Craig Mack and the Bro Stair Body Count


Craig Mack’s recent death after moving to Bro Stair’s community adds to Stair’s death count which is the only way he retains numbers… and widows.  The Merchandising of Craig Mack

Brother Stair Dies. Brother Stair death dead at 87, not still alive

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The Ever-Increasing Brother Stair Body Count

The ever-increasing Brother R.G. Stair death count seems to be the only way he retains numbers at his Overcomer Ministry.  With 99% of his followers leaving… if they live long enough to escape.

Burning Love
Fairy Trial? Or a Sign to get away from Brother Stair when you almost get burned alive in one of his vehicles?

The lineage of the Overcomer is filled with abortions, stillbirths, wrongful deaths, near deaths, and more ….

Adding to these numbers is now the famous rapper Craig Mack who under the teachings and beliefs of his pastor/prophet Brother Stair would not seek simple medical attention for his health issues.  Something Brother Stair has no qualms in seeking for his own health issues.  Brother Stair has been fortunate that he has had no serious issues (yet) but when he does you can be sure he will find a way to justify it before God. 

Like when Brother Stair underwent dental surgery to remove all his teeth several years back (Ps 3:7).  Apparently, surgery is okay but general practitioners and ‘Doctoring’ are not – meanwhile they ‘doctor’ themselves with herbs and anything unprescribed.  Official ‘doctoring’ is not allowed because it would cost Brother Stair to put out money that he loves for people that he barely tolerates (1Tim 6:10).  He saw this happen when he opened the door to his own dentistry and therefore had to allow others to do the same.  With that, he had to pay out thousands for others to get their teeth fixed.  Because of this, Brother Stair didn’t miss voicing his discontent at how much they were costing him.  As if he had any money; when it’s Radio Time money that he was abusing – or so he says.  All the while, not mentioning the thousands that his teeth surgery and false teeth have cost Radio supporters.

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Brother Stair has had young men die on his grounds (sometimes having them removed to a motel to die to remove suspicion from Brother R.G. Stair), men who could have easily been treated without compromising their faith.  It’s Prophet Stair’s imposed FAITH that is the issue.  Many deaths were the result of simply not taking their insulin – something that is already in and natural to our bodies.  Today, he will not allow his immobile elderly women to get simple medical treatment and they are reported as often neglected by those who tried to care for them.

This was the same case with Craig Mack even though Craig lived off the Community in his own house – that he got from Brother Stair.  Now, Brother Stair has more blood on his hands with the death of Craig Mack as a result of Brother Stair’s teachings that he himself does not abide by.  If it wasn’t for all the pills that Brother Stair takes he wouldn’t still be moving.

I Didn’t Do It

Brother Stair will loudly say that you can go to the Doctor if you want, I’m not stopping you.  But you’re not coming back if you do.  Label that what you will my friends, peer pressure, fear-mongering, holding the stick over your head – it’s what keeps people there and not getting simple medical attention.  They have given everything to Brother Stair so they have no recourse unless they want to be out on the street.  That fear of being put out is stronger to them than facing death. 

Even though Brother Stair has eased up on pushing the going to Doctors bit (since his arrest in 2002), he’s even had visitors go to the hospital when they were near death so that it wouldn’t come back on his head.  Here we see that everything is always about protecting Brother Stair and not about standing up for God.  Yet his words and ways on this topic are so instilled in most of his followers that they dare not even ask to go.  You can still hear how he passes judgment upon his callers when they are involved in medical practices and receiving medical treatment.

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The Merchandising of Craig Mack

Bro Stair groping sisters in Tabernacle Service

In our article Recent Accusations & Investigations, we discussed how we have an example of Brother Stair merchandising Craig Mack for the power of his name.  This led to Craig Mack’s name being used in a video exposing Craig Mack’s pastor Brother RG Stair in a video that Brother Stair got banned from YouTube.  It is now available again titled “Craig Mack Brainwashed by Preacher R.G. Stair” by Random Uploads.

This video appeared in early October 2017 and includes Prophet R.G. Stair saying to use Craig Mack’s name on it as a means to merchandise off of Craig Mack – as Diddy and Biggie did.  Another video someone posted is with Craig Mack’s last known song.  Though this song was done at the request of Brother Stair it is still classic Mack.  This came from Craig Mack’s last album that he was doing at the request of Brother Stair.  Brother Stair would not condemn the music or the style as he would normally do because he knew Craig Mack made millions off his records.  So Stair wanting a piece of that pie gave Craig his blessing.  Directly merchandising Craig Mack.

Brother Stair was also known for saying “Craig Mack is dead long before he died.  Was it this witchcraft speaking that killed Craig Mack?  Sister Andrea said he [Brother Stair] casts spells on Craig and othersWitchcraft works by words.  Many that have left the Overcomer have come under demonic attack, and some have even died as a result of the demonic spiritual warfare that is put out by the Overcomer through their words (Pr 18:21).

Final Thoughts

Craig Mack's Last Song

Sadly, Craig Mack is just another statistic in the long line of Brother Stair attributed deaths that he manages to bury in his religion-protected closet.  Don’t forget that seven died in one year (mostly in 2017 before the Raid).  It was the largest death toll seen at the Overcomer, then a month later, Craig Mack died. 

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We leave you with the truth that Craig Mack knew 24 years ago as a message to Brother R.G. Stair about what is coming for him – Judgment Day.

“I can tell ya right now, Big Papa don’t like it” ~Craig Mack (1994)

Other information slipped out about Brother Stair telling lies about Craig Mack when Stair excommunicated Sister Andrea during a Service.


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  1. this is a story meant for a movie documentary. I’ve listened to Stair on local radio years ago for a few years. There was something bold, but not quite right about him. Now we learn more.

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