Things a Christian Should Not Pay Heed To

Are there things preached today that the Body of Christ should not give heed to?Don't Think

Is there such a thing as a Damnable Doctrine?

Doctrines and Teachings that Christians should avoid:

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There are Things Preached Today that the Body of Christ should Never be giving Heed To

Are your ears invaded by dangerous words
Brother Stair teaches that there are Damnable Doctrines taught in the Church today.


A shortlist of some Teachings that Christians should avoid:

  • Interpretations of Biblical events that turn into ‘special’ revelations
    These are interpretations that have no validity to your Christian walk.

    • Emphasizing Jesus’ soon return to the extent that the present is not valid
      As honorable as this may seem, it is a deadly distraction used by almost all cults and leads to impotence in the present truth.
      Jesus gave a warning in Matthew 24:23-26 and Luke 21:8 about just such a message
  • Sensationalizing current news events and politics
    God’s Kingdom is not of this world, do not think that the world views are going to parallel His.
  • Constant talk about the coming anti-Christ
    If you want to identify the real item you do not waste your time studying counterfeits.
  • Speaking explicitly about sex
    Oddly, this is often done by those who also teach that you should abstain from sex, and forbid to marry.
    “I forbid you to marry her/him”  They may tolerate or allow it, but they strongly shun it.  (1Tim 4:3)
    • Speaking against having sexual relations among spouses and against bearing children
      This is to break down intimacy amongst couples so that the leader has an entrance to fulfill the sexual void.
    • The leader does not want to have to flirt with pregnant or nursing mothers and he doesn’t want more children running around.  (1Cor 7:5)


  • The only way to be saved, or prepared, is to follow us or be one of us
    This is anti-Christ.  Jesus is the Savior.  He is the perfecter and finisher of our faith.  Christ plus anything = nothing.  Why seek ye another?
  • Teaching that sins in the heart or in the spirit are the same as sins acted out in the flesh
    Those who teach this are doing so as a cover-up for the sins they are committing in the flesh.
  • Preaching that there are different Gospels.  That the Gospel for today is different than what it once was
    All we can say here is read Galatians chapter 1.  Paul makes this abundantly clear – there be only One eternal Gospel.
  • Ministers bringing up your sins or making you a partaker of ‘generalized’ sins
    They often do this to justify their own sins while they magnify yours.  Straining at your gnats while they get you to swallow their camels.  Sometimes they also claim all sins are the same – after making yours worse.  No free passes here preacher.
  • Demanding obedience without question.  Don’t think, just do! 
    Jim Jones demanded this of his followers.  God Himself does not demand this.  He said ‘taste and see’, you choose, ‘choose you this day’, He doesn’t demand it.
    Worship is freewill.  Demanded obedience is slavery and anti-Christ. Don't Think The usual reason for this is so that when they ask you to do something questionable, something sexual – that you will do it without thinking, without question.
  • Outsiders are our enemies
    Do you mean those people that Jesus reached out to and died for?  That’s definitely elitist cult talk.  This is a separation tactic to isolate you so that you are dependent upon the leader and have no one to help you get out.  Isolationism is not the Gospel.  It is a sign of the End Time deceivers.
  • Those who leave this Church/Group are damned
    This is a fear tactic and a lie – therefore anti-Christ.  Again, elitist cult talk.  Your first clue should be that they are claiming that they alone have the keys to the Kingdom, the way of salvation, or some secrets from God for the End Times.  Something that it is not through the blood of Jesus but through fellowship with them.  Run!  Jesus called this Satan’s deeper truths or Satan’s so-called deep secrets.  Flee!
  • Any and all physical, spiritual, mental, or verbal abuse
    In the Church of God, there is no place for the ways of Satan.  The way of peace they know not (Isa 59:8).
  • Interpreting news events to fit with their theological teachings
    To stir up fear or bring glory unto themselves.  Wait long enough and the news will always have something about something that they proclaim is to come.  “See, I told you so”.
  • People lie about me/us (minister/congregation/sect)
    Why would people be saying anything about you?  Did not give them a reason to do so?  You have obviously done something.  Could it be your fruit is showing?  You know, that thing you’re identified by – your fruit, your works.  Good trees don’t produce bad fruit.  It’s likely people are telling the truth about you that you don’t want anyone to know about.  It doesn’t fit the lies you’re spinning about yourself.


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