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Brother Stan Blasts the Truth giving a good testimony of his time on the Overcomer Farm and his witness of Brother Stair.  A testimony that we can attest our witnessThe Harlot Church System to and back up his witness as we have heard many witnesses of these same things (2Tim 2:2).
Brother Stan also references the book by Charles Elliott Newbold Jr, The Harlot Church System: Come Out of Her My People, and its parallels with the Overcomer Ministry and her leader.


It is understandable that Brother Stan focuses on holiness and Brother Stair’s change to sinfulness that is now the doctrine at the Overcomer.  When Brother Stan, and many of us, heard Brother Stair and came to the Overcomer Farm before 2001, we came through the message of holiness and sinlessness – to a place to help us be the perfected Bride.  Bro Stair said he was making a people ready, and that meant a holy walk.  A lifestyle he said you were not able to walk in the world, so the Farm was a sanctuary for saints to walk holy as God intended and prepare for Christ’s coming. 

Reprehensible Behavior

That all changed in 2001 when the self-proclaimed sinless man (Brother R.G. Stair) was found to have always been walking in gross sexual sins.  Then began the slow changing of his doctrine on sin to justify sin in the flesh to where it is today – openly displayed through much wantonness and depravity (2Pt 2:18).  Time has revealed the once hidden internal state of Brother Stair’s heart through his waxing worse and worse which is now become more manifest unto all (2Tim 3:9).  Brother Stair has said many times in the Dining Hall, The flesh is going to do what it’s going to do [sin].  Just let it [sin]!“.  Unlike Brother Stair, Jesus and Paul did not tell us to Go and sin the more (Jn 8:11;  Rom 6:1).

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The Apostles Doctrine or Bro Stair’s Doctrine?

“Malachi 3:18  Then shall ye return, and discern between the righteous {The Apostles } and the wicked {Ralph Stair} , between him that serveth God {The Apostles} and him that serveth Him not {Ralph Stair}.  Choose ye this Day Whom You Will Serve,The Word of God or the word of Ralph [Brother Stair].”



Brother Stan’s recent series of videos on Brother R.G. Stair come from a directed set of messages.

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Check out his series on The Pure Heart by Brother Milton Green.


Dear brothers,
if anyone has slipped away from God
and no longer trusts the Lord
and someone helps him understand the Truth again,
that person who brings him back to God
will have saved a wandering soul from death,
bringing about the forgiveness of his many sins.
James 5:19-20 TLB
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2 thoughts on “Truth Blaster Testimony

  1. Amen. Both and Truth Blaster (Brother Stan) have been witnesses as they gave testimony in agreement about Stair and the Overcomer Ministry Community. I’m thankful that both were led to show from Scriptures how heresies and false teachings crept in to help any who were ensnared and were perhaps seeking. May God watch over us as we see troubling current events happening in quick succession around the world. The Lord Himself moved Stair out of the way in His perfect timing and showed Stair had no relevance in the body of Christ. The Overcomer Ministry is obsolete (deleted) and unable to function effectively as they have consistently have driven out righteousness and set up evil as their standard. God bless you both.

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