Sabbath Service – December 19, 2020 – Bro Stair

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Brother Stair
Sabbath Service – December 19, 2020 – Bro Stair

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Today Brother Stair entitles himself the Leader Moses who is the Rock that all others are striking, and takes on Brother Link both in his message and on the phone – and like last week, it was a short Service.  This leadership is addressed here below and it shows the reason for our cause – rescue those being led away to death (Pr 24:11-12  NIV84)

Brother Stair is making his nemesis his music so that he has some content in his otherwise short services now (Lam 6:36).  He calls them cowards!  This is precisely what Brother Stair is epitomizing in what he is doing in his name-calling – a coward.  We’ll get to that later when he demands his ‘enemies’ to face him and with an insert from an article written yesterday.

Phone calls are the standard content now.  One for receiving praise and adoration and two for giving him justification to rage and quarrel with people (Pr 17:19-20).  Though he listened intently to his callers he wouldn’t let the rest of us hear the information they exposed that he was hiding – aside from his being a liar – which we all knew anyway.  Way to face them, Brother Stair. 

It’s already off to a good start at showing us that this “face me” bullying is nothing more than a facade of words to hide behind and not a real challenge to defend against their charges.  But we should have known that from the way it’s presented; as a threat to stare me down, rather than a presentation of their evidence.

A Cowardly Face-Off

It’s just like Bro Stair’s constant call for Brothers Link, Steve, Stan, and others to Face Me as a front to make him look like the right one because he says no one will face him.  Well, that’s just not true.  All those who come and ‘face him’ and even those he asks to come back, when they do stop by Bro Stair rails on them and drives them out (3Jn 1:10;  Col 1:18;  Jn 6:37).  Why?  Because he’s a coward!  Because he can’t let the evident truth they would spread get to the people living there.  His face me is just a lie.  [If you didn’t grasp that from his not letting you hear the caller]

If he wasn’t such a coward he would face them, but he knows that he can’t stand against their truth about him.  Being under house arrest gives him the excuse to claim that he cannot go to them – not that he would, and never did when he wasn’t confined (by reason of his own sins).  His inability to stand against open truth is why he will not debate anyone – he knows he’ll lose.  As he has had experience in the past.  This is why he tries to outshout, out-talk, or twist the words of everyone.  If that doesn’t put you in your place he will use spiritual hierarchy manipulation [like any good Catholic, or Nicolatian (Rev 2:6, 14-15)] and exercise (or exorcize) his authority over you (Acts 8:9).  As witnessed in his ex-communication of Sister Andrea.

Bully Bully

Cowards always want to confront you on their turf.  This brings us to another word for today, boys and girls – Bullying.  Bully’s taunt you just like this.  It makes them look big and strong while they belittle you before the crowd.  We wouldn’t hear any of this from Brother Stair if he didn’t have an audience to present it to.  Bullying is a major part of the PTSD that former Overcomers still deal with.  This is a work and fruit of the evil one that steals your peace and joy (Jn 10:10;  Mt 7:15, 20). 

Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words (Pr 23:9).  This is why those like Brother Stan don’t play Brother Stair’s game of Face Me.  Brother Stan knows that a fool is just going to rage or laugh and nothing will be accomplished by it (Pr 29:9).  So he just presents the truth, with evidence, for you to decide.

This bullying goes along with his use of pressure (often peer pressure) that he uses particularly on the sisters to get them to give in to his demands.  This is why he teaches submission because he doesn’t just want subjection – he wants willing victims because they cannot hold him responsible for any sexual mishaps that might incur.  We are seeing lately that even submission is not enough, Brother Stair now wants you to force yourself on him.  This way when underage minors – whom he has a restraining order against touching – force themselves on him, then it’s not his fault – he didn’t do it.  And as he learned from the religious shysters that schooled him – “You can’t rape the willing”.  This is why so few of his victims have ever come forward.  Not because he didn’t rape them but because he made them feel too guilty that it was their fault and not his.  This is very common among rape victims. 

Do you think we’re making this up?  Look at one of Brother Stairs’ own entitlements in this area that he teaches, as brought out in the article Entitlement:  He presents himself as…

The following two-paragraph section was written the day before this service.  We find it interesting how we were writing about Brother Stair’s cowardice just before he brings it to light.  Thus we include it here.  The entire article on God Told Me, or Who God Hears will eventually be published.

