The Death of The Testator

These messages are about the Life & Legacy of Bro Stair revealing many of his quotes and sayings from his own mouth.  A must-see for all followers of Bro Stair and his Overcomer Ministry…

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These messages are about the Legacy of Seducing Spirits & Doctrines of Devils That False prophet ~ False Witness & False brother Rg Stair left behind from a Life of Perversion and Perverting God’s Word.

And it shall come to pass in that day,
that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder,
and his yoke from off thy neck,
and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing

(Isaiah 10:27)


These messages are from the Truth Blaster on YouTube.

His very Speech Alone Declares the Depths of how Satan can get hold of any man and how Satan continues to use men Through his Subtly to Distort ~ Twist ~ and Corrupt the Very Word of God in its Simplicity.

May Almighty God Break the Yoke of Bondage from off your necks as He has done with me and some others already is my Prayer.

Not A Vision of a Man that Speaks It

Playlist includes:  (33 and counting…)

The Death of the Testator ~ #1

Furthermore Elihu Answered ~ Spake Moreover And Also Proceeded

The Witchcraft of the Rose of Satan

Barely Touching the Depths of Satan in False Prophet Rg Stair

The Amazing New Impenitent Heart Definition by False Prophet Rg Stair

The Whorish Woman and Rg Stair

James Rice and False bro Rg Stair’s Another Jesus

False brother Stair died a Lying Adulterous Hypocrite

The Death of The Testator ~ #2

The Death of The Testator ~ #3 ~ Rg stair

Who has Bewitched You Like The Overcomer Ministry

After My Decease to Have These Things Always in Remembrance

The Legacy of a Hypocrite

In the Days of the Voice of Ralph Stair

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The Propagation of The Testator ~ Rg Stair

The Legacy of Rg Stair ~ Ohio 2008

False Witness Rg Stair & His Ministers of Satan

#27~ God told Rg Stair Jesus was coming by October 3 2021

Sorcery ~ Witchcraft ~ Brother Kirk Higbee

That Man of Sin Be Revealed, The Son of Perdition;

Whose End Shall be According to Their Works ~ 2 Cor 11:15

The Testimony of Deliverance ~ Brother Emanuel 7-12-21

Confusion of Faces ~ James Rice

The Gospel of the Kingdom According to brother Rg Stair

Pope Francis of Rome & Brother Rg Stair

The Coming of Jesus Christ ~ The LAST 45 Days According to Rg Stair

What shall be The SIGN of Thy Coming ? ~ And JESUS Answered Them


The Legacy Continues ~ Rg Stair – J Rice – Dennis & Rose Larivee

The Gospel of Jesus Christ ~ or The Gospel Perverted by Bro R.g. Stair

2 Pet 2: 2  And Many Shall Follow Their ~ Rg Stair & Rose’s Pernicious Ways

The Cup Of Devil’s ~ Rg Stair’s Last 45 Days ~ Resurrection

The Thunders of Revelation 10:4 ~ Have NEVER Been Revealed

These can also be found on The Final Witness .com


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