A Dogs Birthday

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The following account is taken from testimonies and stories from Brother Stair and other witnesses (Acts 4:20).

The Ministry of Justifying Feeding the Flesh

Today is Brother Stair’s 87th birthday (in 2020) which marks 71 years of feeding the flesh to walk therein.  [It would be his last]  Be assured that Brother Stair is going to get his cake today, and he’s going to eat it too.  [Yes, that’s always a sexual innuendo when you’re Brother Stair]

A Course in Magnification

While Mary Baker Eddy’s book of false doctrines A Course in Miracles was on Brother Stair’s reading list it was far from the only false doctrines he took on.  The Timeline of Brother Stair’s ministry begins on the basis of going to church for women to creating a Church where he would control them.  Thus it started with running from a woman prophet (his closest brush at being Elijah and his only Jonah Sign) and then realizing he wanted that same power over people that he saw in the women prophet (think Jezebel (Rev 2: )) and that he was going to exercise it and make others run from him instead.

Marrying the pastor’s daughter to get a good in into the religious scene.  A marriage that the pastor and father said was Not of God – but young Ralph Stair still did it anyway, rejecting God’s will.  As we will see becomes the pattern throughout his ‘ministry’.

School of the Shysters

Trading in his schooling offered at a godly institution, in preference instead to be schooled by religious shysters and sex fiends (Pr 4:14;  Pr 1:15;  Ps 5:4-6;  Ps 1:1).  This is when he says he got his Jeremiah calling as a prophet.  Yet he chose to go in a different direction than what he now says was God’s calling – he did not operate as a prophet.  Another turn from God – or at least what he thought was God.  Bro RG Stair would devote himself to extensive reading and learn from cult and occult sources which have formed his doctrines (2Tim 3:7) (much like David Koresh’s reading list did for him).

UnProphet-(un)Able Servant

Then there was the traveling as an evangelist to attain more sexual encounters.  Traveling the world visiting religious gurus, swamis, mediums, seances, tea leaf readers, and occultists.  Who determined that he was in a higher state of spiritual wickedness than they operated in (Eph 6:12).  This would open up even more satanic doorways into his life.  To what degree he submitted to their occult practices can be speculated (or deducted) but we cannot ignore that he was certainly giving place to the Devil in entertaining these meetings and their acts.

Again, choosing the dark path of feeding the flesh over the right path of walking in righteousness (Eph 4:24;  Rev 22:15).  As can be seen in many other areas of his life and ministry where there were direct and dramatic moves that were brought on by Satanic influences by Satan’s main doorway – sexual perversion.  Thus came his great Prophecies.  (Revelation 22:15;  1Corinthians 6:9–10;  Galatians 5:19–21;  Ephesians 5:5;  1Timothy 1:9;  Hebrews 12:14)

Then switching up and trying his hand as a pastor to have control over the women in the congregation.  Which gave him the ability (or right as he would call it) to visit them at home when their husbands were working – and we all know where that went.  Then getting kicked out of every church he pastored (pastured) – for reasons that we ended up witnessing ourselves – adultery.  To finally try something new by settling down in the South in an area he knew the women to be agreeable and loose in.  Then start his own church so that no one could cast him out but that he would rather do the casting out of those who opposed his sexual agenda.  To then begin making himself into some great one (Acts 8:9) as we see today.

Life in the Fast Lane

Washed up and cast out because of his extracurricular sexual activities, he finds himself in Walterboro, South Carolina.  His new wilderness of sin (Mt 24:26).  Trying his hand at building up a radio audience with his broadcasts and furthering his established branding as the Overcomer Ministry, a self-controlled church/community where he could not be thrown out again but would now rather cast out those who would disagree with him or find out his true intents (3Jn 1:10).

With his past works, one wonders if his naming choice wasn’t a play on his actions – The Overcome Her Ministry?  Although there’s another more sexually explicit version of that which is more likely what he had in mind – and practice.  We’ll leave that unspoken.

The Trip Wire

Trying the title of America’s Praying Pastor didn’t work.  It didn’t garner the attention he desired so he switched gears from Pastor Nice-Guy to Prophet Hard-Head so that he could vent his anger upon these people that don’t accept him or give him the accolades and fame he so earnestly desired.

