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Part 1

Almost a year ago, when making notes on Pastor Rices’ after service Service, we went into detail about some of the many areas of confusion that are manifesting at the Overcomer Ministry.  Which was a continuation of the article the Overcomer Ministry in Confusion which was put out a few months earlier and followed the Overcomer Ministry in Disarray article.  We thought this too important to just hide away in some Service notes so we present it here with many additions.

Learning Confusion

After the passing of Brother Stair in April 2021, Pastor Rice took the reigns after the airing of old services of Brother Stair preaching.  Apparently, in the Overcomer’s confusion, they were too overcome to let Pastor Rice or anyone else preach on Sabbath Services.  Thus showing their adoration and worship of their fallen prophet whom they would feel amiss to cast aside, as he is the reason that they believe in the nonsense they do rather than continuing on as a body in Christ.

Let us not be remiss in noting that to turn too far from Brother Stair would mean that they would have to find a new way of funding the Farm because the way was made for them to merchandise the saints by Brother Stair through the use of his old messages, radio contacts, and his ongoing financial supporters.  Turning from Brother Stair would also mean that they would have to find a new preacher and new messages, and on and on that would go.  Therefore they need to stay with the status quo, or finally, start to trust in God – which they were never taught to do.  They were solely taught to trust in the Prophet as their provider and protector – and now he’s neither.

Instead of functioning as a body of Christ, those gathered have to sit through hearing an airing of an old archived Service of Brother Stair – their untimely fallen Dagon (1Sam 5:3).  Then Pastor Rice often talks about the few that are in Service and browbeats those who are on the Farm that are not showing up to Service (as if they are listening), and the way people treat him and that he’s not moved by it.  Just like Brother Stair loved to point out that he wasn’t affected by what was obviously affecting him, and whine over how people were not treating him right.  The pastor doesn’t realize that he’s moved by it enough to constantly mention it to browbeat those doing it.

Congregation of Confusion

Does Pastor Rice think that those he’s rebuking are even listening to him since they refuse to attend Service or keep company with the idolatrous fornicators (1Cor 5:11)?  Or is he (like Brother Stair would do) manipulating those that are coming into joining in and shaming and ostracizing those that don’t?  This sowing of discord is an abomination to God as listed in Proverbs 6:16-19 & 14.  It’s how Brother Stair got his congregation to join with him and exercise witchcraft over those that did not conform to his rebellious (to God) ways.

But actually, I have written to you not to associate with any so-called [Christian] brother if he is sexually immoral or greedy, or is an idolater [devoted to anything that takes the place of God], or is a reviler [who insults or slanders or otherwise verbally abuses others], or is a drunkard or a swindler—you must not so much as eat with such a person.
(1 Corinthians 5:11  AMP)

Thankfully these saints that are not present in the Services are finally able (by their absence) to state their disapproval of the things going on at the Farm and of those overlording it.  This was not possible under Brother Stair as he would either get his way or cast them out – and go off on a tantrum in either case (3Jn 1:9-11).  We are also fortunate to witness their disapproval through the testimony of Pastor Rice.

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Pastor Rice would claim that “the Lord is here” – when all fruit indicators tell us a different story – but who cares about what God’s word says (Mt 7:15-20;  Deut 18:22)?  Not the Overcomers.  All that matters there are the teachings and doctrines that the illustrious Prophet taught and how they can force them into happening.  Or how they can assail all sense and scripture to interpret them into happening.  And of course, that people are treating the despots right.

Ministry of Confusion

Pastor Rice (in title only) was restrained for a couple of months, after Jesus didn’t come in September 2021, from not only speaking after service over the air but his announcements were also pulled from the broadcast for a time.  Indicating that the current regime did not approve of him or what he was doing there, or what he was disseminating with the failure of Jesus to return according to the prophets’ timetable.

This would be further magnified as James Rice and Dennis Larivee would exchange heated verbal battles in Services about which of the Prophets’ words each of them deemed more important to hold on to.  They are both saying they have one purpose and that they yield their authority to the Prophet Stair (Rev 17:13).  In this, they are making war with the Lamb and His saints (Rev 17:14, 13:7;  Dan 7:21).

