Sabbath Service – August 29, 2020 – Bro Stair

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Sabbath Service – August 29, 2020 – Bro Stair

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This includes excerpts of the first 36 minutes.

Brother Stair, the Prophet of the Overcomer Ministry preaching at the Tabernacle in Canadys SC.

Below, we present you some outline of what was preached and explanations thereof for those new to the Overcomer and Brother Stair’s teachings – what they mean and how they pertain to scripture.  We do not intend to present the prophet in a good or bad light, we are only disclosing what he says and what we know (or suspect from previous dealings) is going on behind the scenes to fill in the blanks and present a clearer and truer picture for you.  So that you can, in all things, renew your mind by proving what is good and acceptable, in the will of God (Rom 12:2).  As Brother Burgess puts it, “Stick to the word people.  Stick to the Word!”

The Sister Burgess Show started at 9:46, like last week.  But it is not presented here – for your listening pleasure.  You’re welcome.

This week’s Service opens when Brother Stair started to speak with a big Charlie Brown sigh at 10:06 because they have no contentment or joy – go figure.  A blind oppressive ruler will do that to you (Pr 29:2, 18,  28:3, 15, 28,  24:9  21:16  15:4;  18:14).

Brother Stair was late because his chambermaid Rose was concerned about her hair.

They must have messed it up – somehow – (innocently of course).

This lateness has become customary with Brother Stair for decades – only briefly interrupted when he was chaperoned from the Radio Room to the Tabernacle because of his known extracurricular sexual activities on the way to the Tabernacle Services.  This lateness is of exceeding importance when it comes to Brother Stair because here we have the Prophet of Time, who is the one man on the face of the Earth that is to reveal to us the times and the time we are in.  Yet we are always witnessing that he is late.  Late to Pray Time (which turned into no appearance at all), late to the Dining Hall, late to Services, late to know that gold would go up, late to know the DOW would go up… Get the picture?  The picture is that if you are following the direction of Brother Stair – you’re going to miss the event.

Confidence in an unfaithful man in time of trouble is like a broken tooth, and a foot out of joint  (Pr 25:19)

So she wants to cut her hair off.

‘As a whore does’, according to Brother Stair – though he fails to mention this here.  Perhaps he realizes that someone might make the connection that he’s a whoremonger if he did (Eph 5:5-7).  Or perhaps he doesn’t want to further upset his fragile sexual entanglement with another man’s wife by inferring her to be a whore (Pr 6:29, 29:3;  Mark 6:18).

The humble prophet thinks we should all stand in awe about how he puts words together.

We actually do, but it’s more like amazement, astonishment, marvel (Rev 17:7).

Even though he knows he shouldn’t talk like this to us – he still does, and will do it again and again (Pr 26:11).

This action brings him in line with fulfilling his next word…


An old woman there has to die to change.  She’s too old to change.

This would be what we witness in Brother Stair – no change (Ps 55:19;  Pr 26:11).  This would also be in accord with his teaching that we will not be perfected until we are transformed when Jesus comes.  Which forsakes his pre-2005 teaching that we are to be perfect and walk holy now, and ignores what scriptures say that Jesus is coming for a perfected spotless bride (Eph 5:27;  2Cor 7:1;  Mt 5:48).  So it looks like you can either take your pick on which of those three you’re going to abide by, but you’d better choose the current one that Brother Stiar is propagating or you’re going to get verbally wounded (Pr 7:26-27;  Mk 12:4;  Lk 20:15;  Acts 19:16).

Stand and show who Hosanna is.  Sing Hosanna.

Nobody Gonna Replace This Leader

“Nobody gonna replace this leader.  Follow me!  God damn it.  Follow me! [x7]

Brother Stair speaks of how he wanted big crowds so he went to India where he knew he could get it.

