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The Prophet Went to Jail to Pay

Criminal Sexual Conduct - 2nd Degree
Criminal Sexual Conduct – 2nd Degree

On May 16th, 2002 Brother Stair was asked by Officer Travis Avant to come down to the police station in Walterboro to answer some questions.  What resulted was his arrest on multiple rape charges.  It is done this way to avoid any conflict that might ensue in apprehending him on his Farm.

This conflict was what was expected by the FBI, Homeland Security, and the local Sheriff in the 2017 raid on the Farm when Brother Stair was taken into custody and jailed.  This was another revelation of the blindness of the prophet who had no clue that his time was up and that he would be spending 77 days in county lockup (not prison) awaiting trial (to then go to prison).

One would think that the repentance of the prophet would have caused him to see clearly what was to come.  Apparently not so – or perhaps the repentance was not so (Ps 14:1;  2Chron 15:2).  So this was the outworking of the rebellion that began with the ministry of Brother Stair.  A man who from the beginning walked contrary to God’s ways and chose to walk in the fulfillment of the lust of his flesh, under the guise of a “man of God” (Acts 8:9-11).  This guise manifests itself in many forms, like the masks of repentance that were presented in his “Prison Letters” [again, he never went to prison – yet].

Ezekiel Unchained

The arrest of Brother Stair did not go down as he would later make it out to be fulfilling Ezekiel 12 with his being removed in their presence (Eze 12:3).   Ezekiel was told by God to do his own removing – that wasn’t the case here.  Ezekiel’s removal was to be in the sight of the people – that wasn’t the case here.  Ezekiel was told by God to gather his stuff for removing – Brother Stair didn’t take anything with him, he was unaware of what awaited him.

Ezekiel’s removal was a symbol of what God was going to do to the people for their sins – this arrest was all because of Brother Stair’s sins.  He would later pervert the whole situation and use these Ezekiel scriptures to say it was all because of his Community’s sins that this happened to him.  Never accepting or acknowledging his sins and thus – since it wasn’t his fault but his Commnities fault – he had nothing to repent of.  Now you know why we never witnessed any repentance in him.

A man’s own folly ruins his life,
    yet his heart rages against the LORD.
(Proverbs 19:3  NIV78)

This Ezekiel fulfillment is rather more liken to Proverbs 2:22 NASB the wicked will be cut off from the land, and the treacherous will be uprooted from it. or what David said of Doeg in Psalms 52:

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You love to slander—you love to say anything that will do harm, O man with the lying tongue.  But God will strike you down, pull you from your home, and drag you away from the land of the living.  The followers of God will see it happen.  They will watch in awe.  Then they will laugh and say, “See what happens to those who despise God and trust in their wealth, and become ever more bold in their wickedness.”  (Psalm 52:4-7  TLB)

This Ezekiel son of man that Brother Stair claims to be, has its only showing that Brother Stair is a modern-day son of man in this fulfilling that he is a son of the flesh.  It also shows that the true rebellious house is the house of Stair.

Sweet Sixteen Sign

A major sign that has been ignored is how God gave Brother Stair a space of repentance (Rev 2:21-23) and after 16 years this lack of repentance was shown in how God used a 16-year-old girl.  One who was born in 2001 when Brother Stair had another chance to set his life right.   The year it was revealed to the Community that Brother Stair was walking in his flesh having perverse sex with the sisters and committing adultery – wholesale.

This Sign was used in 2017 when she (Natosha) exposed Brother Stair as molesting her.  This along with his touching of a 12-yo in his services on YouTube videos (which he later pulled down) subsequently led to his arrest in 2017.  From this later arrests would be made of other followers that allowed Brother Stair to carry on his antics.  This is the fate of those who follow the blind and false prophets (Matt 15:14, 7:20;  Rev 20:10;  Jn 10:10).  This sign showed those who had eyes to see that Brother Stair had never repented and was still walking (more and more) in his sexual sins.

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Two witnesses here – his jailing on May 16th, 2002, and 16-yo Natosha 16 years later (from 2001) in 2017 which exposed his molesting of other under-aged girls, like the 12-y-o.  Both showing to us the fruit of Brother Stair’s false repentance that God did not accept.  This again culminated in the third witness – in 2017 of the FBI Raid that put him in jail again.  Stop overlooking the obvious as Brother Stair does.

