service.

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They end with Brother Stair teaching that God didn’t make Heaven perfect.  That it’s incomplete.  This is part of his false teaching of replacement theology taken beyond his mentor Herbert W. Armstrong to the level of the fallen angels in Heaven.

And now she is planted in the wilderness
And fire is gone out of a rod of her branches,
which hath devoured her fruit,
so that she hath no strong rod to be a sceptre to rule
(Ezekiel 19:13-14)

Please pray for these deceived remembering that there are many more that never call.  Abide in Christ saints! (John 15)

The Phone Messages:

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1 thought on “Phone Messages #17

  1. It takes the heart of a shepherd to warn others, and the investment of time you’ve poured into providing updates is much appreciated. It’s to be hoped that others (including those wandering sheep without a shepherd calling the OC Ministry) will be drawn to the truth and be set free. I hope you are encouraged and strengthened as you serve the Lord.

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