Then we have a discourse on beholding your face in a mirror and then forgetting what manner of man you are.  [Something that we constantly witness Brother Stair doing]  Then he gets on us for forgetting it and thus supposedly fulfilling it in forgetting what manner of – all the while it is forgotten to him so he has someone to quote it.  His own forgetting is overshadowed by his railing on the mumbling to divert us from anyone realizing that he has forgotten the manner”.  [Again, something that we constantly witness in Brother Stair]

“You’re not going to lead this congregation, or this people, until I’m taken out of the way.  And then you won’t be needed.  Hate me. Despise me.  You’re not going to lead this people.  You’re not going to have the authority over em.”  “You’re not responsible for my soul.  I’m responsible for yours.  You obey them who have the rule over you.

Brother Stair is in a hidden debate against another brother that is planning on leading this people when he is taken out.  Why is anyone leading God’s people aside from God in the first place? (Jn 10:27;  1Jn 2:27)  Only Brother Stair gets God solely as his leader over him.  What he forgets is that he is to be under the rein of the church and other prophets (1Cor 14:31-33).

1 Corinthians 14:31-33 is also the scripture that deals with his next issue – if someone else says Thus saith the Lord it means that the word of God left Brother Stair’s mouth and went into theirs – and that isn’t allowed.  That is so much in error that we don’t even know where to begin to expose that tripe – it should be so obvious to everyone.  But since it’s not, we digress…

To remind Pastor James Rice of these words because he has conveniently forgotten them, or sidestepped them.  You see, Pastor Rice has taken up to lead this people (congregation) and to have the authority over em since Brother Stair has been taken out of the way.  How do you like them turn of events?  Going completely contrary to the words and will of the Prophet – all the while making the claim and justification that what he’s doing is what Brother Stair wanted and said.  Using this justification that became posted on the front page of the Overcomer website in early 2023:

“Shepherding us in the Prophet’s command by God, considering judgement [sic] and good order” –Remember, Consider and Be aware

They are not remembering or considering, or even aware that this is against the Prophet’s command.  What a shepherd!!!!

Remember, the Prophet that they mistakenly believe they are following said this about that shepherding that Pastor Rice wants you to believe is the Prophet’s command: You won’t be needed [when] I’m taken out of the way.  You’re not going to lead this people.  Did you all catch that one?  Because those remaining at the Overcomer have not.  Or are they are just willingly ignorant because of the strong delusion that they have been given (2PT 3:5;  2Thes 2:11)?  That is what has actually been given by God (2Thes 2:11).

Zedekiah Speaks

Brother Stair then uses a story about Brother Alan saying Thus saith the Lord to accentuate his point to the brother seeking to lead this people after Stair’s departure.  Brother Stair says (as slapping the brother), “When did the word of God leave my mouth and go into yours?”   “I’m the one that God very indelibly spoke and said – I put My words…”  Not finishing what he expects us all to know – that God has put His words into Brother Stair’s mouth.

As previously stated, 1 Corinthians 14:31-33 tells us that God’s Spirit moves and speaks through different people as the Spirit wills.  He doesn’t stay in one man rambling on for hours to the greaving of Himself in another man.  In proper fashion, Brother Stair is here speaking of us being presumptuous.  All the while he is certainly making for us a fine display of presumption – Right?  Presuming that he alone is God’s voice.  Brother Stair is correct when he states that men do not endure sound doctrine (1Tim 4:3).  His audience is clear evidence of that.  We also see here how Brother Stair does actually believe and teaches that he alone has the word of God and that God can speak through no one else.  Even after his departure, no one is going to get his sheep. His plans are “no plans”.  They appear to be plans of scattering the sheep (which is witnessed throughout his ministry).  As if saying, “If I can’t rule them, no one will”.  This squares rightly with the spirit of jealousy that is on him.  A fine complement to his epic narcissism.

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More than this, we should realize that what Brother Stair is speaking here are the same words the false prophet Zedekiah spoke to Micaiah after a lying spirit enticed the false prophet.  Why is Brother Stair using these same words?  Is he of the same spirit as that false prophet, and is likewise enticed by a lying spirit?