Pastor Rice returned to the broadcast in December 2021 with a feeling that he is getting the cold shoulder from some.  Like some are treating him like doesn’t belong there and he is frustrated that he is not fully honored by all that are on the Farm.  Larivee and Rice have had a battle of authority going on since Stair passed and each is running around lobbying for supporters of their rule.  The restless spirits that took hold of Brother Stair are gaining ground and manifesting in/by/as his standard lordship spirit.

This has always been a ministry of confusion and continues as at this day (Dan 9:7).  Brother Stair testified every week (and still does) that his followers have confusion of faces (Dan 9:7).  Never able to come to the knowledge of the truth of being the one that imparted to them this confusion (2Tim 3:7;  1Cor 14:33, 38, 40).  Therefore God has no part in it.  For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints (1Cor 14:33).  Thus is the enduring fruit of Brother Stair and his Overcoming Ministry (Matt 7:20).

Returning Confusion

This confusion magnified after September 2021 when Jesus didn’t return.  Those that are alive and remain on the Farm do so not just because they are deceived (2Tim 3:13-17;  1Thes 4:17) but now because they are confused – they don’t know what to do.  They don’t really know why they’re there or why they stay – because they have had to ignore or assassinate the word of God to reconcile Brother Stair’s sexual perversions that he walked and talked in.  If their ears would open from their deception they would hear Brother Stair on the old archives aired and realize that he is preaching what they now know to be lies.  Like how without sin he is.

Brother Stair browbeat us into just holding on and remaining no matter what we see him doing wrong around us.  He taught us to never question the plain truth before us but instead simply – don’t leave! (Pr 14:15)  We know because that was us too.  Thank God He delivered us (Jer 15:21;  Ps 50:15).  Understand, that this is the testimony (the witness) of hundreds that have fled (Prov 3:7, 2:12-16, 4:14-15, 24, 27).  God only requires two or three to establish this matter with their words – thus it is well established (2Cor 13:1;  Matt 18:16).

If they would just hold fast to God’s words and keep His commandments they would live (Prov 4:4).  But they have forgotten God’s words and turned away from them unto their Prophet (Prov 4:5;  Isa 42:19).  Thus their guard is broken down (Prov 4:6).

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Locked-In to Lies

One of the major deceptions that Brother Stair taught to lock us in with was that “the gifts and calling of God are without repentance” (Rom 11:29).  Which he, and all those that use this scripture to lord it over God’s heritage, interpret to mean that once God puts a calling on you that He’s never going to take it away, no matter how wicked you become.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth of what that means.

First of all, who said that God called or anointed Brother Stair?  Brother Stair did.  Well of course he did (Pr 20:6).  Men that have God’s calling and anointing don’t go around telling you they have it – they exercise it.  Men that don’t have God’s calling are sure to make a big deal talking about having it – because talk is all they have.  For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of talk but of power (1Cor 4:20 NIV84).

Brother Stair would tie Romans 11:29 with 1 Samuel 15:29 and make them one.  Saying; the gifts and calling of God are without repentance, for God is not a man that He should repent’.  Thus he would teach that God is not going to remove my calling from me – no matter what sin you see me doing.  This has locked-in many people to continue to believe that Brother Stair is still “God’s man” and they would be in fear of blaspheming the Holy Spirit to say anything against that.

Israel’s Calling

But this verse in Romans 11:29 is referring to all Israel being saved (Rom 11:26).  That is the gift and calling given to Abraham.  For that gift and that calling for Israel is without repentance, God is not going to change His mind on that.

The tie-in with 1 Samuel 15 is another bomb that blows this false Calvinistic teaching apart.  1 Samuel 15 is where God removed His calling and anointing from King Saul because of his disobedience.  Saul cried out in feigned repentance to Samuel to show him favor but Samuel told him that God was not a man that He should repent (of removing your calling and anointing as king).  The LORD has rejected you from being king over Israel (1Sam 15:26 NASB77).

If you don’t think that God removed His calling and anointing from Saul because of his sin (1Sam 15:17), then what did Samuel mean when he said this?  “The Lord has torn the kingdom of Israel from you today and has given it to your neighbor, who is better than you.  Also the Glory of Israel will not lie or change His mind; for He is not a man that He should change His mind [repent]” (1Sam 14:28-29  NASB95[KJV]).  That last verse takes on a whole different meaning than what these deceivers teach you when it’s put into context.  Doesn’t it?  Read 1Samuel 15 to see the full context of what Brother Stair and others have perverted into the opposite of what it is.