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The prophet acceleration then progressed to A last day prophet, to THE last day prophet, to the Voice of the Last Day Prophet of God, to THE very Voice of God Himself (everything out of my mouth comes from the very Throne of God) and many more titles to where we are today with the Son of Man who has taken Jesus’ place on the Earth today.  You’ve heard of ever-increasing faith?  This is ever-increasing accolades.  This is the doctrine of Lucifer that he tried to use in his ascension above the Throne.  It’s also what Simon the sorcerer did in Acts 8 and how he was able to deceive the whole city (Acts 8:9)

In the early stages of the prophet game, or perhaps what spurred it, was Brother Stair’s trip down Wire Road.  Wire Road was his Crossroads where the Devil gave him a new direction and anointing for his life and ministry.  This was his trip to suicide and you could say that one Stair died that day and another Stair came in his place.  That’s what a deal with the Devil can do for you – or for him.

Down at the Crossroads

The Crossroads Hwy 61Thus Wire Road was Brother Stair’s Crossroads experience.  His sell-out.  Another now or never!  He would come home and declare himself to be a prophet now, and continue to crank up that volume to 11 with his ever-increasing Titles.  From this came his greatly heralded 1987 The Prophecy which was sent out to every major politician.  He went on 120 radio stations.  He got interviewed by many major TV shows.  But it wasn’t what he was expecting.  They weren’t receiving him as a prophet but denouncing him as a false prophet.

As we have even seen in just the last 19 years since his failed 2000 coming of Jesus proclamation, Brother Stair continues to increase his titles and duties.  Why did he ignore God’s call to be a prophet when he was 16?  Why did he wait for decades to obey this call?  Or was this just another story and calling invented like so many others?  Why did he choose to learn from sexually perverted shysters how to merchandise God’s people? (Ps 5:4-6;  Ps 1:1;  Pr 4:14;  Pr 1:15)  Which he testified to doing in 2002. 

Why did he participate in occult practices to see how high up he was?  Regardless, his heretical doctrines, teachings, and deeds have come to light in these Last Days as he has waxed worse and worse as the scripture said he would (2Tim 3:13-17).

Man Up!

At least sexual prophets like David Koresh (Vernon Howell) and Michael Travesser (Wayne Bent) are man enough to boldly declare what they are and what they’re after.  Notice how they also changed their names – as Brother Stair did.  Brother Stair is not man enough to tell his financial supporters and radio audience what he’s in this for.  It’s not like he’s completely hiding it from everyone though.  He will boast of his sexual conquest, orgies, pleasuring prostitutes, and abortions; when he senses he has an audience that he can brag to. 

You can see a bit of this in the Andrew Theodorakis Craig Mack documentary/interview where Brother Stair says, None of you guys come close to the sins I’ve committed. Some of them?  All of them! Adultery. Fornication. I’m a wicked man!”  These are the kind of things he says in the Dining Hall all the time, but he won’t say it on the Radio – and far greater sexually perverse things are said and done in the Dining Hall and on the Farm (Jn 21:25).  It was not Brother Stair’s intent that these words got out as they did in the videos (Lk 12:3;  Eph 5:11).  But he doesn’t really care that his perversions are out there, what upsets him and makes him discrete on the Radio is that his perversions are not openly accepted.

Get in Line

So why does Brother Stair deceive his audience as to who he is on the surface?  It is because he has to rely on nominal Christians for his financial support.  Therefore he has to keep them believing that he is teaching Christian doctrine – his privately tweaked doctrine (2Pt 1:20) but still making it palatable so that they will buy it and radical enough so that they think it’s God’s special secret truth (Rev 2:24). 

This also makes them feel that they are special because they know and believe something that few others do, thus making them more resistant to letting it go.  They, therefore, are all the more eager to abandon all other teachings and voices and support this One Voice who alone tells the truth for these Last Day.

That’s pretty much the way Brother Stair sells it, and he has been effective at doing so for 71 years now.  At least individually…  At least for a while.  Until they find out who he really is and what he really is up to.  But that’s okay because he always has the ability to attain fresh meat, his new brooms; a new audience to pilfer from. 