Micaiah said, “Therefore, hear the word of the Lord…  The Lord said, ‘Who will entice Ahab king of Israel to go up and fall at Ramoth-gilead?’…  Then a spirit came forward and stood before the Lord and said, ‘I will entice him.’… ‘I will go and be a deceiving spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’…   Now therefore, behold, the Lord has put a deceiving spirit in the mouth of these your prophets, for the Lord has proclaimed disaster against you.”  Then Zedekiah the son of Chenaanah came near and struck Micaiah on the cheek and said, “How did the Spirit of the Lord pass from me to speak to you?”  Micaiah said, “Behold, you will see on that day when you enter an inner room to hide yourself.”  (2Chron 18:18-24  NASB)

Another hidden gem in Micaiah’s words against the false prophets came to pass in 2017 when Brother Stair was found hiding in his Radio Room from the FBI raid.  The Prophet tried to hide himself away at a house off the Farm the weekend before because he anticipated them coming for him – thus he hid.  [Apparently, ‘God’ got the dates wrong for him to hide.]

This did not transpire as told in his stories of assurance that we have heard Brother Stair promise us for decades; that when they come for us that he will meet them at the gate, that he will be in the front protecting us from them taking us.  When reality came down in 2017 we found the prophet entering into his inner sanctum hiding and using his people as a shield.  Yet, it appears that he still didn’t see that the Spirit of the Lord passed from him.  But we see Micaiah’s words still held true for the Lord has proclaimed disaster against you Brother Stair (2Chron 18:22).

This Ezekiel 12 Prophet is rather more liken to what David said of Doeg:

You love to slander—you love to say anything that will do harm, O man with the lying tongue.  But God will strike you down, pull you from your home, and drag you away from the land of the living.  The followers of God will see it happen.  They will watch in awe.  Then they will laugh and say, “See what happens to those who despise God and trust in their wealth, and become ever more bold in their wickedness.”  (Ps 52:4-7  TLB)

Brother Stair claims that he doesn’t want to be hard on us.  But that’s never stopped him before.  [One more time around the mountain (Dt 2:3)]

“Go to Hell !”

18 minutes in and we’re back to Rose’s hair problem.

First of all, he addresses her not liking him talking about her as he does.

No one likes the way Brother Stair uses them to further his own ends at their expense, especially when he will never use his own multitude of faults as examples.  Perhaps because he doesn’t think he has any.  This shows us that even his concubine and live-in adulterous Rose don’t think what she’s doing with him is right or should be public.

This morning Rose comes into Brother Stair’s house (per normal) and Brother Stair says he’s laying on his bed and what sounds like I’m in the nude.

Perhaps just a Freudian slip?  Perhaps explains why she ended up with her hair messed up?  Since most sisters have their hair tied up tight or brushed straight – either way, how can that get messed up?  Or did he say I’m looking at the nude… [and stops] (nude pictures we presume)?

I’m in the world but I’m not of the world.

Jordon wants half his money back for a blanket that Brother Stair didn’t send.

Go to Hell Jordon!

Brother Stair is against protesting abortion.  He still remembers that was his issue with Brother Lapinka.

Brother Stair has told us privately that he has paid for many abortions (because of his sexual immorality in the ministry).  This is why he says “Thank God for abortion”.  It’s been his golden ticket out of a bad situation that he had no intent to take responsibility for.  This is the reason for Brother Stair’s teaching and doctrine that Aborted babies don’t have a soul, so they don’t go to Heaven or Hell.

“We don’t protest.  We’re not Protestants.  We’re not protesters.  Hallelujah.  I’m not against anything that God’s permitting to happen in this world.  Not one bit.”

This “not Protestantswould explain his Catholic doctrines.  And not being against anything that happens – one bit, would explain his teaching that we’re to let our flesh do what it’s natural tendency is to do – sin.  Don’t protest or fight what your flesh wants.  Not being a Protestant might also explain his heretical Catholic teaching of Transubstantiation?

“I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff here.  Hardly ever get through to it.”