All Such Boasting and Bragging

Far more than just the failed prophecies there are the boasts that turned out to be lies – or at least cowardice.  Like Brother Stair’s boast that he told David Terrell when David Terrell went to jail over tax evasion.  Brother Stair visited him and told him to stop telling the people that God put him in jail.  This is your own doing.  Repent!  Brother Stair would tell this story and add that if he ever went to jail that he would not blame it on God, that it would be of his own doing.  That was a fine boast to make when you’re not in or heading to jail.

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But now since Brother Stair’s many times in jail he sings the same song that he told David Terrell to repent of – God put me in jail.  That’s not to worst of it Brothers and Sisters.  Brother Stair says that God put him in jail because of the sins of the people of God and that he is an example like Ezekiel before them.  In all this Brother Stair is refusing to repent of his sexual sins that put him in jail, and he is doing what he said he’d never do – justifying his jailing by blaming it on GodToo cowardly to fess up to his own sins – he heaps it on God’s people, who are the victims of his sexual sin.  Oh, and if you didn’t know it, this is what is called hypocrisy.

More on this justified “Jailhouse God” below

The Spirit that Now Worketh

The first thing we shouldn’t miss in this calling out to “Face Me” is how this fits with what we have long said is the greatest spirit manifest in Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry – the Jezebel spirit.  Here expressing itself as Jezebel calling on Elijah to “face me” The religious leader’s spirit calls out those it deems as wrong so that it can make itself right.  Much like a bully does.

Brother Stair tries to usurp the position of Elijah, even to the point of proclaiming that he will call down fire from heaven as Elijah did – as one of the things that Bro Stair teaches that he’s going to be entitled to.  Yet since he claims to be one (or both) of the Two Witnesses, his calling down fire should have already been manifest because when they say it – it happens (Rev 11:5).  Thus showing us (apparently not him or his followers) that Bro Stair is no Elijah nor either of the Two Witnesses.

This spirit of Jezebel is most manifest in Brother Stair in Jesus’ identification of his works (Mt 7:20).  The Jezebel church leader, that calls itself a prophet, is one that brings sexual sins and perversions into the church by teachings that mislead the church – enter Brother Stair (Rev 2:20-21).  This spirit is also revealed in Pergamum (Pergamos KJV) where the Balaam spirit, also a prophet leader, entices the church into sexual immorality, and practices lordship [Nicolatians teaching] (Rev 2:14-15).

With Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry, what is the particular giveaway here is the particular sin that Jesus identifies with the Thyatira church leaderadultery (Rev 2:22).  Adultery is the one sin that Brother Stair, like Jezebel in Rev 2:20, teaches is covered and is not as bad as our other menial ambiguous sins of iniquity.  This modern-day Jezebel prophet teaches the church that fleshly sins are not as bad as spiritual ones and that our flesh is going to do them anyway so just let her rip – so to speak.  Though that’s reserved for Dining Hall speak where Satan’s deep secrets are revealed (Rev 2:24).

Remember this is what Jesus told us was the identifier of the Jezebel prophet leader of the church.  Woe to those who partake with him because they will join in his judgment (Rev 2:22-24).  Thankfully Brother Stair constantly reminds us that there are those there that do not hold to his teachings and have not learned Satan’s so-called deep secrets (Rev 2:24  NIV84).

God’s Angry Man

“Why the Hell don’t you folk stop this?”

Oh that someone would or could.

Certainly today we can see manifest (or exposed) the wisdom of Proverbs 20:3, Avoiding strife is an honor for a person, But any fool will quarrel.  All you hear in the Overcomer Services is strife and quarreling.  It’s the reason that Brother Stair keeps answering the phone during service – he loves to quarrel, and he’s said so.  It’s the reason he makes his enemies his music (Lam 6:36).

Jailhouse Rock Talk

Brother Stair says he is justified in going to jail because Jesus, Paul, and John were in jail.  Forgetting to justify Charles Manson, Harvey Weinstein, Ted Bundy, or John Wayne Gacy along with him.  They all went to jail too.  What is abominable is how he overlooks the reason.  Brother Stair was in jail for his sex crimesJesus, Paul, and John were not in jail for that reason.