The Present Truth

Currently, in 2020, Brother Stair is still not a free man, yet masks himself as such to his radio stations and financial supporters.  In fact, Brother Star is under house arrest with a GPS ankle bracelet.  If one were to put God in that, they would see the irony in how Brother Stair would track people secretly with GPS trackers in their cars, so that he could put on the act that God told him where someone went and what they were up to.  Now the tracking is on him.  Funny how that works (Mt 7:12).

Thus, after his latest 2017 arrest, Brother Stair managed to have enough ($900,000+) listeners’ money (for Radio Time) stored back so that he could pay his bond bail and come back to the scene of his crimes to continue therein.

Further Blindness

Besides the blindness of the prophet in 2001 to see that his adultery would lead to his exposure as a liar who had for many years told the world and his Community that he was without sin.  Thus his inordinate sexual desires (Col 3:5) and lust brought about the immediate loss of over half the souls that were under his charge.  This also, in the 19 years since then, led to the loss of more than 90% of his followers and satellite Communities.  So the diddy that he only has a few is a lie.  Brother Stair has had thousands through his meat grinder.  Whose faith he has destroyed (2Tim 2:18).

There’s the lack of knowing (blindness) that continuing this path of sin would result in Brother Stair’s loss of his wife Teresa, his daughter, and his many radio stations, not knowing how to get his Congregation to understand and stand with him.  Even in today’s Service, he speaks of things in which he cannot see his blindness in.  The $7000 piano that he bought for Teresa to play – who is gone now.  The organ – that doesn’t get played.  So many signs that he uses to make other signs out of without seeing the truth that they are actually declaring – right before his eyes.  Implacable!

God’s Blindness

God had to stop me from running after my wife” [spoken today]  Why would the prophet of God need God to stop him from doing what God commands?  (Gen 2:24)  Remember, if you will, that Brother Stair has long told us that, “I do everything at [God’s] command.  Everything!”  So if Bro Stair was running after his wife (Jer 23:21) [when she is actually not his wife (she divorced him)] then he would have been running after her because God told him.  Or is he not doing everything at God’s command?  As per his own testimony – or is that a false testimony?  Perhaps it’s time we realize that the true testimony is from God Himself, and it is this – “I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran (Jer 23:21).

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This also begs the question, why didn’t God likewise stop you from molesting and raping the Sisters?  This is something that Brother Stair’s god has never told him or intervened in.  Brother Stair has even declared that the Holy Spirit tells him which sisters to go after and which to leave alone.  That’s not God’s Spirit Mr. Prophet, you’re being led by a demonic spirit – and it’s not Holy.

Future Blindness

This topic can go on and on as it refers to Brother Stair (death, Thunders, witnesses,…) but we’ll stick here with just the trial issue.  While Brother Stair is still awaiting trial on his rape and various charges, he is thinking (as his hard unrepentant words show) that he is going to get off or that his high-paid lawyers are going to keep it in red tape so long that they will give up on it or that he’ll die first.

No fear of the judgment of God – he has no changes (Ps 55:19).  He has no mercy or truth in him, this is declared by his unpurged iniquity, and he does not fear God because that fear would cause him to depart from [avoid] evil (Prov 16:6 [NIV/RSV]).  The truth that many have come to realize, the hard way, is that the only God of Brother Stair is Brother Stair.

God shall hear, and afflict them, even He that abideth of old. Selah.  Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God. (Psalm 55:19)

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  2. There were too many witnesses over the years to discount further excuse of Stair’s sexual assaults. Even those who initially believed Stair over the victims left over a process of time when they realized how steeped in filth Stair was. The only type of person who could still remain in sync with Stair or support him by speaking against people who lived there and knew what Stair was like for years is someone devoid of righteousness and I also believe somehow involved in some type of perversion or filth as well. We can pray as a body of believers in agreement against that antichrist spirit that it be revealed in the mockers and scoffers that take pleasure in unrighteousness, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

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