What Doeth the Scriptures Say – 1Corinthians 5


Are we to turn over to Satan those who are not receiving admonition or warnings? What does it really say?

Brother Stair's Gospel does not Confront His Sin

Brother Stair's Gospel does not Confront His Sin

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In a June 2017 Sabbath Service Brother Stair spoke of a sister that they turned over to Satan and used 1Corinthians 5 to justify it because she, ‘didn’t receive the admonition and warnings’.

Brother Stair went on to say, “Read it Damn you!” So we shall…

“Deliver such an one unto Satan, for the destruction of the flesh”,

Who is that such a one that is to be turned over to Satan?

The one who is not receiving admonition or warnings?

NO!  That’s Not what it Says.

But it is what Brother Stair is telling us it says.  And this is just what Brother Stair is doing.  Excommunicating another martyr that would stand up for righteousness.  [The River Community will be likewise treated soon and then Brother Stair will reap this unto himself with his arrest]

That such a one is a man that is sexually immoral in the Church.

Not someone who isn’t doing what the preacher wants – as is being interpreted here, and that until she obeys the leader she will not be released from Satan.

What is in question here by Paul in 1Corinthians 5 is sexual immorality, the sins of the flesh.  This is why the judgment is specific “… for the destruction of the flesh.  To the intent that the Church be saved, preserved, from this impurity in its midst, and that perhaps the sinner might be saved in the end – but only if the Church obeys this scripture – and not an improper interpretation or false teaching of it that is tailored to ones own ends.

Another Man’s Wife

Brother Stair has another man’s wife – and has for many years, and he is puffed up about it… and the Community’s voice is not heard.  So to the outsiders, they are silent about it and this silence makes the outsiders believe that there is nothing bad going on there.  Which is what Brother Stair wants his financial supporters to think.

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Brother Stair is sexually perverse with the sisters – and they have to allow it to go on. [Many have separated from him or have been run out trying to confront him on this – now they are called rebellious because they won’t let Brother Stair continue to grope the girls there]  [Note: All such ‘rebellion’ that Brother Stair condemns others with is likewise because they oppose his sexual agenda] [Of his ministry followers in just the last 20 years, at present, over 90% have fled]

Brother Stair believes he has Freedom To Sin

There is a such an one that this scripture speaks of to turn over to Satan.

What do the Scriptures say to do with this certain man???

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1Cor 5 KJV

Brother Stair's Gospel does not Confront Sin

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