WWRS, What Would Rick Say?


Some wonder what Rick would think about recent events. Did you know Rick rebuked Stair after he aired porn? Said Stair led a life of sexual immorality and should restrain himself by any means necessary.

Rick Bell Overcomer Ministry

Rick Bell Overcomer Ministry

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What would Brother Rick say about the events that have passed?

About 5 years ago Bro Rick Bell from the River passed away.  Some wonder what Brother Rick would think about the recent events of Brother Stair’s ministry.

Those of you who were not at the “Porn of the Air” meeting in 2004 don’t know Rick Bell’s reaction to Brother Stair or his rebuke which Brother Stair hated and would often mention so that others, and Rick, would never overstep like that again and even try to rebuke Bro Stair.  [The “Porn of the Air” meeting was in Dec 2004 after Bro Stair aired the audio of the pornography he was watching on the Radio Room computer for about 45 seconds before a Brother came to the Radio Room to see what was going on, and then Brother Stair clicked it off.]

Rick Bell Overcomer Ministry

Bro Rick brought out that Brother Stair led a life of sexual immorality and that he had problems in that area.  To which Bro Rick believed that Bro Stair should remember and restrain himself by any means necessary.  Like using the brothers around him to help him.  Something which Brother Stair would not do, has resisted doing, and refused to do.  Which accelerated in his waxing worse and casting out the River Community when they refused his sexual visits and groping of the sisters there.  You see, Brother Stair thinks (or plans) that because he tended the fig tree (the young sisters at the River since their childhood) that he should then have the right to ear its fruit (Pr 27:18).

What Rick would say today seeing Brother Stair go around the mountain again with his sexual games and groping the sisters at the River.  Rick would have put a sooner end to it than what did happen with the River being excommunicated from the Farm grounds.  Bro Rick would have stood up for the sisters, and his wife Daisy, and confronted Bro Stair.

Brother Rick would be gone from Brother Stair today with all the others that have left because of the fruit – that Brother Stair has had no repentance over the many years that Rick stood by Stair.

I think Bro Rick would have rebuked Brother Stair as fallen, just as Brother Connelly did after Bro Stair was arrested again in 2017.  Though perhaps with Rick alive he would have withstood Bro Stair’s coming back to the Farm to continue to sexually assault the sisters.

Though perhaps we’re wrong here.  Knowing Rick and how his being around Bro Stair was increasing his narcissism and Machiavellianism to similar levels.  Bro Rick got to where he would insist that what he said was true the way he said it, and we all know where he picked that up from.  Even still, I doubt Bro Rick would approve of Brother Stair’s recent events, rather I think he would condemn his ways as Bro Connelly did – and left (Pr 14:7;  Rom 16:17;  1Tim 6:20;  1Thes 5:22;  1Cor 10:14;  1Tim 6:11;  Pr 1:15;  1Pt 2:11).


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