One Way, Both Ways, Confusion

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It’s sad that the Overcomer Ministry is relying on us to inform its listeners and financial supporters of what is going on now that Brother Stair has died.  While we have been the ones keeping you current on the events of Brother Stair for almost two decades, and on his teachings and how he and they relate in scripture.  We are now found to be the only outlet for information on the status of his Overcomer Ministry that he has left in disarray and confusion after his passing.

The current stage of confusion was christened on April’s last Sabbath Service where they didn’t know what to do – or what to air.  We haven’t (so far) bothered with Sabbath Service as there was so much confusion in the broadcast.  Too bad for their listeners and financial supporters.  Right on time, the timer switched over to the Tabernacle feed at 945a to The Sister Burgess Show where it seems she alone and the organist were prepared for having a Service.  One that never happened.  At least not one that the public got in on.

Speaking of her speaking.  Why do you imagine that Brother Stair allowed her to be so vocal in services when he was a proponent of 1Timothy 2:11 Let the woman learn in silence with all subjection“?  Was he giving admiration to persons – for his advantage? (Jude 1:16)  Certainly so, as we witnessed him lavishing his acceptance upon her screaming, moaning, and shouting.  Thus he was allowing this woman to preach.

This week also saw the switch from airing Brother Christopher’s message from 1999 which highlighted Brother Stair’s errors in his death predictions, Y2K, 38 Years, and his Three year Tribulation.  This is the same Brother Christopher whom their illustrious leader (Prophet Stair) excommunicated along with the River Community.  Now he gets more air time than when he was there.  Confusion!

Then there are the old broadcasts about Obama and old outdated predictions that never came to pass.  The expansion of shortwave and radio time.  The outreach of Radio Julilch in Germany.  Confusion!

The Death of the Testator

One might suppose that they were, perhaps, trying to emphasize the Death of the Testator from Brother Christopher’s message.  If you want to know about The Death of The Testator then check out the Truth Blasters series on that with this link.

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Now [subject to change once they realize what we’re saying is true – as they did with the last change] they are airing Pastor (in name only) Timothy and false (in fact only) prophet William Branham.  Along with a smattering of phone calls from ex-followers praising the prophet.  There are also offerings of radios and books that the ministry does not have – but they are sure to accept your offering just the same.  Just like Brother Stair did even though he didn’t have what you sent your money in for.

The Seal of His Ministry

The old phone number is going out – and no one on the Farm seems to hear it.  Perhaps they are enjoying getting the long overdue farmwork done that Brother Stair made impossible with his incessant Dining Hall sessions of hours on end of his nonsense preaching.  We say nonsense because of its fruit – as testified to by the man himself – the greater than Jesus, prophet Stair.

Bro Stair constantly told us every Service that his house is not perfected or even saved.  Showing us that these hours of talking in the Dining Hall did them no good – at all.  This is the seal of his ministry.  Though that might have something to do with the fact that most of that talk was about sex to prep your hearts and minds for action.  The action of your obedience to the prophet’s whims for sex – which he often asks for when he hugs you.  The hugs are to get close to whisper “sex” to you.

The broadcast is airing phone calls of a woman praising Brother Stair for the great Bible Study message – messages that were not from Bro Stair.  Most, if not all, of these Bible Study brothers, are no longer with Brother Stair because of his 2001 & 2017 revelation of remaining unrepentant and in greater sin.  We’re also hearing Brother Stair talk well about Brother Jonothan and Brother Connelly – men he has condemned to Hell.  Men that even the current overlords are unwilling to restore.  Yet they allow the broadcast to confuse this issue.

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Here is the seal of Brother Stair’s ministry and will clear up all confusion.  His statement that “If I die an ordinary death like any other man then you can throw out everything I said as a lie.”  That should settle it for everyone.  Why seek ye the Living among the dead?  (Luke 24:5)

The Ministry of Confusion

What should have always been apparent to not only those of us on the inside but also those on the outside listening to the broadcast – is the confusion that enveloped all things Brother Stair and his Overcomer Ministry.  The sloppy radio broadcast, the untimely interruptions, the replays from the past of things that never panned out as suspected or prophecied.  The lack of knowing what actual time it was to start the broadcast or Services.

The confused chasing of rabbits in his messages – if we can call them that.  They all became messages about the Messenger after 2002.  Any one of these things should have raised red flags that this is not God’s church because of the confusion.  This ‘ministry’ could well have been called the Ministry of Confusion.  Thus God is not the author of the Overcomer Ministry.  Perhaps we should have obeyed God rather than man and tested the spirits (Acts 5:29;  1Jn 4:1).

For God is not the author of confusion,
but of peace, as in all churches of the saints
(1Cor 14:33)

Even a child is known by his doings,
whether his work be pure, and whether it be right
(Prov 20:11)

No Time for the ‘Ministry of Time’

So what we are seeing is more deception that Brother Stair now has his followers continuing in.  They have nothing but time now to make sure the broadcast is sterilized and without lying offers for radios and books that they don’t have, and of old phone numbers that no longer exist.

Since the block of time they have been putting out for many 24-hour periods is the same, how have they not corrected the blatant errors?  Are they not even listening anymore?  Perhaps not, since the only reason many listened on the Farm was in case Bro Stair would go on live that they wouldn’t get chastised for not knowing he was live or for not hearing what he said.  Not that we ever could tell him what he wanted us to tell him about what he said anyway.  Which should have shown him the confusion that he was walking in – but it didn’t.  Because a narcissist is always right and you are always wrong.  Therefore, he makes the confusion yours, not his.