Brother Stair proclaims that “These people don’t think I examine myself.”  [What would make them think that? (Pr 29:27)]

False prophets shall come…  Their pernicious ways, by whom the way of truth (is evil spoken of).  Is that what I’m doing Lord?  False prophets go to Hell.  False prophets go out into the world for strength. [international shortwave]” [He gets angry when his congregation doesn’t support him in that.  It’s like they know those are his fruits (Matt 7:15-20)]

“The false prophet – the Pope.  He don’t fool God’s people.

So God’s warning to His people about false prophets was not for His people???  And further, if God’s people aren’t fooled by false prophets and the coming False Prophet, then why is Brother Stair on the air warning God’s people against who he calls the false prophet – the Pope and the Antichrist?  This statement not only contradicts scripture but also nullifies Brother Stair’s purpose and existence as the Last Day Prophet, the Seventh Angel Messanger.

What does this statement say about Brother Stair being fooled at least two times by the Pope wanting to have an audience with him?  It says that Brother Stiar is not God’s people.

“Hay Peanut Brains!  Come on Down.”

Brother Stair can’t get any repentance out of them.

Repentance is a Spirit

This teaching of Brother Stairs’ flows in the same vein of heresy as his ambiguous spiritual classification of iniquity and the witness.  Thus repentance is not something you’re going to witness or evidence in Brother Stair’s doing because it’s a spirit.  And since Brother Stair is the great power of God (Acts 8:9-10) he knows your spirit and he doesn’t see repentance therein.  Thus you’re trappedHe doesn’t have to do any repentance that you can see but you have to do something that you cannot do to please him.

This is a false doctrine/teaching.  This teaching of a spirit of repentance is largely a Catholic construct.  As such, it focuses away from repentance that produces the fruits of the spirit (Gal 5:22-23).  While it does have a bearing that repentance must start in the heart there is no scripture that says that repentance is a spirit or that there is a spirit of repentance.

Repentance is turning away from sin.  Which starts with acknowledging and confessing sin as sin, and then you turn away from the sin [which is first in your inward man (heart) but must also be worked out in an outward act (physically)] and then if the sin affected anyone, restoring the wrong done.

That restoration is not an ambiguous spiritual thing or done ‘before God’ as some would like to make it.   This acknowledging and restoration is the evidence of a godly sorrow which is what worketh repentance to salvation (2Cor 7:10).  Without these outward acts of repentance, you don’t have repentance.  And this is what Brother Stair’s congregation knows in their spirit.  They know that Brother Stair is not repenting/repented.  Just like the 99% that have fled from him knew that he did not repent.

True Repentance

Repentance is a fruit!  Not a spirit.  Have you never heard of the fruit of repentance?  It is in the Word of God but not it’s in the mouth of the Prophet of God for some reason.  Odd, since the word of God is in his mouth alone as was covered earlier.  What is a fruit?  It is the outward evidence of what is in the inner hidden root.  The true prophet John knew about this.  John said Bring forth therefore fruits worthy of repentance, and begin not to say within yourselves, “I am God’s chosen anointed messenger” [or such like, to fit the current scenario] (Luke 3:8).  John said, Bring forth fruit that is consistent with repentance [let your lives prove your change of heart] (Mt 3:8  AMPC).

Repentance is a fruit of godly sorrow.  Repentance is not a spirit.  Repentance is the fruit of godly sorrow and that repentance leads us to salvation (2Cor 7:10).  Without the proper type of repentance, you cannot get to salvation, because worldly sorrow leads to death.  The works of the flesh are what need to be repented of (Gal 5:19-21).  Which repentance then brings about the fruits of the spirit – depending upon which spirit the repentance is of – godly or worldly (2Cor 7:10) will be shown in the fruits produced (Mt 7:15-20).   Therefore godly repentance produces the fruits of love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance – things that are lawful (Gal 5:22-23).  At least for those that are indeed Christ’s and have crucified the flesh with the affections and lusts (Gal 5:24, 19-21).

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These scriptures show that repentance is not a spirit but it is an inward change that brings an outward change that has visible outward proof of the inward change wrought through repentance.  Just like faith is worthless and not faith without its physical expression in the natural realm through works (Jam 2:14, 17;  Mt 7:20).  Thus, in the Christian faith these correct doctrines are; Works of faith and Fruits of repentance.

