Phone Call Messages 15
Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Phone Messages #15

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This segment started airing Tuesday morning when it replaced the confusing, long, mixed-over Phone Messages #14.

We begin with Brother Best declaring This year in Jerusalem and then summarizes, in an effort to make Brother Stair not a liar – that when the children of Israel were delivered from Egypt it was 400 years and 30 years after that they came out.  So… he surmises that it will be 30 days after Brother Stair’s six months (after his death) have passed that Jesus will come.  A grace period I guess?  Why not 30 years?  What a delusion we are witnessing here, and it’s not just with Bro Best, this is universal with the followers of Brother Stair in one manner or another.  They are now, as we said they would be, in confusion and grasping for straws trying to make their precious prophet right and not have his words fall to the ground (1Sam 3:19).  They have invested all their fragile eggs into this basket, and Brother Stair’s failing words are dropping the eggs out onto the hard ground – like Humpty Dumpty.  News Flash: Had a great fall and all the Overcomers and all the phone callers can’t put Humpty together again.

Yes, they are like sheep without a shepherd, as we have also said.  This is because Brother Stair never made any plans to feed his flock after his demise (Acts 20:29).  He didn’t care about them and that fruit is coming out in full bloom (Matt 7:15-20).  Yet we were always sheep without a shepherd.  Our ruler was/is a wolf (Isaiah 3:12;  Acts 20:29). 

Brother Best calls on God to keep His word but the word that he is wanting God to keep is Brother Stair’s false words – and God has no obligation to a lie (Num 23:19;  Titus 1:2;  Heb 6:18).  God cannot lie but Brother Stair sure did and those lies are what Bro Best and others are trusting in (Jer 7:8) and the phone calls show us this, even while the Overcomer Ministry themselves say nothing present.

Behold, ye trust in lying words, that cannot profit
(Jeremiah 7:8)

Bro Best implies that what he’s believing is what God said and thus God has to uphold His word.  Insisting that God has to keep His word, that He has to do something to preserve Your people.  God has no responsibility to uphold the lies that you’ve believed in Brother Best (Jer 7:8).  Bro Best is in error because he’s believing that what Brother Stair said was what God said, or worse is that he believes that what Brother Stair says becomes the Word of God, and thus God has to back it up and fulfill it

It’s not surprising that he believes this because Brother Stair did teach that “Everything that comes out of my mouth is from the Throne of God”.  Well, Brothers and Sisters, the reason that the things that Brother Stair said have never come to pass is that God is watching over Brother Stair’s words to see that they DON’T come to pass (Jer 1:112;  Isaiah 55:11).  God is doing this so that people don’t confuse Brother Stair’s words with God’s infallible Word (Psalm 138:2).

Keep Your Eyes On…

Brother Best, and those of you holding on to Jesus coming soon because of Brother Stair’s death…  What you need to keep your eyes on and looking for is for Brother Stair to be taken to Jerusalem to meet the Pope.  That would be the start, without that happening we don’t need to go any farther.  But say that happens (still waiting) then we would expect the Pope to behead him.  Then (as you see these are chronological events) we could look for Jesus to come within six months of that event.  Brother Stair dying in his bed of suffering (Rev 2:22) in his house in Canadys, with no Pope in attendance is not going to cut it – there’s no fulfillment to even start this chain of events

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If we take a step back to the ‘within six months’ we can determine the time frame for when his death must take place because Brother Stair also told us that Jesus is coming at the Fall Feasts.  This negates the fact that the Pope might hall him off to the Vatican then Jerusalem long before he decides to kill him but we’re focusing here on his death as that is the trigger to the year that Jesus returns – assuming that the previous events take place first.  These Fall Feasts were further elaborated to be in the month of September (a worldly Gregorian month) when all the Fall Feasts fall in the (Gregorian) month of September.  We emphasize the Gregorian aspect here because all of God’s Fall Feasts are always in the same month of Tishrei.  Perhaps the prophet of God didn’t know that. 

Thus we can determine that Brother Stair’s death (by the Pope) would take place between Passover and the Fall Feasts.  He was fortunate enough to get the death aspect correct within that time frame but all other factors (a word that comes from the word fact) failed miserably.  Adding to the dating Brother Stair added in 2020 that these Feast Days only fall in September in 2021 and 2032.  So as we wrote in 2020, Brother Stair would have to die around Passover 2021 (or after to be within) to make September 2021 possible.  BUT this would only work if he died in Jerusalem at the hands of the Pope in a beheading.  Those are three factors that are void in today’s reality.  This is saying nothing of Biblical facts like the Great Tribulation of 3.5 or 7 years (take your pick because the Overcomers are having any of it) that proceeds Jesus’s return.  Or the unbiblical fictions of the Door of Grace being closed or America’s list 45 Days – which Brother Stair never announced.Colossians 2:4

So here we are with massively failed prophecies but many grasping onto straws.  We see here that Brother Best is even throwing in his two cents by fabricating some more time for this to pan out.  Nice touch brother, it’s just like Brother Stair would do.  But it’s not going to work out no matter how much time you add-in. How is adding 30 days going to fix this?  Why didn’t Brother Stair just say seven months then?

