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Brother Stair
Brother Stair
Phone Messages #6

The recent’est phone messages to the Overcomer Ministry brings us 11 minutes of men and women calling in.  With the passing of the prophet, we see many prophet wannabes getting their messages out and preaching to the saintsProfound dreams and deaths are the topics this time.  Pastor Rice (the one that’s becoming more and more like the prophet in his blasting the people and telling them to go) is said that the Lord has put you as a comforter.  That must be some Southern Comfort there.

A sister tells us she’s praying for those that are calling in for prayer.  At least there’s someone getting these prayer requests and praying.

Sadly, Sister Irene Watkins passed, hopefully not another casualty of Brother Stair’s false doctrines to not get the medical attention that he would get (and did).


The Phone Messages:


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