How can anyone rationalize going to jail using Jesus, Paul, and John as a justification to prove themselves right in going to jail???  This is heresy when your reason is not the same as theirs.  When you’re claiming the process of going to jail is justified by reason of Jesus, Paul, and John also going to jail – that’s heresy!

The violence of the wicked will drag them away, for they refuse to do what is right
(Pr 21:7  NIV84)

Further, Jesus was never in jail; He was arrested, brought to trial, and sentenced.  John the Baptizer (if this is who Bro Stair is referencing here) was not in jail but in prison.  Brother Stair likes to say he went to prison because that’s where Paul was but Bro Stair was merely in County Lockup (jail) awaiting his sentencing to go to prison.  You don’t get out of prison as easily as Brother Stair gets out of jail. 

This John was in prison because he told Herod that it wasn’t lawful for him to have his brother’s wife (Mk 6:17-19).  This is the same thing that Brother Stair is doing – Brother Stair has his brother Dennis’ wife Rose.  So any parallels to John would not be made to Brother Stair as John but Brother Stair as Herod.  The same Herod spirit that has the John’s today beheaded for exposing him.  This is also what Jezebel was after – the head of the men of God who sought to expose and destroy her kingdom.  Do you see the proper parallels?

John (of the Gospel of John) was not in jail either; he was exiled.  Someone should look that up for Brother Stair so he can make that claim as he is essentially exiled to the Farm.  Paul was in prison and later under house arrest awaiting trial.  That is as close as Brother Stair is going to get to a parallel. 

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Exalted Exile

Brother Stair has become exiled to where he cannot do his normal cavorting around the city (you know, that city that you’re supposed to get out of) and the countryside to meet up with his prostitutes.  This was why he bought those houses that he had under the guise of for the Saints” – so he had justification to wonder about and hook-up (shack-up) with his prophet-toys without his wife suspecting. 

Ask yourself why did he move to get rid of many of those houses after he became exiled to the Farm?  If God told him to get them for the saints because He wanted His house full [more on that in a moment] then why would he sell them off only after he was unable to “use” them himself?  Places where he had pleasure in unrighteousness (2Thes 2:12).

You will find it is questioning these little hidden things that will answer many questions – if you dare ask them.

Jailhouse Justification

Understand that Paul was bound because of his testimony of Jesus, because of the mystery of the gospel – NOT because of his sexual perversion (Eph 6:19-20;  1Pt 4:15).  Brother Stair is not reproached for the name of Christ (1Pt 4:14).  There is nothing in any of Brother Stair’s eight charges that have anything to do with Christ.  Nothing that has anything to do with Bro Stair’s beliefs, his testimony, his preaching, his gospel, or his teachings.  His charges, his arrest, and his jailing; are all about his crimes – most of them are sex crimes.  These things were not once even named of Jesus, Paul, or John, and are not to be named among us either (Eph 5:3-4). 

For Brother Stair to use these men as justification for his jail time and paint them with his crimes is heresy.  His are not the sufferings of Christ (1Pt 4:13).  He is not suffering according to the will of God (1Pt 4:19).  None of this is “because of Me” [Jesus] (Mt 5:11).  Even if the authorities don’t reward him, these crimes of Brother Stair’s bring with them a sure reward from God; those who live like this will not inherit the kingdom of God (Gal 5:21). 

Brother Stair walks among you in a disorderly manner, not working at all, but is a busybody (2Thes 3:11).  He wanders about from house to house, and not only idle but also gossips and busybodies, saying things which [he] ought not (1Tim 5:13).  What will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1Pt 4:17)  Hebrews 10:27 tells us, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.

Follow the New Christ

This brings up another one of Brother Stairs’ pet quotes from Paul.  “Follow me as I follow Christ” (1Cor 11:1).  Yet this King James Only man does not pull this out of the King James Version.  That’s not the issue.  The issue here is that he is pulling this wholly out of context to get his listeners to follow him.  Disregarding that this verse is the finishing of the previous 11 verses.  So without them as context, this is perverted in the use Brother Stair uses it for.

