Have We Come To The End?

End Sign
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Last Updated on March 30, 2022

Have we come to the end of waiting for Brother Stair’s 6-months to time out?  The end of holding out for Jesus to return without first having His word fulfilled?  The end of holding onto the Prophet being true?

Strong DelusionHave we come to the end of thinking that Brother Stair was anything that he claimed to be?  To realize that all his words were lies – even those words that have a skin of truth on them?  Have we come to the realization that he just used those truths in God’s word, in the news, and in other prophecies – to lead us on in his quest for greatness?

Or are we still blind in the ditch clutching for some light that God has withheld from us because He has turned us over to this strong delusion because we loved the prophet more than the truth (Matt 15:14;  2Thes 2:10-12)? 

This blindness into a strong delusion is what happened when we accepted the Prophet’s words over what we knew was right (Pr 19:27).  Stop listening to teaching that contradicts what you know is right (Pr 19:27  TLB).

Have we had enough of this ditch that the blind prophet leads us down? (Matthew 15:13-14)  If not, why not?

Grace Period

These are just some thoughts for today which mark seven months after Brother Stair’s death.  Thus putting Brother Best’s 30-day extension (to Brother Stair’s 6-month extension) to rest.  This extension of Best’s can be heard in the first call on Phone Messages #15.  We can sadly be sure there will be other grace periods added by those who continue to refuse the truth and walk in the lies that Brother Stair brought forth (Rom 1:28-32;  2Thes 2:10-12;  2Tim 3:7;  2Pt 2:14-15).  Just like there are Brenhamites, Branch Davidians, and Heaven’s Gate‘ers still today – don’t expect the Overcomer Ministry to fold up because Brother Stair has died.  Evil prevails in this end time.

That, by the way Joe (a commenter), is one of the reasons that we are here.  Not because Brother Stair was a good target but because he was an evil man that we were commanded to expose and bring to light (Eph 5:11-12;  Psalm 94:16;  1Corinthians 6:2;  James 5:20;  Gal 6:1;  Ezekiel 3:18-19;  Psalm 94:16;  1John 4:6).

The Ministry of Presumption

How do the followers of Brother Stair think that the revelations that he put forth are going to be revealed now?  So many things are presumed to happen (Deut 18:22;  Num 15:30;  Deut 17:12).  No last ThundersNo Two Witnesses.  No Last 40 Days of America proclamation from the prophet.  No Trumpets, Bowles, or Seals.  No trip to JerusalemNo death by the Pope.  No dead rising the Last 45 Days.  No Jonah Sign.  No end time RevivalNo Gathering of 1,000 at the Overcomer Farm.  No Antichrist was identified.  No Jesus came within six months of his death.  No handing Jesus back the Son of Man title (or mantle) when He failed to return in September 2021 according to the word of the Prophet.

So many things are left unfulfilled that are listed in the Future Timeline

Yet followers remain clinging to their idol for hope (Jonah 2:8).  Where has the wisdom gone to realize that then you will know that ‘God has not sent that prophet? (Jer 27:15).  Perhaps that’s the Jonah Sign that Brother Stair can now claim?  The sign of those clinging to worthless idolsThey that regard lying vanities forfeit the mercy that could be theirs (Jonah 2:8  ASV/NET). 

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Remember that for decades Brother Stair invoked fear upon us by declaring that God told me that you are going to fear my words.  This would be contrary to God’s word in Deut 18:22 where God tells us to not fear those prophets who speak presumptuously – those whose words do not come to pass – as all of Bro Stair’s have failed.

When a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD,
if the thing does not come about or come true,
that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken.
The prophet has spoken it presumptuously;
you shall not be afraid of him.
(Deuteronomy 18:22  NASB95)

How Did We Get Here?

This is something that shouldn’t have to be brought up… but sadly it does.

The reality is that the only way one believes in Brother Stair is through deception, manipulation, and spiritual delusion.  Okay, so those three don’t look like it’s an ‘only’ but they are in the same category of an emotional/spiritual ploy.

It is a ploy that has to take the hearer away from the word of God – by using the word of God (2Peter 3:16;  Matt 15:9).  This is the same trick that Satan uses on Christians.  He can’t usually get you to turn from God directly, so he uses God’s word and perverts it so that it has another meaning so that you are turned away or that you back away.

Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity,
a seed of evildoers,
children [followers] that are corrupters:
they have forsaken the LORD,
they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger,
they are gone away backward.

(Isaiah 1:4)

Backing away is the most effective because it holds its victims in its grip longer through its deception.  Because it gives you the illusion that you have not turned from God and are still ‘pressing on’.  This is because you are still seeing God in the distance.  He is ‘before you’ but what you don’t realize (until it’s possibly too late) is that you have gotten farther and farther from God.  He’s getting smaller and smaller, and someone else (Brother Stair) is getting larger and larger (“The Sign must be magnified”).

This is the evil spell that is cast by those like Brother Stair upon their victims to deceive them into following them and then later into exalting them.  All the while thinking they are still (and even more earnestly) following God.  Thus making it harder for them to see the true light of the deception that they have succumbed to.  That is, that they are no longer following God but have turned aside to another (Gal 1:6;  2Tim 4:4).

And If I Be Exalted

You see (if you do) that this deception should be clear to Christians because the word of God is clear on how to discern all men.

There are two primary reasons that these men are able to thwart us. 

One, we don’t know what God’s word says and we don’t hold it in our hearts – we haven’t applied it to real-life (Pr 4:23).  Perhaps we also haven’t studied Proverbs which is critical in understanding the outcome related to actions.  Not only in ourselves but in others. 