“The spirit of God is a spirit of repentance.  And it repented God.” (Gen 6:6) 

Another false rendition made by twisting a scripture to say what it doesn’t say brought on by a false teaching – in this case, the previous false teaching that Repentance is a spirit.  This scripture means (as most others properly translate it to say) the LORD regretted (or was sorry) that he had made man on the earth.  Remember, God is not a man that He should… repent (Num 23:19).  God doesn’t even give us a spirit of repentance.  But He can give us a space of repentance (2Pt 3:9;  Rev 2:21;  Gen 6:3;  Isa 55:6;  Jonah 3:5-9).

The one thing you must know about God is that God is a Spirit (Jn 4:24) and the Spirit of God is Holy!  He is a Holy Spirit!  Not a repentant, sorry, regretting Spirit.  Thus showing the heresy of the statement that God’s Spirit is a spirit of repentance.  Repentance is for man, not for God (Num 23:19).  God is a Spirit, a spirit of truth (Jn 4:24) that is above all things, Holy, Holy, Holy (Isa 6:3;  Rev 4:8).

The Beautiful Man Satan

“I wonder what Satan looked like in the Garden?  He was a man.  He’s a beautiful man.  Caught the eye of Eve.”

And here I thought the Bible clearly told me that the Serpent (Satan) was a “beast of the field that the LORD God had made”, a serpent (Gen 3:1), and that God called him livestock, and a beast of the field and caused him to go about on his belly and eat dust (Gen 3:14).  Does that sound like a man to you?  Perhaps I’m not reading the right Bible.  Or perhaps this is the same thing the congregation is realizing which brings about Brother Stair’s next railing:

“Why the Hell don’t you all shake that Damn spirit you got on you?  You think sitting there with your eyes going…  I can tell you don’t get this inside of you.  Hard hearts.  Hardheads.  Hardened people.”

God Damn This House!

“God Damn this house!  God Damn this rebellious house!  God Damn em God!”

We hate even writing those words, but Brother Stair doesn’t mind speaking them with much violence of spirit.  That, by the way, is a spirit – a spirit of violence.  And if you didn’t know (by the way it curses God and His people) it’s a demonic spirit.

Double Honor

“Honor is not enough.  There’s got to be a double honor.  It’s in the Book.  A Double honor.  First, honor me in the flesh as a man of God.  Then, honor me in the spirit, with the honor that God gave me.”

Firmly on the path of Lucifer (Isa 14:13-17, 10:1-2;  Jn 8:44-45) and again taking a scripture (1Tim 5:17) and restructuring it to say what Brother Stair wants it to say – with no connection to anything other than a few choice words from the verse.  In this case, it’s all solely on the words double honor.  Some might call this revelation, others would call it heresy.

Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honor,
especially they who labor in the word and doctrine 
(1Tim 5:17)

First of all, Brother Stair has said many times that he doesn’t qualify to be an elder mainly because of his divorce (now twice).  So, even according to him, this verse cannot apply to him.  Not that he even acknowledged the word elder was in the Book where he’s quoting.

Second, contrary to what Brother Stair thinks, he doesn’t rule well – his congregation.  His failure rate of 99% loss, and his constantly having to beat them into line – all show us he doesn’t rule well (it just doesn’t sink in for him).  Oh make no mistake, we’re not saying he doesn’t rule.  He does that with an iron fist (Pr 28:15-16).  Lordship is his stock and trade (1Pt 5:3;  Rev 2:6) as he just went over making sure we knew that no one but Brother Stair was going to rule over us.

Third, Paul says that they (the elders) should be counted worthy of, this is not the physical manifestation that Brother Stair desires – especially from the sisters.  This would be a justifiable place for Brother Stair to pull out his spiritual card (like he does with iniquity and the witness) and preach that this honor is a spiritual acknowledgment of being worthy.  Interesting how he doesn’t want us to take this spiritually but physically.

