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Let’s Make Proverbs Real. We’d like to show you a bit of what the wisdom of Proverbs can accomplish – if you apply it. Just a quick rundown of Proverbs 11. Are you shamed? Then you are/were proud.  Are you destroyed? It was your perverseness  Did you fall?  …

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Let’s Make Proverbs Real

We’d like to show you a bit of what the wisdom of Proverbs can accomplish – if you apply it.
Just a quick rundown of Proverbs 11


Are you shamed?

Then you are/were proud. [Pr 11:2]

Are you destroyed?

It was your perverseness [Pr 11:3]

Did you fall?

It was your own wickedness [Pr 11:5]  It’s not the fault of others or their persecution [Stop point your finger (Isa 58:9;  Hosea 4:4)].

The transgressor was caught in his own naughtiness [Pr 11:6]

You were confident in your riches to deliver you [Pr 11:27]

Is your hope perishing?

You’re an unjust man [Pr 11:7]

Are you using your words to attack and expose your neighbor/brother that you despise?

You’re a hypocrite [Pr 11:9]

You’re void of wisdom [Pr 11:12]

Is there no shouting without your coercing?

There is no righteousness present [Pr 11:10]

Are people rejoicing over your perishing?

You’re wicked [Pr 11:10]

Is your Farm not exalting?

You’re not upright [Pr 11:11]

Is your Farm being overthrown?

The wicked man’s mouth has done this [Pr 11:11]

Do you not hold your peace?

You’re not a man of understanding [Pr 11:12]

Do you reveal secrets?  Do you go around telling things on others?

You’re a talebearer of an unfaithful spirit [Pr 11:13]

Are your people falling?

There is no counsel, likely a one-man rule [Pr 11:14]

Is no consensus allowed?

There is no safety there and the people are falling [Pr 11:13]

Is your flesh troubled?

You’re cruel and unmerciful [Pr 11:17]

Is your work deceitful? (You’ll have to ask others as the wicked will never admit this.  So, do people say you’re deceitful?)

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You are wicked [Pr 11:18]

Are you still on the path of evil without changing from it? (Waxing worse and worse?)

The evil pursue their path all the way to their grave, they have no changes [Pr 11:19;  Ps 55:19;  Ps 1:1]

Are you difficult to deal with, contrary? 

That’s a froward heart [Pr 11:20]

You’re an abomination to the Lord [Pr 11:20]  (Not just to the people)

Do you gather about you others to strengthen your arms?

You’re still going to be punished [Pr 11:21]

Are you preaching and expecting God’s wrath?

That is the expectation of the wicked [Pr 11:23] – You’re wicked!

Are you not getting the praises you want, the watering?

You’re not doing the same [Pr 11:25]

You reap what you sow [Gal 6:7]  What you’re getting is what you’re giving out

Stop mocking God by blaming others [Gal 6:7]

Has evil and mischief come upon you?

You’ve sought out evil and mischief [Pr 11:27]

Are you not flourishing?

You’re not righteous [Pr 11:28]

Are you troubling your own house?

Expect to inheritance the wind [Pr 11:29]

Is your fruit not a Tree of Life?  Is there death in the pot?

You’re not righteous [Pr 11:30]

Are you not winning souls?

Then you’re not wise [Pr 11:30]

Solomon did not write this to or for God but for your gaining of wisdom

We all have a reward coming, but…

Wicked sinners have even more reward to expect [Pr 11:31]


Simple isn’t it!

It is if you have a simple grasp of logic. 

You can do that every day.  Just read the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the days’ date.

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