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Have you wondered why so many of us who claim to be born again and are even baptized adhere to so many different and contradicting doctrines?

This message from Without Spot Or Blemish Ministry reminds me of how Brother Stair has been baptized into almost every denomination – so he could please them and gain an entrance (Gal 1:10).  We should wonder why he was so drawn to evil men that he became schooled under? (Jer 10:2;  Pr 17:4, 15)  Why he went from one Church to another, one town to another (Pr 17:24), one woman to another, one calling to another (1Pt 5:8).  He can’t seem to get it right (Pr 14:6).

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.  (1Cor 14:33)

Brother Stair was even rebaptized again in 2002 after he got out of his 77-day Jail time.  Guess he was thinking it would make some change in him that all the others were not able to make.  This lack of change over the whole of his ministry lead to his sexual perversion that landed him in Jail.  Just like Dave Moratto said, “Got Jailhouse religion”, meaning being scared straight into a temporary repentance.

Doug brings out that we should all speak the same thing (1Cor 1:10).  That as Christians walking in the Spirit we will be in agreement.  This is what I think is the main mark of Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry – that the Spirit of God in His people have never agreed with Brother Stair, and 99% of them have testified with their feet (in coming out from among the wicked one (2Cor 6:17)).  Which shouldn’t surprise us because Brother Stair has said that He’s not following the Jesus in us, the Jesus in us is not the same Jesus in him.

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Take a walk with Doug as he explores the idea that many of us are following after false gods and false Jesus’s who are purported to be the God and Jesus of the Bible but are truly counterfeits.  Better put your hiking boots on for this one!

Born Again to Different gods and Different Baptisms

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