That’s one thing he learned from his Tent Revival daze – turnover.  You can always pick up and start afresh with a new audience that doesn’t know about you.  This was most effective for him until the Internet came along.  Thus he proclaims everyone on the Internet is telling lies on him and he puts his listeners in fear of checking lest they are found having looked into him on the Internet.  This is the reason that Brother Stair vehemently protects his control over his Radio Room and his Radio Broadcast.  It is his source of replacements.

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The Man with the Mic Makes the Rules

We saw this Broadcast control in December 2004 when he was caught broadcasting pornography that he was watching on the Radio Room computer, airing it worldwide over his broadcast.  [He didn’t put God in that uncovering did he?  Did you?]  In the ‘meeting’ that was held because of this revelation, Bro Stair said that we could run the Farm and that he would not bother us anymore and that he would stay out of our way  [Ha, that didn’t happen].  All he wanted, and demanded, is that we leave him to his Radio Broadcast.  Oddly this was the very thing that he just got in trouble over, for abusing his Radio Room usage.  Figure that one out.

Then in justification, he said that we’d all have done the same thing.  Meaning that if we had the Internet we would be watching porn too.  Then why did he a few years later put WiFi on the Farm and give everyone Internet access?  Was it just so that he could blame the visits to porn sites on everyone else?  Let’s not forget that in that meeting in 2004 he also told us that Pornography is Strong Meat, and that he could handle strong meat – but we couldn’t.  Meaing that pornography was alright for him but not for us.

You see, Brother Stair knew if he had his microphone that he could get more people in and start over.  He wouldn’t need those of us who have found out about him.  He was well versed at getting replacements to do his bidding.  Thus he didn’t repent of his sexual vices 3 years earlier as he was telling us he had. 

This revelation came in the meeting as his technicians testified that they had been dealing with his sex-filled computers for over 3 yearsHe had been lying to us!  But with his Radio Broadcast in hand, he wouldn’t need to feign repentance to us, he would get us out and start over – again.  As he has done so many times before.  And blame it on us.  It was looking like it was time to clear out the Farm again and get some New Brooms in.  [Perhaps from New Zealand this time]  Which is what you see has happened over the time since 2004.

Prepping the Vessel

We started out saying that Brother Stair has led a life of feeding the flesh and walking therein – choosing this over the righteous path that was presented to him, and going against God’s revealed will.  This is opposed to one that feeds the spirit so that the flesh does not rule over them.  In the case of Bro Stair, we see in his stories, his testimonies, and from those who have walked with him; that he quenches the Spirit and feeds his fleshly desires (2Pt 2:10). 

This is why he has progressed to the point he is today, after 71 years of lip service to a “walk with God” that has been, in action, a fulfilling of the flesh.  He has not chosen the good part, what is needful, and so the good part has been taken away from him (Luke 10:42).  Yeah, that’s from the story of Mary and Martha that he likes to tell.  He just didn’t apply it to himself, did he?

Paul gives Timothy the second witness on this when he said, But in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also of wood and of earth; and some to honour, and some to dishonour. If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”  And how does a man of God do that Paul?  Flee also youthful lusts: but follow righteousness, faith, charity, peace, with them that call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” (2Tim 2:20-33)

So, are you telling us, Paul, that if you follow after shysters that will school you in perverse and lustful ways that you are not going to be useful to God? (Cf. Ps 1:1, 4-6;  Ps 5:4-6)  No matter what calling or anointing you may have or think you have?  Are you actually saying that the Seal of God is that “everyone that nameth the name of Christ [will] depart from iniquity.”? (2Tim 2:19)  Are you really saying in 2TImothy 2:26 that those who continue in the flesh will not recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him at his will.

Then why doesn’t Brother RG Stair the Prophet of God that preaches the way of holiness and truth tell us these things?  Is it because he is lying about his calling and his message???  It’s either God’s Word or Brother Stair’s word that’s wrong.  You decide.  You can’t have it both ways.  Unless you believe Brother Stair’s lies – then you’re under a Strong Delusion and you will believe you can have it both ways (2Thes 2:10-11).  You’d better run from the working (signs and lying wonders) of his mysterious iniquity (2Thes 2:7, 9).  While you still can (2Cor 6:2;  Isa 49:8).