Brother Stair would never put upon himself the previous verses and submit to them.  In fact, he claims exemption from such on account of his being a super prophet – ignoring that the super apostle put himself under these guidelines (1Cor 10:33).  Let’s make this simple so even a child can understand this.  Bro Stair wants you to be simple so let’s look at this through Kenneth Taylor’s paraphrase, (Kenneth Taylor wrote the Children’s Bible).

You are certainly free to eat food offered to idols if you want to; it’s not against God’s laws to eat such meat, but that doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and do it.  It may be perfectly legal, but it may not be best and helpfulDon’t think only of yourself.  Try to think of the other fellow, too, and what is best for him[Brother Stair will apply this to us and how we should think of each other and him, but he will not comply with this himself.  Because he justifies that he is immune due to his super prophet status and that what he does is from God – so it’s not his doing and it’s not what he would want.]  But if someone warns you that this meat has been offered to idols, then don’t eat it for the sake of the man who told you, and of his conscience.  In this case, his feeling about it is the important thing, not yours.  But why, you may ask, must I be guided and limited by what someone else thinks?  If I can thank God for the food and enjoy it, why let someone spoil everything just because he thinks I am wrong?  [Now there’s a phrase the sums up Brother Stair’s philosophy on life and his refusal to listen to anyone stating his wrong.]  Well, I’ll tell you why.  It is because you must do everything for the glory of God, even your eating and drinking.  So don’t be a stumbling block to anyone, whether they are Jews or Gentiles or Christians.  That is the plan I follow, too.  I try to please everyone in everything I do, not doing what I like or what is best for me but what is best for them, so that they may be saved
And you should follow my example, just as I follow Christ’s.  (1Cor 10:23-24, 28-33, 11:1  TLB)

You see, 1Corinthians 11:1 is all about the previous statements on how Paul submitted to others and did not do what he wanted because their judgment about what he did was important to Paul.  That was Paul’s example that he followed Christ in.  This brings us to another tentacle of the Babylonian octopus that is the Overcomer – here’s where Brother Stair knight jumps to quoting Jesus “I always do what pleases Him.  I seek not to please Myself but Him who sent Me.” (Jn 8:29, 5:30).  This is his justification for not pleasing others – as Paul did. 

So Brother Stair should decide if he’s going to use Paul with 1Cor 11:1 or Jesus with John 8:29, 5:30.  Yet that should mean that he actually did what pleases God.  And we know that’s not the case and never will be, as well be revealed in next week’s Service in his statements Cannot be!  Will not be!  Never has been!.

Leavers or Believers?

Then Brother Stair moves on to why his wife [wives], Connelly, friends, family, … left him (he doesn’t mention that 99% of his followers have left him).  Thus more self-justification ensues.  Now, when you have 99% of God’s spirit-filled people who are coming to separate themselves from the wicked world and are looking for a place to walk in holiness.  They then leave Brother Stair’s Overcomer Farm only after finding that there is gross wickedness there.  How are they then demonized as wrong and damned?  When their leaving shows that they were sticking to their original intent to obey and follow God in fleeing from wickedness.  The matter of 99% having left Brother Stair doesn’t take a rocket scientist to find the common denominatorA foolish man devours all he has (Pr 21:20  NIV84).

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The House that Stair Built

“He [God] said, ‘I want you to build My Church.  I want My house full’.”

“I told you that God wanted me to build His house.”

So, when Brother Stair came out of jail (he falsely calls it the prison house), Brother Stair says his job was to build the house of God and fill it.  Instead, as we witness today, Brother Stair has torn it down with his own hands (Pr 14:1).  That all that God has sent him he has lost (Jn 6:37).  Bro Stair justifies himself in this by having to clean the house to fill it.  By this time his house has been so scoured that it must be paper-thin – closely representing the house of cards that it is.

Yet all we have ever witnessed is the tearing down and never the building up.  Which, by the way, is what Brother Stair told us God told him to change when he came out of jail (not prison) in 2002.  That the time of tearing down was over and it was the time of building up.  None of that ever manifested.  Instead, we all witnessed just the opposite (and thus another 99% have left since then).  Here is manifest the revealing witness of how Brother Stair has fulfilled Revelation 22:11 over the last 20 years.  The Living Bible paraphrases it well. 

All doing wrong will do it more and more; the vile will become more vile;
good men will be better; those who are holy will continue on in greater holiness
(Rev 22:11  TLB). 