Fourthly.  Talking about random sexual things, upsetness with how you’re not pleasing the prophet, news items, and such like (Gal 5:21) might be laborious for those having to listen to it for endless hours but it is not a labor in the Word of God.  The only use of God’s word is for justification when some false teaching is being taught.  Fifthly, false doctrine does not qualify here for laboring in doctrine.  Though he does do that well.

We’re sure somewhere along this dismantling, Brother Stair would counter that he is an elder on the account that he has been appointed over you or because of his age.  But would he also accept that elders are not gifted, not anointed great ones (Acts 8:9-10), and not special messengers as Brother Stair proclaims himself to be?  Does he not know that elders are appointed (or chosen by men) not called or anointed of God? (Titus 1:5;  Acts 14:23)  What would be even more shocking to him would be that these (uncalled, non-anointed of God) elders have the duty in the church to impart spiritual gifts. (1Tim 4:14).

That kind of teaching would disrupt the whole kingdom that Brother Stair has built.  To put the power of God into the hands of the Church is absurd to these men who seek the preeminence (Col 1:18) and practice lordship (1Pt 5:3).  And yet this is God’s intent (Eph 3:10).  The administration of the mystery of God has been given to the church – not to a man or an office or a calling.  Namely not to a prophet.  It is given to the Church as a whole – not to some wannabe ruler that can use his claimed authority (as if from God) to exercise his authority over others and abuse them therewith.  That friends is the Nicholatian Doctrine – which Jesus hates (Rev 2:6, 9).

To bring to light what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God who created all things; so that the manifold wisdom of God might now be made known through the church to the rulers and the authorities in the heavenly places.  According to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus.
(Eph 3:9-10, 20-21  NASB)

What Brother Stair is really after here in this honor that is found in the next verse 1Tim 5:18, The laborer is worthy of his reward.  And he wants a reward because Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn.   And that Ox doesn’t want you to muzzle his sexual appetite or advances.  [Remember that Ox takes Rhino pills for his little horn.]

Honor Is Not Enough

For Brother Stair, he must have the preeminence in all things (Col 1:18).  He requires the greater honor (1Cor 12:23).  Even though that verse tells us that the greater honor is to go to the lesser members Brother Stair has no honor for such in his congregation, this honor is for him as it was for Aaron (Heb 5:4).  Something he once had boldly placed on a plaque behind his pulpit to remind us to honor him.

Yes, Virginia, you have to qualify.  If we look at 2Tim 2:20-22 we find Paul speaking of vessels of honor and vessels of dishonor.  Guess which one Brother Stair qualifies under?  “First, honor me in the flesh as a man of God.”  (This sounds like a request for the sisters to follow up on.)  “Then, honor me in the spirit, with the honor that God gave me.”  What’s wrong here is that both of these extractions have nothing to do with the scripture they are pounded into.  Paul does not tell us that the double honor we are to give to worthy elders is honor in the flesh and honor in the spirit.  Not even close.  Paul says they are to be considered worthy, and the Amplified translation clarifies it by saying this means they are to get adequate financial support”, not that they are to be honored in the flesh and in the spirit.

Double the Fun.  Another thing that you may have missed here is his spinning, is that double does not mean two different thingsDouble means twice as much of the same thing[‘consisting of two equal, identical, or similar parts or things’].  So how did Brother Stair get an honor in the flesh AND and honor in the spirit turned into a doubling?  That’s not what double means folks (Pr 30:6).  Brother Stair may not understand this but we hope you do.  We hope you are seeing that every little angle of this teaching is in error.

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What you will not hear correctly directed from the Overcomer is a few verses later 2Tim 5:20, Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear.  While this verse is loved by Brother Stair and fully practiced as he loves to rebuke before all.  The thing that Brother Stair doesn’t care to realize is that Paul is talking here about Elders.  You know, the ones like he just spoke of that are worthy of double honor?  These Elders are the ones that are to be rebuke before all that the other Elders may fearIt is the sinning elders that Paul is speaking of here – not someone in the congregation.  It is these sinning elders of the Overcomer that are shielded by Brother Stair from such rebuke.  Why?  Because he loves having something on someone to blackmail them with.  Scripture also tells us that they have pleasure in them that do them (Rom 1:32;  Pr 2:14).