Confused of God

They have indeed been deceived of God as Brother Stair boasted.  How horrifying that Brother Stair would use this phrase to justify his (and his congregations) deception.  Why didn’t we see the obvious in that statement – that he was deceived by God, and that was because he did not love the truth so God turned him over to a deception (2Thes 2:10-12)?  Brother Stair would use this to spin it that this made it right – because it was God’s doing.

God turned them/him over to a strong delusion because they/he didn’t love the truth of God’s word – thus they believe the lie[s] that Brother Stair taught that God gave them/him over to (2Thes 2:9-12).  It’s so clear there in God’s word.  You have to be led astray from God’s word to not see it (2Tim 3:6;  2Pt 3:17;  Isa 9:16).  To believe that just because God deceived you that you’re going to be alright is a clear sign that you’re indeed deceived.  God has chosen to damn you (2Thes 2:11-12).  Are you also thinking that the evil spirit that came mightily upon Saul was good because it was sent from God (1Sam 18:10 NASB95)?  Utter confusion.

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Then their exchanging God for the image of their “son of man” (Lord Stair) is why God gave them over in the desires of their hearts to impurity for the dishonoring of their bodies with one another (Rom 1:23-25).  This is why they became futile in their thinking and darkened in their foolish hearts – reaping confusion (Rom 1:21-22).

The SIGN of Confusion

This exaltation of Brother Stair is the reason, God gave Brother Stair over to dishonorable passions (Rom 1:26).  Since Brother Stair did not see fit to acknowledge God, He [God] gave [Brother Stair] up to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be doneThus [Brother Stair] become[s] filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity (Rom 1:28-29).  That was how the sign was magnified in his latter years – he waxed worse and worse – showing who his father was (John 8:44-45;  2Tim 3:13).

How did we come to this point of thinking that Brother Stair was a prophet or a man of God?  Because we ignored God’s word and God’s warning.  We listened to a man tell us what God’s word supposedly sai rather than studying to show ourselves approved and seeking God (2Tim 2:14-16;  Isa 55:6-7).  Brother Stair told us to get a witness from God on me, while God told us to test the spirits of the prophets (1John 4:1).  God is not going to give us any witness on something that He clearly already gave us instruction on how we are to know the man.  Jesus also instructed us that it is THEIR fruit – not God’s witness – that identifies them.  Jesus is also specifically talking about prophets in this context (Matt 7:15-20).

Behold, you are of no account,
And your work amounts to nothing;
He who chooses you is an abomination.
And there is no counselor among them
Who, if I ask, can give an answer.
Behold, all of them are false;
Their works are worthless,
Their molten images [Bro Stair] are wind and emptiness (confusion [KJV])
(Isaiah 41:24, 28-29  NASB95, KJV)

Confusion of Lies

One of the things Pastor Rice talked about after Brother Stair passed was that he talked about going to stand before the Pope – no Pastor Rice, he said his death would be at the hands of the Pope  – in Jerusalem.  You’re making his lies into more lies as you build lie upon lie.

In the Service where he says this, in confusion, Pastor Rice doesn’t remember what Brother Stair talked about.  He then goes into a series of other things Brother Stair talked about – things that also have not come to pass.

Breaking it all down to blow it off and justify it by saying “the coming of Jesus Christ is what he preached, that’s why we’re here”.  But the truth is, Brother Stair preached himself – at the expense of Jesus Christ and His body.  Jesus was only used to lift up Brother Stair and give him credibility as being signed off by God Himself.  The reason ‘you are there’ is because of the confusion that you are in that we have been addressing.

Confusion of Man

Brother Stair perverted the term son of man into a title, then proceeded to steal that title from Jesus and declared that “Jesus is not the Son of Man today”, and that Brother Stair was the Son of Man today.  This was a long way around to declare that Jesus is not a man today, not in flesh – which is the premise of the antichrist spirit.  Again showing that who and what Brother Stair preached was himselfHe made himself out to be everything he could think of in ever-increasing glories, robbing all the attributes of God (Acts 8:9).

Brother Stair highly exalted himself and gave himself names above every name (Phil 2:9).  The opposite of what Jesus did in making Himself of no reputation, becoming a servant, humbling Himself, and becoming obedient (Phil 2:6-8).  Just the opposite of what we find in the life and times of Brother Stair.

Part 2

Confusion Continued


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