Sabbath Service – April 17, 2021 – Bro Stair [Old Service]

What we got today was an old service that has been being played on the broadcast for days now.  Another repeat. It’s from a time after Brother Stair lost his mass of people when his sexual sin foamed out for all to see.  Yet he was still to lose this half that still remained awaiting his repentance.  You can tell how unrepentant he was at this time…

Dr. Gene Scott – God’s Angry Man

Dr. Gene Scott – God’s Angry ManGeneScott-GodsAngryMan

Recognize these exact phrases used by Brother Stair?

With over 40,000 hours of teaching, that’s a different message for 4.5+ years!

Gene Scott remains the perennial shortwave religious broadcaster – 12 years after his passing

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