In light of the words of Brother Stair, as covered above, we see there is no way his Jesus is going to come no matter how much time you buffer it with.  There was no Jerusalem, no Pope, no beheading – so no fulfillment.  None of this works without all those happening.  His words have long fallen to the ground.  No amount of adding a 30 day grace period to it is going to fix Humpty Man.  If his death does not take place in accord with the above outline – his death is in vain.  You don’t get truth from a lie.  Yet I see Bro Best is going to wait till November 4th to frantically search for another extension to make his prophet valid.  Sorry, time is not on his side.  That time has passed.

Brother Stair lied to us and he didn’t care about his ministry preparing anyone for this, let alone for Christ’s return – as we have been witnessing.  It’s time to face the truth and get back to God and repent of holding to the teaching of Balaam, which Brother Stair taught to entice us to sin so that we sacrificed to idols [prophets] and committed sexual immorality.  Likewise, holding to the teaching of the Nicolaitans [loarding over God’s people].  Otherwise, I will soon come to you and will fight against them with the sword of My mouth (Rev 2:14-16  NIV).  Only the truth can set you free (John 8:31-32).  You’re not free because you are trusting in lying words (Jer 7:8).

Brother Stair was given his space of repentance, I have given him time to repent of his immorality, but he was unwilling (Rev 2:21).  Don’t remain his disciples and reap his reward and fate – repent of this idolatry (John 8:31;  2Pt 2:1).

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A Brother reads a scripture out of Joshua 1 putting Brother Stair in the place of Moses.  This strong delusion has come to many because they have trusted in lying words (2Thes 2:10-11;  Jer 7:8).

Bro Malone offers prayers for all saints, Pastor Rice, and the Board of Directors.  Well, that Board of Directors is why the saints are getting fewer and your Pastor Rice is vacant from the scene.  They need your prayers because of the Board of Directors.

Mesmerized Bro Paul from Canada is still holding strong to his delusion of the prophet and his Jesus coming,  just a little while longer.  Brother Stair prepared Paul’s household, sadly he is ill-prepared for what he’s facing because he trusted in lying words that have not prophet-ed him (Jer 7:8).  Followers like these fall the hardest when reality sets in.  Pray for Paul.  He ends with a statement that should make all things Overcomer clear but is only spoken and not examined.  Christ is not divided!  Yet we are witnessing more division this month.

Bro Ray in Langley Park thinks Brother Stair is still commanding listeners from the grave to call in for radio checksBrother Stair is 100% the Last Day Prophet of God – even though his death has magnified his sign as a false prophet.  Believing that Bro Stair is the straight and narrow – taking more attributes of Jesus and applying them to Brother Stair as he did in his Entitlement (Matt 7:13-14;  Jn 10:9-10).  This is the word he’s hearing that he believes this is the final word that God has given because they’re setting up cameras, there’s blue lights that are shining on the streets, and buildings to lock people up

He references Matthew 24:14 and maligns it according to Brother Stair’s pernicious teachings on it (2Pt 2:2).  Making this final preaching into all the world – the place the false prophet go into (1John 4:1).  That this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached… as a witness (Matt 24:14).  Instead of capitalizing on Bro Stair’s teaching of this gospel of the Kingdom which he used to justify his preaching another gospel, Ray should have read the next verse which reveals to us something about this false teaching, When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation (Mt 24:15).  What do you know, some prophet has made another gospel and it sounds like Paul would call that an abomination (Gal 1: 6-9).  Notice how that gospel and abomination fit there, not to mention the desolation that this has wrought.

He says When this voice of the prophet is ended, that’s when the Tribulation is gonna start.  I’m talking about the three and a half years.  That’s what I believe will happen.  And then, then no one can be saved after that, like Brother Stair saidthe door of the Ark will be shut.”  “We’re very close now.  Keep the faith and study God’s word.”  “We must listen to the voice of the prophet.  For the Lord God shall do nothing until He first reveals His intentions by His prophet.  That’s what the Bible says He will do nothing until He first reveals His will unto His servants the prophets.  That is the truth.”  He then blesses Pastor Rice (unaware he’s gone).  Pray for Bro Ray.

