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Brother Stair
Phone Messages #12

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14 minutes of calls with 14 callers.  [Removing silence pulled down to 12 minutes].  A few notes from the callers some of which gathered at Canadys for the Feast Days services.  Why didn’t they stay since Jesus was supposed to come?  Brother Stair would have been preaching that they need to tarry.  Why wasn’t this the message of the new regime?  Because the new regime has turned on the words of their prophet and declared them to be a trap.

The first phone call presents us with someone just calling because the number was in an old phone be he didn’t know if Brother Stair was even still on the air after two years.

A brother reiterates a message from a sister that declares Brother Stair to be the HE in 2Thes 2:7.   For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way.  Saying that Brother Stair’s death has now initiated this scripture because it was about him.  [Heresy!]  Certainly, Brother Stair’s mystery was the iniquity that he worked but aside from that this scripture is not about him.  This is more of the false worship that these phone calls manifest to us.

It’s the 4th watch, Devil is trying to kill him.  He should think about that in relation to his spiritual soul more than his physical body.  He is allowing the Devil to kill him spiritually through the false teachings and lies of this Overcomer Ministry.  Let’s pray the man doesn’t die in his false belief in the Last Day Prophet and thereby be damned (2Thes 2:12).

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A sister sends in money to the Overcomer which has so much money now that it could do right and return the hundreds of thousands that it has thieved and thrived on from those that labored, sweat, toiled, and bled for what they found out was a lie.  A ministry that deceived them with lies that they would not have labored for.  They were lied to and deceived out of their lives and their monies.  The least they could do is to return the money that was given them along with paying them for their labor.  That would be the Christian thing to do – unlike what Brother Stair did in his love for money (1Tim 6:10).

One says Pastor Rice is “Keeping the order” and “Keeping us gathered together in the spirit.”  That order would be the false order of lordship that Brother Stair instituted.  But the order of things has also been far bent from Brother Stair’s bent ways – as those cannot be straightened (Ecc 1:15).  This spirit that they are gathering in is not the spirit of the Lord.  He has nothing to do with lies and false worship.

False Prophets of False Prophets

These lies are further endorsed by the ministry and the lost followers who continue in their blindness in the ditch unaware that the words of Brother Stair that they trusted in have all failed.  Yet they blindly march on to destruction to the tune of their pied piper Brother Stair.  Now along with his false prophet Pastor Rice enforcing him as he stands afar off from his words – lest he falls into his trap.

So now we have the false prophet to the false prophet (Rev 19:20).  Pathos.com says that one of The Seven Characteristics of The False Prophet is that He is false because he is a prophet who promotes Satan, not God (Rev 13:11).  Look close and you will see that this is the ministry of Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry.  While it claims to be of God and he God’s man, it is antichrist in its doctrines and teachings.  They are all prescribed to shift your worship to the prophet and his teachings as from the throne of God.  These teachings do not promote God they promote the prophet (Satan’s minister) at the expense of God – in using His name for this vain purpose (Ex 20:7;  Deut 5:11;  2Cor 11:14-15).

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Many of the Seven points covered in that article point to the tactics used by Brother Stair.  He develops a ministry of religious deception (Rev 13:13;  Acts 8:9), deceived to follow God’s appointed (Acts 8:9), kills those who don’t follow him (1Jn 3:15;  3Jn 1:10), enslaves people by control and oppression (Rev 13:16), promotes a false gospel (Gal 1:6-10).  Isn’t it time to obey the scriptures and test the spirits of the prophets?

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  1. These phone calls are from those who have only heard Stair over the airwaves or only had a short visit and are precisely why a witness testimony of those who LIVED THERE for an extensive period of time is invaluable. Some of these people sound like we did before we went. Now we have the experience to warn others if they will hear. That 1 woman who is giving donations to “Overcomer” instead of her drug addict daughter would be better off giving elsewhere. The only trouble Stair got the “Overcomer” into was by his own evil works of unrighteousness. Stair was so blatant as he foamed out his own shame it even got the attention of law enforcement. That doesn’t fall under the definition of suffering for righteousness sake as Stair claimed. Anyone who stayed long enough knew Stair was addicted to porn and couldn’t remain chaste or pure as the Scriptures instruct us to be lights in the world. Lot vexed his righteous soul daily in observing the wicked works around him. Stair reveled in these acts and was drawn to commit worse deeds out in the open as time progressed as a spot in the feast of charity. Thank you rgstair.com for your diligence in making us aware of the most recent information available. It’s been 6 months since Stair died and it can’t be denied that this last prophecy failed as have all the others. It can be ignored but it can’t be denied.

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