The Righteous are Bold as a Lion

A Roaring Lion

Last Updated on March 5, 2021

Proverbs 28:1 says the righteous are bold as a lion.  We have often heard Brother Stair use this scripture to proclaim himself righteous because of his boldness.  But is that what this scripture says?  This verse is not often used by Brother Stair in conjunction with the first part of this verse; his use of the first part of the verse is on the occasion that he is condemning those who left to justify himself (Lk 16:15).  The wicked flee though no one pursues (Pr 28:1).  Well, when that’s said it’s done without any accounting for the wickedness that was in pursuit of them and would have overtaken (Overcome) them had they remained in their place (1Cor 6:18).

To use this verse to paint oneself as righteous JUST BECAUSE you are bold is not properly handling the word of God – for starters.  It’s used this way by Brother Stair first as a justification for his boldness, which then doubles for him as a means to claim he’s righteous.  And in his tyrannical lordship (Pr 28:16), no one dares be bold against him.  Therefore they all look unrighteous against this false teaching.

Let us rather get the whole counsel of God and read the many other ways the boldness of a Lion is brought out in scripture.  Just to read this chapter halfway through will give us one.  Like a roaring lion of a charging bear is a wicked man ruling over a helpless people (Pr 28:15 NIV84).  Now that’s not the verse you’re ever going to hear quoted from or about the one standing in the Overcomer pulpit.  Yet that verse perfectly reveals him – not verse 1.

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Proverbs 28:1 is speaking of a righteous man, while Proverbs 28:15 is speaking of a ruler that is a wicked man who is ruling over people that are helpless against him.  The latter one being Brother Stair defined.  Roaring, charging – there again we all know those are his verbal waysRuling over people that even he deems helpless – there again we know who that is.

So just in this one chapter, we find the truth without having to go to the myriad of others that say practically the same thing about the Lion – it’s most often compared to wicked injustice.  Just as we know (1Jn 2:18) this comes from Brother Stair and his Overcomer Ministry.  But say a scripture or a phrase, or pervert a scripture into a phrase long enough and loud enough and people will think that’s what it says and means.  Especially when backed with the teaching to only believe, and to be simple (stupid, ignorant) and believe my every word, and to be quick to submit without question.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.
~Joseph Goebbels

Many more examples of this fruit/root relationship are in Proverbs.  Here are some mostly from this same chapter. 

  • Is there dissension?  It comes from a greedy man (Pr 28:25)
  • Is order not maintained?  There is no man of understanding and knowledge in control (Pr 28:2)
  • Are you leading the upright along an evil path?  You’re going to fall into it yourself (Pr 28:10)
  • Is there great elation?  No?  Then the righteous are not triumphant and in power (Pr 28:12)
  • Are your people in hiding?  The wicked are in power (Pr 28:12)
    • Are the people groaning?  The wicked are ruling over them (Pr 29:2)
  • Has someone fallen into trouble?  Is he having troubles?  He has hardened his heart (Pr 28:14)
  • Did someone suddenly fall?  Was it a surprise to everyone?  He was perverse in his ways and not blameless (Pr 28:18)
  • Was his life filled with poverty?  He was chasing fantasies; Perhaps it’s from keeping company with harlots(Pr 28:19;  29:3)
  • Is there no peace?  It could be you have a fool raging, laughing, and scoffing (Pr 29:9)
  • Are you having to hear someone vent all their anger or tell all their mind?  That’s a fool at work (Pr 29:11)
  • Is sin thriving?  It’s because the wicked are left to thrive (Pr 29:16)
  • Are the people perishing or casting off restraint?  There is no revelation there (Pr 29:18)
  • Does a man speak in haste?  The fool has more hope than he has (Pr 29:20)
  • Does the man stir up dissension and strife?  Does he commit many sins?  That is a furiously angry man (Pr 29:22)
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And finally, one that we will expound on itself in a separate piece. 

  • Does your rebuke gain more favor in the end?  If not then it wasn’t rebuke – it was flattery.  Likely self-flattery that was being called rebuke as it was magnifying one’s self and putting down [false rebuke] another (Pr 28:23)

The wrong and perversion with taking this verse and making a slogan out of it to say that you are righteous because you are bold is a deception used to manipulate your hearers into accepting your boldness – which is actually rage and superiority over and against God’s people. 

This is not the boldness of the righteous.  The righteous are not roaring.  This is a roaring lion coming against and ruling over people that are helpless to defend themselves against the senseless rage.  Don’t be fooled – it’s not righteousness.  Certainly not when it’s coming from a man that boast that “I’m a wicked man”.  Clearly defining himself under Proverbs 28:15 as a ruler that is a wicked man who is a roaring lion ruling over people that are helpless against him.

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