Let us examine some of this.  According to Ray, (the so-believed prophet in the verse he refers to from Amos 3:7) Brother Stair, has ended – thus the Tribulation is started.  That would mean that the 3.5 years have begunBro Best would disagree with you on that, which makes Paul’s Christ is not divided make all of this not of Christ.  Ray believes this but he only does so because he was sold this by Brother Stair.  He didn’t arrive at this by himself or the Bible.  Just like the false doctrine of the Shut Door that he was likewise taught.  Unless he’s a Branhamite – who Brother Stair stole it from.

Ray says to study God’s word but that’s not how he came to believe these fables (1Tim 4:7).  Then we come to the coup de grâce of his statements.  We must listen to the voice of the prophet.  For the Lord God shall do nothing until He first reveals His intentions by His prophet.  That is not what the Bible said brother, that’s what Brother Stair taught.  If you listened to God’s word you might have understood that the verse in question does not say what Brother Stair has made it to say.  It is used this was to exalt Stair – as did Lucifer (Isaiah 14:13-15).  This is a topic that we will address (again) In a separate article. 

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If we were to examine it on the matter the brother is speaking of we would see how it falls apart on that fact alone.  As Ray noted Brother Stair is dead and gone, yet he did not reveal to us the antichrist – something that he was emphatic about as being his job.  When began the Last 45 Days?  It was that prophet that was to reveal its beginning. Bro Best should like to know that answer because his thinking puts us already in those Last 45 Days, thus the dead saints, and Bro Stair, are walking amongst us.  Is Bro Best seeing this happening?  Why then is he trusting in lying words?  They are not profiting these brothers and sisters (Jer 7:8).

Perhaps we should look at the Forth Strike and the Future Timeline to get some perspective on the impossibility of that verse fitting to Prophet Stair.  And since those were his teachings there’s no prophet left to reveal them to us.  Thus either God’s word has failed (like Bro Best is fearing) or Brother Stair has lied to us (which many fear to acknowledge).  Which do you think it is?

Sister again goes over her listening situation on WSNR, on her Sony transistor radio, or when she has a phone, as she does every time.  She listened Saturday but couldn’t call because she doesn’t have a cell phone – begging the question, how’s she calling now?

More Radio Checks – because of the choice of the regime to not cull out those requests from the broadcast.  This they not only ignore but propagate as can be seen in the last Phone Calls, and as such, they can see how many are listening and from where.  So we get radio checks on the phone calls.  Bro Joe is getting blasted out on shortwave.

Sister Pratt calls for prayer.  Please do pray for all these souls that have fallen for the devil’s lies and are under a strong delusion because they have trusted in these lies (2Thes 2:10-11;  Jer 7:8).  This is not said to slander or belittle them but rather to expose the lies and deception that they are under.  Pray for their release as God has been merciful to us the 99% that have escaped the devil’s grasp and come out of her (the Overcomer ministry that seeks to Overcome the saints) (Rev 18:4;  13:7).

They are not connecting their actions with what they’re doing or what they’re listening to on the broadcast.  They are believing in a secret rapture without the Tribulation.  More accurately, they are believing in a secret Tribulation that is so un-tribulating that we are already in it without knowing it.  Well, that would be because they have been listening to the lies of Brother Stair who propagated and taught such a delusion (2Thes 2:10-11).

Many are anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus Christ (like Bro Best) yet the teachings on this that they have believed in from Brother Stair have proved to be false.  Yet they continue to listen to Brother Stair’s ramblings and lies.  Do they not know that Jesus has nothing to do with a lie?  It was impossible for God to lie, did Brother Stair somehow change that? (Heb 6:18;  Titus 1:2;  Num 23:19)

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  1. This was well written using the phone calls from listeners to the OM. You answered questions and cleared up confusion regarding Stair’s failed claims and used many Scriptures. I pray the Lord draws some of them that are searching as they realize the 6 months have passed Stair allotted for the 2’nd Coming. Some of us were in this position when the year 2000 came and went. There really is a tremendous stronghold even after brothers and sisters exit that place physically. It can take years to be free from the spiritual, mental and emotional stronghold. This is truly spiritual warfare. I believe the original intention for this site was at least in part to support and give a voice to those who were personally affected by Stair, the Overcomer Ministry or satellite Communities as a safe Christian place to share. I hope no one is targeted or stalked by some who may be looking for easy prey, and if they are I pray the administration has plans moving forward to anticipate this. No one should be using this channel to stalk, intimidate, harass or bully others. I do appreciate and thank you for the opportunity to speak and for your numerous responses. The work you’ve done is exceptional and I have mentioned this channel many, many times for anyone who needed a reliable source of information. God bless you for giving from your heart to share and bless others.

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