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Brother Stair’s new revelation of a generation comes from a woman’s suggestion and based on God telling Noah that man’s days will be 120 years (Gen 6:3).  So (maybe you’ve heard this one before) it’s time for a new generation timeframe extension.

Framed By Time

In Brother Stair land a generation has become a number of years to fit a time frame that he needs it to be.  Interesting coming from the Prophet of Time.  The very one who you would think would know what time it is.  Right?  Or even something as simple as knowing how long a generation is?  Wrong!  Well, the current answer is 120 years – a lifetime.  Someone forgot to tell Brother Stair that we were supposed to be timing a generation here and not a lifespan.

Time (like many other things) has become something that doesn’t matter with Brother Stair because he can change it at will [in that, perhaps he really is the Prophet of Time].  He started out declaring (from God remember) that a generation was 40 years.  Then after (and only after) the 40 years failed to come through with Jesus’ Coming, as he foretold., was is changed.  Bumped up to the next closest Biblical number – 42 years.  Then up to 50 years (Jubilee).  Then 70 years.  Then …

Missed It By That Much

This first generational timing was based upon 1948 and Israel becoming a Nation.  You know, the Fig Tree (Luke 21:29;  Mt 24:32).  Then there was the wiggle to 1967 because of the Six-Day War.  This wiggle gave him 19 years extension on any of his generation times – 40, 42, 50, 70, 120, …

Now [2020] we have the Voice of God declaring another Time that a generation is – 120 years.  All based upon Genesis 6:3 when Noah was told by God that man’s days would be 120 years.  Thus making, in Brother Stair’s new thinking, that man’s lifespan is the same as a generation.  Odd that God doesn’t know the difference in those two words – of does He?

What the Prophet of Time also missed is that even man’s lifespan has been stated in scripture.  Moses told us in Psalm 90, The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years (Ps 90:10).  That’s 70 to 80 years.  There’s your lifespan.  Some women forgot to tell the Prophet that one. 

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So when did God decide a generation was longer than a lifespan?  2020 apparently.  Because God made it clear at Mount Sinai that a generation was 40 years because that’s the time He kept the Exodus generation in the Wilderness to die off because that “generation” that would not enter in.  Why is it when God is simple about something that man has to make it complicated?

This same Moses (the man of God) was the one that gave the prophecy in Deuteronomy 18 that, I will raise up from among them a prophet, an Israeli like you.  I will tell him what to say, and he shall be my spokesman to the people (Deut 18:18  TLB).  So why are we fixated on looking for someone that’s not known to be of the Twelve Tribes?  Why are we looking at all today?  Because Moses was talking about Jesus – alone.  This is a messianic prophecy, not an End Time Prophet prophecy.

If perchance, you’d like to make this same prophet that The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet; unto him ye shall hearken (Deut 18:15) and whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him (Deut 18:19).  If he is extended in some other (like Brother Stair) then this very same prophet  God said to test in Deut 18:20-22.  And that same prophet if he is found to speak what God hasn’t commanded him – you are not to be afraid of him and that prophet shall die (Deut 18:20, 22).


What we’d like to know also is this.  How does the Prophet of God not know and understand that what God said to Noah in Genesis 6:3 was prophesying and revealing to Noah when the Flood would come and that all men would die in 120 years?  How does Brother Stair (God’s prophet) miss that?  Or was the miss of the great prophet who accepts nothing from any man taking something from a Miss (or Mrs.) instead?  By his own words, he got this from a woman.  So I guess that makes it acceptable since it wasn’t from any man.

The Prophet of God also missed that man lived longer than 120 years after the Flood.  Then there’s his comment that said modern science is going to make us live over 100 years and how that was man trying to play God.  How is that Brother Stair?  If God said we would live 120 years then if science can’t even get us that far – I think you meant to blame God for not being God.  How is it we’re not living as long as God said then?  How is it we’re not even living a generation?

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Testing Time

The big take away here should be to do what Solomon told us; that we stop listing to teaching that contradicts what we know is right (Pr 19:27-28  TLB).  We are told (by God) to test the spirits to see whether they be from God or not (1John 4:1).  That has nothing to do with testing our spirit – that’s a distraction by imposters who have the wrong spirit and don’t want you detecting it.  They certainly don’t want us realizing what John is telling us to test for here.  How do we know it’s not talking about testing the spirit on us?  Because the rest of the verse tells us the because that we’re to be testing for; it’s the false prophets that you are testing for (1John 4:1;  Deut 13:3).  You are testing because false prophets are revealed by testing their spirits (1Jn 4:1;  Mt 7:15-23).  You are testing because false prophets are reaching out into the world (1Jn 4:1) and therefore we will encounter them.  We are to test spirits because God isn’t sending us to them, they are sent to us.

Now we know that Jesus is not going to miss on the Deuteronomy 18:20-22 test.  So Deut 18:20-22 is not talking about Jesus, Whom it was earlier (Deut 18:18-19)But the prophet (Deut 18:20) is who it is talking about not a Prophet (Deut 18:18), not the Messianic Prophet but all others claiming to be prophets that the people of God have to do with.  Prophets who shall presume to speak a word in my name (Deut 18:20), who has spoken it presumptuously (Deut 18:22); those prophets are not of God.  This is one side of the tests of Deuteronomy.  The other side deals with prophets whose prophecies do come to pass – yet they lead the people away from God’s ways. 

Prophets are not an easy test.  Jesus further told us to test their fruits (Mt 7:15-23).  We should realize that nowhere did God ever tell us that we are to get some clearing, some witness, from Him on prophets.  Of all men, we should give the more earnest heed to testing prophets and the spirits on them (Heb 2:1;  Gal 1:8).

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Perfect Timing

When a man claiming to be God’s Last Day Prophet that is declaring the Time, well there’s one thing that we’d expect him to get right – right?  Time!  Right?  The first thing we should have realized many years ago is that this man has been wrong and failed in his predictions constantly (Deut 13:3-5).  Perfect track record though.  Which likewise makes him a perfect false prophet (Deut 13:3).  It’s just a good thing that he says he’s not a prophesying prophet.  I guess that clears him.  Right?

If you wonder, ‘How shall we know whether the prophecy is from the Lord or not?’
this is the way to know:
If the thing he prophesies doesn’t happen, it is not the Lord who has given him the message;
he has made it up himself.  You have nothing to fear from him.
  (Deut 18:20-22  TLB)

The Last Generation?

So is this to be the Last Generation?  Or do we expect another?  Another extension from the Prophet of Time who alone will tell us what time we are in?  His track record is clear that there are more additions or alterations to come.  But if Brother Stair is to accept this 120 year generation then he needs to admit that it would mean that Jesus isn’t going to come until (or just before) 2068.

If that’s the case then Brother Stair would be 135 years old.  Not that we would have to wait that long but it’s not like Brother Stair is going to ever tell us even what year Jesus is coming in.  It’s not like his Year 2000 worked out well for him.  And it’s not like he should worry about no man knowing the day or the hour (Mt 24:36) because he doesn’t even have a clue about the century – let alone the year.  Well, we have till 2068 to find out, don’t we?  Or do we?

The problem (another one) that arises now is that Brother Stair is going to die six months before Jesus comes, and Brother Stair is 87 years old now [2020].  So this generational extension game is about to run its course.  We’re going to find out if he’s a true prophet or not soon.  [Spoiler Alert: You really don’t have to wait on that one (Deut 18:20-22;  Deut 13:1-5;  Mt 7:15-23;  Gal 1:8;  1Jn 4:1;  Pr 19:27-28;  Ps 1:1).

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