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The Man God Uses

So we see that God does not use men who walk after their flesh, for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is not in them (Rom 8:2).  They do not have the righteousness of the law fulfilled in them, because they walk after the flesh, not after the Spirit (Rom 8:4).  These men mind the things of the flesh (Rom 8:5).  They are carnally minded and at enmity against God and they are not subject to God (Rom 8:7).  They bring forth the fruit of death (Rom 8:6).  They are unpleasing to God (Rom 8:8).  The sons of God are led by the Spirit not by being in bondage to the flesh (Rom 8:14-15).  The sons of God are conquerors over the flesh through walking in the spirit of God (Rom 8:37).

The rationale that God only has unclean vessels to use is at odds with what Paul is saying in Timothy and Romans.  It is a justification used by evil men who are seducing you (2Tim 3:13) into believing that they are God’s chosen vessel (1Jn 4:1), while they wallow in their mire (2Pt 2:22).  And want you to join with them (1Pt 4:4)? 

Scripture says not to give what is holy to a dog, and that these dogs are known in how they treat you in return they trample what is holy under their feet, and turn again and rend you (Matt 7:6;  Matt 7:20).  Tell us you haven’t heard on the Broadcast the rending of those who seek for Brother Stair to walk in holiness?

Unprofitable Servant

What is the one primary requirement of a servant of GodThat he be found faithful (1Cor 4:2).  What is Brother Stair’s pet sin?  Adultery.  What is adultery commonly referred to as?  Unfaithfulness.  What is it that Brother Stair is always found in?  Faithfulness?  No!  Being unfaithful to his wife, his Community, and to his covenant before God. 

Sexual infidelity is the result of a covenant breaker.  God has no use for those who break covenant with Him.  David is an example of this.  God never used David after his sin with Bathsheba, and David’s son Solomon spoke from his observation on this that, whoso committeth adultery with a woman lacketh understanding: he that doeth it destroyeth his own soul.  A wound and dishonour shall he get; and his reproach shall not be wiped away (Pr 6:32-33). 

This was the testimony of David’s own son from that sin.  God doesn’t play games with sin as certain men teach and turn the grace of God into lasciviousness (Jude 1:4).  Don’t be deceived by tales of the sins of Noah, Jonah, Moses, David, and others used in justification that God uses sinners (1Cor 6:9-11;   Gal 6:7-9).  When they fell into those sins they were severely punished and/or no longer used by God.

Dog Daze

David received this continuing judgment and abiding chastisement by falling once.  Where Brother Stair has fallen thousands of times in this sin.  If Brother Stair has this calling, this great anointing from God that he says he has.  Then God is going to require the greater from him – not excuse the greater from him (Lk 12:48). 

Brother Stair is teaching that he can get away with it because of his anointing, thus making his calling a license to excuse his sin (Ecc 15:20;  Gal 5:13;  Rom 6:15).  While scripture tells us that he is required all the more to walk in unquestionable righteousness if his calling or anointing were actually so (1Pt 2:12;  1Pt 3:16;  Eph 4:1;  Lk 12:48).  This is not the doctrine or the man you have in Brother Stair (2Jn 1:9).  The doctrine of Brother Stair is one of looking like a lamb (an angel of light) while speaking like a dragon (Rev 13:11;  2Cor 11:14).

Th Last Day Prophet

RG Stair's = 666This Last Day Prophet is like unto the only Last Day Prophet in scripture.  He is presented in Revelation as the False Prophet to the Beast (Rev ).  A prophet that has an anointing in the flesh to debase the flesh and draw people into the sinful passions of their beast nature (Rom 7:5;  Rev 13:12-14). 

The Revelation antichrist references to Brother Stair don’t stop there, they just begin.  Consider how he causes all to bow down to his name or they are cast out.  Except the one who has Brother Stair’s mark on their forehead, and his best interests in mind (Rev 13:16-17).  Consider that there are many antichrists (1John 2:18).  This is one of them.

87 = 8+7=15, = 1+5 = 6 ???

R.G. Stair Is?  Or RG Stair’s = 666.  Something to think about.  Or at least obey your Prophet and, Don’t overlook the obvious!“.

As a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly. (Pr 26:11)
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs (Matt 7:6)

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