Now, which one of those do we witness Brother Stair in since his 2001 revelation or his 2002 coming out of jail?  Which one are you in?  The latter we hope. 

This brings us to the tragedy of this;  those who follow Brother Stair do so under the reasoning and seeking of a holier walk, to be closer to God, believing that Brother Stair is on that same path of holiness.  Only to eventually realize that Brother Stair is on a completely opposite path – away from God, and he’s taking his followers away with him.  This is the evil of his Overcomer Ministry – it functions to Overcome the saints (Rev 13:7). 

This makes it an issue of more than one man but of the people of God that he is bent on destroying.  This is therefore the reason for our focus on that one man – to free those saints that he roams throughout the whole world for and has beguiled and deceived into making them twofold more the child of hell than himself (Mt 23:15;  Pr 24:11-12).

“Damn you!  Come on saints.  Come oooooon!”

Damning the saints (Pr 18:21; 19:1).  Wonder who scripture tells us does that?  (Zech 3:1)  Who’s your daddy?

He’s got a new prayer for Sister Burgess.


Too much here to cover today.  Perhaps we will add to it when we get a chance.  Leave your comments and discussion below.  Keep refreshing the page for the latest updates as it does get updated and added to.

Other Commentary

Malahat comments in the Forum:

It’s not going to be easy describing today’s broadcast, a listen to the first quarter-hour will give you….
Timothy alone outside, Stair’s 40-ish daughter said or did something yesterday, Linc isn’t there, the congo seem stunned again, someone is going to get a head transplant, Linc phones in to call Stair a liar but Stair won’t put him on air, more calls from Linc, the congo don’t remember what he said when he was released from prison ten years ago, another reference to the head transplant (maybe a new body to go with the head), Sis. Burgess gets wound up and reacts, Timothy gets a hug, Stan won’t come to face him. . .
and it’s raining hard on the tin roof.
The congo were out in full force last night for the evening M&G, it was preceded by a repeat of the April excoriation of the River People and she who went there for their Passover Service.

What We Have Here… Is Failure to Minister

What we witness here is the manifestation of a man that God has given a huge cup to fill His wrath in to (2Thes 2:11-12;  Rev 18:5-6;  Matt 23:32-33).  Do you think that Brother Stair realized this when he says God won’t let me get by”?

If you’ve got this far you should be overwhelmed and wondering how can all this be?  Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is Babylon – confusion.  It’s like an octopus with tentacles going in every direction and weaved into everything.  It is massive and never-ending – overwhelming.  This is one reason that many chose to ignore the truth and reject what we’re saying – it’s too much for them to process what this means.  Because it means that Brother Stair is a minister of Satan that has cleverly deceived and beguiled the people of God (Jude 1:4;  2Cor 11:3-4).  And that’s just too much for some to swallow no matter how much truth is presented (2Tim 3:7). 

This is why some remain under this Strong Delusion because they do not have a love for the truth.  Therefore they have been (and continue to be) given over to a lie.  Sadly, this will lead to their damnation (2Thes 2:10-12). 

Pray for them to be released from Satan’s stronghold – the Overcomer – by which they are overcome (2Cor 4:4; 3:14; 4:6; 2:11;  1Pt 5:8-9;  Mt 4:10;  Lk 22:31;  Jn 12:31;  Isa 62:1, 63:4). 

A false witness will perish, and whoever listens to him will be destroyed forever
(Pr 21:28  NIV84)


Here’s a good article on the wrong use of justifying your persecutions as righteousness on Revival.comSuffer As a Christian Not a Sinner

14 minutes of the Sister Burges Show was removed.

26 minutes of silence were removed.  Very short Service again.


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  1. Very Revealing Again of Ole ralph stair barking Like The Spiritual Dog He is. Remember There are Dogs that have Very Very Large Barks with Absolutely Nothing To Back it Up !!! Ole ralph is Just like Satan going Around as a Roaring Lion / Barking Dog Seeking Whom He May Devour !!! Soon There will be An Explosion of TRUTH revealing the Depths of Satan in Rg stair in Very Clear Detail !! The very Fuse has Been Lit, and in God’s Timing The Holy Ghost NuClear Time ~ Bomb Will be Detonated !!
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