What should frighten any of us followers here is that what Brother Stair is doing here is taking Satan’s prescription for fulfilling one’s fleshly desires – in this case sexual.  The tempter came to Him and said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” (Mt 4:3  NIV).  Here we have Satan showing how to use the power of ones anointing to satisfy one’s fleshly lusts.  Satan’s next lesson was in how to use God’s word to cause God to protect you, even when you’re doing it for your own glory (Mt 4:6).  These techniques have been employed by William Branham, Brother Stair, and many other religious shysters.

I think it appropriate now that we’re in 1 Timothy 5 to close this with Paul’s closing words in chapter 5 as they clearly define what we’re seeing (or hearing) here.  As we have shown that scripture shows us that Brother Stair is not an elder, he doesn’t rule well, he is a vessel of dishonor, his labor is in false doctrine, and he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word he’s focusing on – double.  Because Honor is not enough” – perhaps double isn’t enough for him either.  Especially when we realize that he doesn’t understand what the word means.

Some men’s sins are open beforehand, going before to judgment; and some men they follow after.  Likewise also the good works of some are manifest beforehand; and they that are otherwise cannot be hid.  (1Tim 5:24-25)


Are we now seeing him looking for them to sing Hosanna’s to him [Brother Stair]?

There is a time wherein one man ruleth over another to his own hurt.  (Ecc 8:9)

Sisterly Kindness

In the congregations quoting of the fruits of the spirit brotherly kindness comes up, to which Brother Stair quickly chimes in to include sisterly kindness to justify his hugs, groping, and other sexual advances.

Is he now going to graze over the Fruit of the Spirit after all that he has so far done against it?  Why is he overlooking the previous verses that expose the acts of the sinful nature – for which he engages? (Gal 5:19-21)  Is it because Paul says that those who live in those acts WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God? (Gal 5:19-21)  Or what about the latter verses which say how those who are Christ’s have crucified those sinful desires? (Gal 5:24-26).  These omissions are what allow these desires for vainglory, conceit, provoking, and envying (Gal 5:26).

They are told to crucify and put to death their flesh.

Something that Brother Stair deny’s he should do.  Here he is touching on Gal 5:24 but this is not what it says.  By just saying it’s your flesh that is to be put to death is a good way to ignore the actual deeds thereof that we are to cease fromThese acts Brother Stair stays far from speaking on.  Paul is talking about the sinful nature, it’s passions and desires (affections and lusts) – those sexual things that Brother Stair engages in daily with other men’s wives (Mark 6:18).  These are the deeds of the flesh that we (not he apparently) are to put to death (Gal 5:24-26).  Don’t forget, the Messengers of God who who live in those acts WILL NOT inherit the Kingdom of God? (Gal 5:19-21).

Most of the problem for us is that we don’t listen to Paul’s opening statement here in Galatians 5 that we should not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage (Gal 5:1).  This yoke of bondage is the peril of being under the oppression of sinful men who put out that they are of God who are ruling over the church (Gal 5:1;  2Tim 3:7;  Acts 8:9;  Ecc 8:9;  Eze 22:29;  2Tim 3:1-7).

Brother Stair has seen so much on YouTube watching women and little girls with painted lips.

For some reason, he’s got to be careful speaking about pants on women.  Has he opened his doors so far to get new brooms in that he’s got women wearing pants or painting their faces?

“Get Out!”

“Not Afraid to Speak Evil”

No better description of what we’re hearing today.

“Why the Hell won’t you folk come on down?  Your eyes are glassed over.  Your spirit of understanding is so darkened”

Perhaps that darkened spirit is why they are even there.  Isn’t this at least the second time he’s used the term come on down?  Does he not realize who said that to whom?  Or is this as earlier when he quoted the false prophet Zedekiah thinking his words were correctly placed?  Are you, like me, thinking of Nehemiah 6:3 when he says this”?

