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If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? [Ps 11:3]

What if a man moves your Foundation from the Word of God to (even) a man of God and his (that mans) words.  Your trust and hope are changed from the one God called and anointed (Jesus) to the one God called and anointed and put in your path (the man of God).  Thus it makes sense to turn your life over to the will of the man of God.  After all, it’s Gods will – right?

Whole Lot of Shaking Going On?

Our lives are at the mercy of the strength of the foundation upon which we stand.  When the foundation we stand on is altered then we are at the whim of another foundation.  If it’s not the foundation of the solid rock of Christ time is going to reveal it.  If the foundation has shifted to what we once knew it to be – it is not the solid foundation of Christ.  The shaking and falling primarily show the failure of the foundation more than of those shaken or fallen by it.  Sure, it was their decisions to alter where they stood that brought it upon themselves but then, perhaps that is why they jumped ship to a solid foundation when they realized their error [Psalm 37:27-29;  Isaiah 26:7]. 

This fleeing must also be fulfilled because of the curse that is upon this Wilderness of Sin.  It explains why so many leave – it shall be uninhabited – it’s a sign of that curse of trusting a man to guide you [Jer 17:5-6].

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The Turning Away

The turning away from the faulty foundation of man (even though a man of God).  Is it from the realization that the shaking revealed the foundation was not on Christ? [Mt 7:26-27]  Or is it seeing the writing on the wall [Dan 5:25-28] where the Lord that loveth righteousness [Ps 11:7] is raining down this tempest upon the wicked that built this foundation that he caused others to trust in? [Ps 11:6;  Isa 26:5]

Removing the Foundation

How do you remove the foundation from under Christians?

God gives perfect peace to those who put their trust in Him [Isaiah 26:3, 12].  What if all those that follow some man of God lose their peace?  That’s fruit that you don’t want to ignore.  Another fruit is righteousness which come from the seed of peace [Jam 3:18].  Could this loss of peace be because their trust has shifted from God to Gods man? [Jer 17:5-6]  One that is not bringing forth righteousness [Phil 1:11;  Ps 37:6], showing that he is not a man of peace [Ps 37:37;  Pr 16:7]?  Thus God removes His peace in the hopes that they will awake and come to their senses and turn back to God and He will heal them and make them a way out so that they can escape (from Gods man) [1Cor 10:13].

It seems Jesus knew what would be the error that would mislead Christians in the Last Days to turn to another Foundation.  Thus Jesus warned us for today when He told His disciples what the great Sign of the Last Days would be – one posing as a man of God, anointed and called by God to lead His people out into the Wilderness away from the world, where the true Body would be preserved safe in the End Times [Jer 17:5-6].

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That’s a sure way to remove the foundation of Christ from under Christians.


Remove not the ancient landmark, which thy fathers have set.
Proverbs 22:28
And he said,
I will go forth, and
I will be a lying spirit in the mouth
of all his (?) prophets.

And He (God) said,
Thou shalt persuade him, and prevail also:
go forth, and do so.
(one sent by God – called & commanded).

1Kings 22:22
And for this cause
God shall send them
strong delusion,
that they should believe a lie:
That they all might be damned
who believed not the truth,
but had
pleasure in unrighteousness.
2The 2:11-12
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