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Let’s Make Proverbs Real. We’d like to show you a bit of what the wisdom of Proverbs can accomplish – if you apply it. Just a quick rundown of Proverbs 11. Are you shamed? Then you are/were proud.  Are you destroyed? It was your perverseness  Did you fall?  …

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Let’s Make Proverbs Real

We’d like to show you a bit of what the wisdom of Proverbs can accomplish – if you apply it.
Just a quick rundown of Proverbs 11

Are you shamed?

Then you are/were proud. [Pr 11:2]

Are you destroyed?

It was your perverseness [Pr 11:3]

Did you fall?

It was your own wickedness [Pr 11:5]  It’s not the fault of others or their persecution

The transgressor was caught in his own naughtiness [Pr 11:6]

You were confident in your riches to deliver you [Pr 11:27]

Is your hope perishing?

You’re an unjust man [Pr 11:7]

Are you using your words to attack and expose your neighbor/brother that you despise?

You’re a hypocrite [Pr 11:9]

You’re void of wisdom [Pr 11:12]

Is there no shouting without your coercing?

There is no righteousness present [Pr 11:10]

Are people rejoicing over your perishing?

You’re wicked [Pr 11:10]

Is your Farm not exalting?

You’re not upright [Pr 11:11]

Is your Farm being overthrown?

The wicked man’s mouth has done this [Pr 11:11]

Do you not hold your peace?

You’re not a man of understanding [Pr 11:12]

Do you reveal secrets?  Do you go around telling things on others?

You’re a talebearer of an unfaithful spirit [Pr 11:13]

Are your people falling?

There is no counsel, likely a one-man rule [Pr 11:14]

Is no consensus allowed?

There is no safety there and the people are falling [Pr 11:13]

Is your flesh troubled?

You’re cruel and unmerciful [Pr 11:17]

Is your work deceitful? (You’ll have to ask others as the wicked will never admit this. So, do people say you’re deceitful?)

You are wicked [Pr 11:18]

Are you still on the path of evil without changing from it? (Waxing worse and worse?)

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The evil pursue their path all the way to their grave, they have no changes [Pr 11:19;  Ps 55:19]

Are you difficult to deal with, contrary?  That’s a froward heart

You’re an abomination to the Lord [Pr 11:20]  Not just to the people

Do you gather about you others to strengthen your arms?

You’re still going to be punished [Pr 11:21]

Are you preaching and expecting Gods wrath?

That is the expectation of the wicked [Pr 11:23]

Are you not getting the praises you want, the watering?

You’re not doing the same [Pr 11:25]

You reap what you sow [Gal 6:7]  What you’re getting is what you’re giving out

Stop mocking God by blaming others [Gal 6:7]

Has evil and mischief come upon you?

You’ve sought out evil and mischief [Pr 11:27]

Are you not flourishing?

You’re not righteous [Pr 11:28]

Are you troubling your own house?

Expect to inheritance the wind [Pr 11:29]

Is your fruit not a Tree of Life?  Is there death in the pot?

You’re not righteous [Pr 11:30]

Are you not winning souls?

Then you’re not wise [Pr 11:30]

Solomon did not write this to or for God (like we don’t know that God is wise) but for your gaining of wisdom

We all have a reward coming, but…

Wicked sinners have even more reward to expect [Pr 11:31]

Simple isn’t it!

You can do that every day.  Just read the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the current days’ date.

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