You’re of The Devil…

What will God do to those who say Someone is of the Devil?

What would God say to those who took His word and applied it to a man’s work?

Is there ever precognition of a person given that is coming from God as having God’s approval?

What about David’s example?

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What will God do to those who say Someone is Of The Devil?

If they arrived at this conclusion by an examination of the man’s works (fruit) according to the word of God.  Then God will say well done, you took My word and applied it to the man’s works and you found that his works were of the Evil One (1Jn 3:12;  Rev 2:2).  This finding is what happens to those that flee from imposters.  The ones that are claimed to have lost the witness.

Since they didn’t get a witness from God [because God doesn’t do things contrary to His word], it is what they found not what they lost that is important here.  They didn’t lose a witness, they got a witness – of what they both seen and heard (1Jn 1:3).  The witness comes from a man’s own fruits (Mt 7:20).  Sadly, that is the testimony that is often ignored (Jn 3:32).  Certainly by false men with evil works.

The testimony of this witness by the 99% that have left the Overcomer Ministry seems to be greatly ignored today by those still believing that they somehow turned from God when they obeyed God and fled from the place of sexual iniquity (1Cor 6:18;  2Tim 2:22;  2Cor 6:17;  Num 16:21;  Pr 4:14;  Num 16:26;  Isa 52:11).

Scripture is full of examples and commands that WHEN you FIND that someone is of certain traits, works, fruits, that you are to depart from them, to have nothing to do with them  (Isa 52:11;  2Cor 6:17;  2Tim 2:22; 1Cor 6:18;  Num 16:21;  Pr 4:14;  Num 16:26).  In some cases, it says that they have corrupt minds, they are reprobate and devoid of the truth (Titus 1:16;  1Tim 6:5  BSB).  From such turn away (2Tim 3:8-9;  1Tim 6:5;  2Tim 4:4).  The highway of the upright is to depart from evil: he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul (Pr 16:27).

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The False Witness

Scripture never disqualifies this fleeing with: unless you had a witness on them that they were something that you didn’t see them as.  No!  Scripture has only one recourse in that THEIR fruits are what shows what they are, and whose they are (Matthew 7:15-20;  John 8:44).

There is never precognition of a person via some spiritual checkmark as coming from God that is to forever mark that person as ‘approved of God’ – being supposedly some ‘witness‘ as coming from God Himself.  God told you that their works are your witness, if that contradicts what you think you heard from God – guess what?  You didn’t get it from God.  God doesn’t contradict Himself any more than He gives people witnesses on people.

A truthful witness never lies; a false witness always lies.
A false witness is a traitor.  (Pr 14:5, 25  TLB)

Even David failed to hold God’s approval and lost God’s blessing and anointing on his life and works – because of his works.  As did his son Solomon in his latter days because his many wives turned him from God (1Kn 11:4).  This caused God to raise up enemies to destroy his kingdom (1Kn 11:11, 14, 23).  The judgment upon what he did.  It was the things that Saul, David, and Soloman did that got them off God’s ‘use list’It is a horrible thing for a king to do evil.  His right to rule depends upon fairness (Pr 16:12  TLB).

God’s prior approval and use of David did not come into play after his sin of adultery and covering his adultery with murder.  God was done with David at that point just as He was with Saul when Saul sinned and thought it was no big deal (Rom 6:1-2;  Pr 30:20).  Likewise, after Solomon built the House of the Lord and his many wives turned his heart away from God, God rose up adversaries to divide his kingdom (1Kn 11:4, 11).

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Today we are not devoid of such men that take God’s word and cast it behind them (Ps 50:17) spurning it by saying that sin is no big deal to God (Rom 6:1-2;  Pr 30:20).  Even so far as to say that God needs us to sin, or that God made man to sin (Rom 6:1-2).  These men’s condemnation is already spoken of and their end is at hand (1Jn 3:8;  2Pt 2:3;  Num 16:21).

What is Their Fruit

Jesus made it clear to us how to discern men of God vs. men who are of their father the Devil (John 8:44).  By their fruits ye shall know them (Matt 7:20).  You’re not getting any good nourishing fruit from a thorn bush (Mt 7:17-18).  You’re only getting bruised.  That bruising is a Sign of the fruit of the man.  Their great claims as to how called of God they are is all just a smokescreen to hide their prickly thorns (Matt 7:15-18).

By their fruits ye shall know them!
(Matt 7:16;  Matt 7:20)

To those who use God’s name (Ex 20:7) and make claims that they did His service, and even prophesy in His name, and don’t do the works of God (Matt 7:22-23).  Those who do evil works which produce in their ministries evil or fruitlessness (Eph 5:11;  Mt 7:19-20).  God has a word for them.  I will tell them plainly, I never knew you.  Away from me, you evildoers!  (Mt 7:22-23) [see also the article on Iniquity]

Remember, you’ve been warned that THEY come to you in sheep’s clothing, as angel messengers bearing God’s light (Mt 7:15;  2Cor 11:14).  Is their fruit howling at and ravening the flock of God?  For that’s the Sign of the wolf (Mt 7:15-16).

What Would The Devil Do

Angel of Light

If I were the Devil, and I might be – test me to find out.  If I were the Devil there are certain works (some of which are covered above) that I would do that would come out of me.  Let’s list a few…

  • I would Lie – The first thing I would tell you is, I’m not the Devil (Jn 8:44;  2Cor 11:14)
  • I would appear to be an anointed holy man sent from God (2Cor 11:14-15)
  • I would accuse the people of God – Of anything I could, and I would make up invisible ambiguous things I would call spiritual that I would make them guilty of – so that I would appear better than them (Rev 12:10;  Isa 48:22;  Pr 30:20)
  • I would pervert the Gospel and say that it’s done away with or fulfilled so that souls don’t get saved, and I would cover this by putting forth another Gospel under the guise that it’s the gospel for this time (Gal 1:6-9)
  • I would exalt myself above God’s people and make myself the highest spiritual authority on the Earth (2Thes 2:4;  Isa 14:14;  Eph 6:12)
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These are a few of the things that the Devil and his ministers are known for doing (Matt 7:16-18).

High and Lifted Up

You’ll never find a man of God that is high in Narcissism and Machiavellianism.  These traits are the foundation of the Nicholatian doctrine of hierarchy – which Jesus hates (Rev 2:6;  Rev 2:15).  It’s not God’s people that Jesus hates, it’s those who lord it over God’s heritage (1Pt 5:3).

This self-exaltation is the very Doctrine of LuciferI will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High (Isa 14:14).  I will ascend!  When you see that in a man or a ministry beware.  It is most likely a worker of Satan.  Men that desire ascension and place titles upon themselves and claim callings and anointings from God that their fruit denies; are trying to ascend above God’s people.



These evil workers will often tell God’s people that they are of the Devil as a means to degrade them, which is a way for these men to exalt themselves over others.  They are following in the footsteps of their father the Devil (John 8:44;  Zech 3:1-2).


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