Two, these men use the method of being ‘spiritual’ and apply Simon the Sorcerer’s trick of ‘making themselves out to be some great one’ (Acts 8:9).

This last method is effective because it gets people to bypass God’s requirements for all men.  These deceivers exalt themselves above any scrutiny by placing themselves in a ‘calling’ or ‘anointing’ straight from God Himself.  Therefore, to question that places you in their crosshairs and you are then excluded from their company so as to not influence those they have deceived by this method (3John 1:9-11).  You must be removed and cast out so that you don’t cause others that are blind to see also.

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Can I Have A Witness

This is further reinforced by them using God as the anchor to hold you to their delusion.  They cast all their verification upon you getting a word (or witness) from God about them.  Once that trap is set you either think God told you (with exactly the words the leader said God would use – how convenient) even though God’s word says He won’t do this.  Or you just buy into it because you figure no one would be so evil as to make such a ridiculous claim that wasn’t true.  So even though God never verified the leader to you, as the deceivers’ gameplay warrants, you just play along.  Or because you figure you’re not spiritual enough to hear from God like that and you just go with the flow and believe the deceiver by proxy.  Either way, it works out for the deceiver (2Tim 3:13). 

Naturally, God is not going to tell you that this person is ‘of God’ because this would be against the word of God, and God doesn’t go against His word – even though these false leaders do. 

One way that God has used to reveal the true nature of these certain men (Jude 1:4) is in observing that they wax worse and worse in their ways (2Tim 3:13).  Another is the Test below.

This is usually why those who are really the most spiritual followers never hear such nonsense from God – because they are not getting fooled by a demonic spirit.  They either become those who just follow by proxy – they see other believers following so they assume this must be right, largely because they know the other believers to be true believers that know God.  Or they soon fall away (as the deceiver will call it) because they are more spiritually discerning.  Thus they are still likely to be those who are the first to fall away as they flee from these deceivers.

Pass the Test

Did you test that spirit that spoke to you and gave you that witness to the deceiver?  Probably not, because you didn’t test his fruit either did you?  It is certain that the deceivers didn’t tell you to do any such testing of them aside from that false witness thing they sold you.  Because if you obeyed God and tested what you thought God spoke to you then you would have found that it wasn’t God who told you the person (Brother Stair) was of God.  God doesn’t do the foolish mojo that the shysters try to sell you, it is the fruits of the leader that verify them as to whose servant they are.  Good trees (from God) bear good fruit – they cannot bear bad fruit (Luke 6:43).  Bad fruit comes from bad trees (which are from the evil one) (Matt 7:17).

This is why you see many leaving these leaders when the revelation of their bad fruit comes to light.  At least some people can see the truth when it slaps them in the face.  While others are even more entrenched in the ditch that they have fallen into with their blind leader (Matt 15:13-14).  They make excuses for these fruits and don’t believe that they are the criteria for their leader’s validity (Matt 7:15-20).  Not realizing that this false teaching was taught to them by their leader.

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This exodus often leads to the ‘hangers on’ being even more ‘stuck in the mud’ as their leader convinces them that they are the FEW and those that left have ‘fallen away’ to destruction.  Teaching this fear makes them even more resistant to refuse any questioning and common sense in examining the situation of the leaders’ fruits (Mt 7:15-20).  Thus they usually just push them aside so that they can ‘press on’ until the end – so they think.  Onward to destruction they go.

In YOUR Lifetime

It is this ‘soon coming end’ which is another trick/ploy that these shysters employ upon their victims to get them to ‘hang on’ longer.  Sadly, the more that leave the more hardened those remaining become.  Thus, the longer someone is in a cult the harder it is to release them from its power.

This rejection of all sound judgment is seen today in the followers of Brother Stair.  His death has made it clear that what he’s said is invalid and that all his prophecies have failed.  Yet somehow some still refuse to see this.  Even those that only listen to his broadcast and don’t live in his community.  How is that? 

Affectionately Affected

Proverbs 4:23 tells us – Above all else, guard your affections.  For they influence everything else in your life.

These people are affectionately affected.  This is the reason that emotions (and spirituality) are used by these shysters to deceive people.  God’s word says right there in Proverbs 4:23 that if you want to affect every area of someone’s life that you go for the affection, the heart, their emotions.  For Christians and in the area of deceiving someone spiritually – you go for what they consider spiritual.  Your belief system – what you believe – affects everything in your life.

Marketers and salesmen know this principle.  People buy on emotion more than on logic You don’t convince someone to buy your product because it’s better than the others but because of how it makes them feel.  Thus we find that logic has met its barrier when it comes to trying to deal with these followers.  They refuse logic.  They have been sold an emotional (spiritual) bag of goods that makes them feel like it’s going to save them.

This is the same thing we are witnessing today in politics and society.  People are emotionally swayed and moved by whatever and wherever the media sways them.  Logic does not phase many of them.  The Left uses emotion to move their followers.  The News Media appeals to emotional issues, not factual issues.  They have targeted people’s emotions on issues rather than truth, logic, and facts.  And we see how effective it is – or we’re caught up in it and deceived thereby.  This is why people are so emotionally entangled with their beliefs in their political positions.

The same holds true for cult members who follow their leaders (idols).  As it was in the Old Testament when a righteous man destroyed a people’s idol, the people were engaged and sought to kill the righteous man.  As when Gideon destroyed Baal’s altar and cut down and burned the Asherah pole (Judges 6:30-32).  The idol (Brother Stair) was unable to stand and defend itself, thus showing that it was an idol and not of God.  Baal should fight for himself (Judges 6:32).

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  1. This was excellent with many Scriptures. Thank you for your dedication and for the time you invested to serve the Lord and help others.

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