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Numbered, Finished, Weighed, Wanting – Divided

Back in 2018, we put out the message, Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin from Daniel 5.

  • Mene; God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it.
  • Tekel; Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting.
  • Peres; Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.

These points have come to mind lately and they may well be applicable to this Ministry too.  As a judgment for taking the sacred vessels (God’s holy people) and using them for one’s own (Bro Stair’s) wicked and base desires (Dan 5:3, 23).  For polluting the people of God with his false doctrines and teachings.  For polluting the vessels of God with his cursing and swearing at them.  For perverting God’s vessels by touching His anointed (1 Chronicles 16:22).  Thus Belshazzar died in the night for his misuse of God’s holy vessels (Dan 5:30;  2Tim 2:20-26).

Will his Overcomer Kingdom be finished along with him?  It has certainly been found wanting.  Will it be divided?  Back in 2018, we said “Today we finally see this being fulfilled in the Overcomer Ministry” because of the manifestation of those events.  Daniel 6:1 says that the kingdom was divided into 120 pieces – and given to his enemies.  Brother Stair said he had 120 acres back in his 2006 Disposition (pg 131).  Is there something to that?  Should we overlook the obvious?  Time will tell.  As he loved to say, “We don’t have much longer to find out”.


This article follows closely with the previous Overcomer Ministry in Disarray and continues in Confusion Continued and Continuing Confusion.

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6 thoughts on “Overcomer Ministry in Confusion

  1. @admin-rgstair
    Quick Question, why should we believe what R.G. Stair said about Jesus returning six months after his death when Stair didn’t even make it to die in the hands of The Pope, as he predicted? Also, I can’t buy the fact that Stair is one of the two witnesses. I was under the impression the two witnesses were to be murdered in the streets of Jerusalem. And yes, I heard Brother Stair say that for sure. Why should all those people remaining on the farm still take into account what he predicted? Some of this reminds me of the David Koresh deal in Waco, Texas.

    1. Quick answer; we should not believe what Bro Stair said about Jesus returning within six months after his death – or anything else that he said. All of his predictions were just fanciful ways to exalt himself to some great one (Acts 8:9). He entitled himself to every title he could come up with – like being one OR BOTH of the Two Witnesses. [see Entitlement]

      The people on the Farm have nothing left to hold on to now. They are grasping for straws and once Jesus doesn’t come in September they will be in a whole new situation of confusion and disarray [see Is Jesus Coming in 2021?]. Revealing even more how this Prophet did not prepare a people for the coming of the Lord.

      In many ways, the people with David Koresh were more ‘Christian’ than some at the Overcomer. David Koresh was less of a focus to his followers than Bro Stair is to be to his. In Bro Stair’s ministry, he is what it’s all about. The message has always been The Messenger – which is himself. Jesus was just used as a platform to exalt the messenger. Interviews of those at Waco reveal that they were not focused on Koresh as you find with the Overcomers’ obsession with the Prophet and what he said. Thus we now see them trying hard to prove the words of the prophet right. They are not living on the Word of God but on the word of Brother Stair.

      For more detailed answers, look over our many articles that have covered these topics in greater detail. Use the Tags or Search for your topics.
      Thanks for your question.

  2. Spew your hate and bitterness on this site–so christian–so twisted–and don’t claim you are addressing this just at Stair–you’ll go off on anyone who doesn’t line up with your beliefs.

    1. Brother David (can we call you ‘brother’?), where are we spewing hate, and bitterness, or where have we twisted anything Brother Stair has said? What do you think our “beliefs” are that are not in accord with and from the Word of God? Which scripture that we backed up our beliefs with did you not like? Or is that what bothers you – the word of God (Acts 7:51)? Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth (Gal 4:16)?

      If you knew anything about us, we don’t claim that we are solely “addressing this just at Stair” (interesting that you don’t call him a ‘Brother’ – apparently your hate for us has nothing to do with our exposure of Brother Stair), we are addressing cults and their leaders – of which the Overcomer and Brother Stair are one of many (Luke 21:8; 2Pt 2:2). We are dealing with evil religious spirits (like yours). On this particular website, we address these truths in light of Brother Stair and his continuing ministry, which is now Pastor Rice. In this reply we’re using you as a sounding board, as we do with Brother Stair – as we know he’s not reading or repenting – we hope you will not do the same (Luke 13:3).

      Why do you continue to “spew your hate and bitterness”like YOUR previous comments: “Rot in Hell you anti-Christ haters!!” & “You people suck dick!” [but that was when you went by “Brother Dave” so I guess those were the fruits of the spirit that you were speaking with (Eph 4:29-32)]? Apparently, as you said, “you’ll go off on anyone who doesn’t line up with your beliefs”.

      Why don’t you just ONCE tell us what we have said that is in error, or bitter, or in hate? Are you not ABLE to do that or have you only “hate and bitterness” to “spew”? I seriously question if you’ve actually even read anything we’ve written because if you did you wouldn’t be cursing us as you do, and therefore you cannot offer any constructive response. In response, we’re offering you the other cheek (Matt 5:39).

      Love your neighbor as yourself (Matt 7:2) and pray for them which despitefully use you (Luke 6:28). We would want the same judgment, to wake us from our sins, as we present to bring the followers of Brother Stair into repentance (Matt 7:2).

      Bless you, we’re praying for you (Luke 6:28).

      Love God, Hate Sin!

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