Two Lessons from Proverbs 7


Hidden in the wisdom of Proverbs 7 are two gems for us that relate to false leaders that have crept in to deceive and mislead.
Void of Understanding
The Message of the Adulterous Spirit
Their End Shall Be Known Before All
The Many
The Time is Short

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The Man Void of Understanding

Hidden in the wisdom of Proverbs 7 are two gems for us that relate to false leaders that have crept in to deceive and mislead.

We see that wisdom and understanding will keep a man from the strange women, from sexual sins.  Thus wisdom tells us that those who have not, or cannot, keep themselves from sex sins are men without wisdom and understanding.  Declaring that they have neither.  In fact, verse 7 says that such a man is void of understanding [Pr 7:7].

Is this the man you look to that you believe has the understanding of the End Times? Scripture says that he is void of such knowledge [Pr 7:23].

The Message of the Adulterous Spirit

The message that the Goodman is not here [Pr 7:19].  That He will return at the Appointed Day [Pr 7:20].  This might sound like someone who is talking about Jesus’ Coming but it’s also the message of the adulterous spirit.  Better check its fruit [Mt 7:20].

This is the same message that the adulterous loudly and stubbornly proclaims at every corner [international airwaves] [Pr 7:11-12].  This spirit also has a prepared place and goes out to Gather you in [might call them Gatherings], and wants you to come to be there with them [Pr 7:15-18].

It is by many words that this adulterous spirit causes you to yield and follow after their ‘wisdom’.  Which does not come from God [James 3:15].

Their End Shall Be Known Before All

The final note is the ending with Pr 7:26-27.  The fruit of this adulterous spirit.  The wake it leaves behind.

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Many have been wounded.  Many have been cast down.  Many that were strong men have been slain by this spirit that seduced them into its place [Farm] by its message [Jesus is Coming soon] [Pr 7:26].

99% of Brother Stairs followers have suffered this fate.  That’s MANY!

Finally, this house [ministry (Farm)] is the ‘way to Hell’ which goes down to death [Pr 7:27].  Check out Brother Stair’s death count if you’re still not sure that he is the man.

The Time is Short

Brother Stair claims to be the one man that can inform you about the Last Day and the coming Antichrist.  He tells you to come and hide up with him in the wilderness [come into the wilderness where the Body of Christ is and where it will be preserved, Mt 24:26].  His own actions show us that he does not believe any of what he preaches to put fear on you.  Because he himself is not walking according to a belief that the time is short.

Brother Stair is living in lust, lasciviousness, adulteries, confusion, every evil work.  He is not sober or watching [1Pt 4:7], and above he does not have love [1Pt 4:8].  His ‘love’ is either passed off as ‘spiritual’ or sexual, there is no brotherly love.  Devoid of the love of God and for God.

He is using his message to fulfill his lusts by gathering in unsuspecting ‘good men’ to his lair for his own sexual pleasures [Pr 7:16-18].  Storing up for himself wrath in the Last Days [Rom 2:5].


1Peter 4:2 tells us that you are not living for the will of God if you are spending your time in the flesh fulfilling your lusts.


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