Hide Your Daughters, Hide Your Wives

Preservation Act 1

You must obey his every whim, 
Or else he’s going to do you in…

Here Comes Flash

Sabbath Services Again

No Minors Allowed

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Preservation Act 1

Preservation Act 1

Last Updated on May 1, 2019

Preservation Act 1

Hide Your Daughters, Hide Your Wives,
Lock your doors and stay inside,
Here comes Flash.

There’s no way that you can win, 
You must obey his every whim, 
Or else he’s going to do you in. 
Here comes Flash

He will smile at you, be a friend to you, 
Then he’s gonna screw you
just like that. 
He is going to use you, his heavies will abuse you
And then he’s gonna lean on you, 
Here comes Flash.

He is gonna rough you up
Duff you up and touch you up
And then he’s gonna screw you up. 
Even though he’s mean on you, 
There’s nothing else that you can do 
Just sit back and take his abuse. 
He will smile at you, be so sweet to you. 
Then he‘s gonna cheat on you.

You’d better run, you’d better fly
Hide your daughters, hide your wives
Lock your doors and stay inside. 
Here comes Flash.

Once we loved and trusted him, 
Now his thugs and bullies make us live in sin. 
They suppress us, oppress us, molest us, possess us.

You’d better run, you’d better fly. 
Hide your daughters, hide your wives. 
And lock your doors and stay inside.

Elmer Gantry

Here Comes Flash

Thus goes the words from The Kinks 1973 song Here Comes Flash aptly sung by a chorus and scared housewives.
It’s about Flash, a religious shyster much like the Elmer Gantry that Brother Stair turned out to be.  The albums’ name Preservation Act 1 is also telling in that these men are all about the act of preserving themselves and their sexual agenda.

Sabbath Services Again

Brother Stair has his GPS tether restrictions eased to where he can go to the Tabernacle and he plans to have service on Sabbath 3 Feb 2018, but not without a hitch.  He has to restrict minors from the grounds and the Tabernacle.  Bro Stair has been announcing this to his radio audience this, between having callers bring forth their praises of him.

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What this means is that no minors, under 18, can be permitted around RG Stair because of the restrictions of his bond.  As his criminal sexual charges against him have one involving a minor.  This somehow is still ignoring the 95% age group that most of his victims are in.  Common sense would state that Brother Stair would be restricted from all women in his vicinity. 

So, hide your daughters but bring your wives – if you dare.

Preacher accused of rape allowed access to his tabernacle

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