I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down:
why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?
(Nehemiah 6:3)

Brother Branham’s death was God’s doing.  “God had to get him out of the way so the Last Prophet could come.” “We just don’t understand the way God does things.”

Is God now the Thief?  Does God now do things against His word?  Does God steal, kill, and destroy? (Jn 10:10)  No, that’s the work of the Thief – Satan.  Likewise, William Branham was a minister of Satan (2Cor 11:14-15).  God is the life-giver and His fruit is life and life in abundance (Jn 10:10).

“What the Hell’s wrong with you?  Cry out Sister Burgess.”

Brother Stair has scripted a rosary for us to repeat because we are so worthless, lost, and unworthy.  It is this mantra that he is instructing Sister Burgess to render so that all may likewise join in.  It is to put us in the mindset that we are not on the same level as Brother Stair – where we should be – and if we don’t get there then we are going to be lost, damned, perish.  It goes like this…

Lord Save ME, Lest I Perish!

How is anyone going to be saved under a ministry that doesn’t believe or preach a gospel of salvation?  Under a minister that proclaims to his congregation, “I wish someone would get saved around here” – stating that his whole congregation is unsaved.  [Sounds like he’s gone out into the world, not the church (1Jn 4:1-6)]  How can you be saved, or further sanctified, under a minister that no longer believes or teaches that we are to be perfected before Jesus returns, but rather only AT His return?  It should be no surprise that a minister who preaches fleshly indulgences has an unsaved, worldly congregation (1Jn 4:1-6).

This is a trap that no one is going to get out of (2Pt 2:20).  Cry “Lord save me” all you want, it’s not going to happen here.  That ship has already sailed.  If you didn’t come saved, you’re out of luck.  And if you did come saved, it appears that this ministry has stripped that salvation from you for it to make you cry “Lord Save ME, Lest I Perish!”

For if after they have escaped the pollutions (wickedness, defilements, impurity, corruption) of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, they are again entangled therein, and Overcome, the latter end is worse with them than the beginning.  (2Pt 2:20)

What makes this most appalling is that THIS ministry proclaims itself to be the perfecting ministry – the one that is perfecting the saints.  Not looking like it’s making good on that claim, is it?  Perhaps it’s time we realized that this actually is the Overcomer that it claims to be – as per Revelation 13:7 and  2Peter 2:20.

There is a class of people who curse their fathers and do not bless their mothers.  There is a class of people who are pure in their own eyes, and yet are not washed from their own filth.  There is a class of people—oh, how lofty are their eyes and their raised eyelids!
(Pr 30:12  AMPC)

One class that is that class of people’ are narcissists.

[These notes are from only the first 36 minutes}


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1 thought on “Sabbath Service – August 29, 2020 – Bro Stair

  1. People Like False Witness Rg Stair and His Sidekick now Emulating Ole Ralph, James Rice and The Perverted STRANGE Woman Conchita Burgess with her Loud Mouth Ungodly Rantings as Seen in This Article, ” Save me Lord lest I Perish “, Are so Ungodly it is Mindboggling. There is NO WHERE ANYWHERE in The Holy Bible of ANYONE Saying, ” Save me Lord Lest I Perish “. THIS WHOLE CONGREGATION Of Perversion is Truly Meant to Be. They Have Been Ordained to This Condemnation !! Rose Larivee and Her Whore Spirit has Truly Drawn them into Her DEEP DITCH !!! Just Remember Brothers and Sisters That Almighty God is Going to Burn the Whore With FIRE !!! ” Thus Saitrh The Lord of Host’s “!!!
    Revelation 17:1 And there came one of the seven angels which had the seven vials, and talked with me, saying unto me, Come hither; I will shew unto thee the judgment of The Great Whore { Like Rose Larivee } that sitteth upon many waters: 16 And the ten horns which thou sawest upon the beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and Burn Her With Fire. 17 For God Hath Put in Their Hearts to Fulfil His Will !!!

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