The Error of the Tongue

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The Fruit of Moderation

Paul said to Let your moderation be known unto all men [Phil 4:5].  That moderation (or gentleness) should be even more expressed by those who believe that The Lord is at hand [Phil 4:5].  James 3 speaks of how the words we speak make the course of our life.  So we had better practice moderation with our tongue.  Men like Brother Stair have spoken the doctrine of their lives through the repetition of the words they have spoken – in his case preached.  These doctrines were spoken with the intent to steer people in the direction he wanted them to go.  Perhaps he didn’t realize that he would also be under the power of those words.  The course of his life has been guided by his words [Jam 3:6].  He should have paid more careful attention to them because now he has to eat them [Heb 2:1].  No one can deny that unlike the scriptural reference, his words were not sweet words but they were bitter in his mouth [Rev 10:10;  Eze 3:3] but that reversal is not going to make them now sweet in his stomach [Isa 5:20].

Brother Stair’s condemnation against sin in his earlier years, even though he was walking in sin wholeheartedly, has now come full-circle at the end of his years.  He is now exposed to be guilty of the sins he said he didn’t commit, those he hid behind a harsh tongue of condemnation against the doers thereof [Mt 7:15]. 

[Some background:  Until 2001 Brother Stair preached that he was without sin.  He would say that he had sinned his 7 times (from Pr 24:16) and he would be finished (cast away) if he fell again – which was clear in 2001 that he did fall many more times.  Then he feigned repentance for many years until it was clear again that he was still walking in sin and trying to hide it.  Today Brother Stair has changed his doctrine to say that sin in the flesh is okay, that only spiritual sin that is SIN – and that sin is unbelief [or rebellion, depending upon which day it is].  Basically it’s the sin of not believing that sin is okay.  Brother Stair often says, “God has no problem with sin”.  So now he openly sins (still trying to hide many of his perversions from the public) and we’re supposed to be okay with it.  After all, God is okay with it – right?]

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It Couldn’t Be Stopped

Brother Stair’s problem was that his narcissism wanted to hear himself speak (“What a preacher!”).  So he talked (preached) and talked and didn’t like to allow anyone else space to talk.  Narcissism so epic that even when they did preach he would call them echos.  Admitting that he can only bear their words if he reasons them to be reiterations of his own words.  All those many words and many hours of just speaking and not listening to what he was saying.  Not heeding his own words.  Has come to this point.

Now the judgments of his own mouth are going to be executed speedy against himself.  “I (God) have heard your arrogance, and I have had enough of it . I shall bring it to an end.  I am going to bring My purchased church, My redeemed ones, those who have loved Me, and those who have given their lives for Me, and those who have denied themselves for My cause [gave everything to move to the Overcomer (then were cast out)], and I am going to reward them.  I am going to allow them to see Me deal with judgment upon you”  [Quote of Brother Stair from The Prophecy 1988].

James shows us the same thing Jesus says in Matthew 7:20, by their fruits ye know them.  Freshwater doesn’t come from a salt spring, fig trees don’t bear olives, grapevines don’t produce figs [Jam 3:11-12].  Why can some still think that Gods words are going to come from a portal of bitterness and perversion? [Mt 7:22-23]  They are rejecting Gods ways it they do, so the word they are going to hear might just be from God, but it is going to be one to mislead them [2Chron 18:21;  1Kings 22:22].  Because they have rejected Gods basic foundational ways of root to fruit [Mt 7:16-20].

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If you know Brother Stair you know he likes to say, If I’m deceived then I’m deceived of God.  That God is the one that deceived us.  Brother Stair gets us all to believe that even if this is a deception (Brother Stair/Community) then it is God Who is behind it.  So you might as well submit to God and go with it.  As we see in those verses in 2 Chronicles 18:21 and  1 Kings 22:22, God might be behind it to some degree but it is not Gods intent or will for us to fall into deception.  Deception is something that you are turned over to because you take pleasure in unrighteousness through sexual lust, stubbornness, lies, and following your own counsel [2Thes 2:11-12;  Rom 1:24-25;  Ps 81:12].  As for speaking ones own judgment, we see here that Brother Stair has invited deception and justified it as Gods will.  We hope you have not joint in agreement with him and been a partaker of the same.  You do realize that a strong delusion is one that you believe in so strongly that no one can convince you otherwise about [2Thes 2:11-1].  No matter how much truth is cast against it.

Who Is The Wise Man

James tells us that the wise and understanding show it by a good life in their deeds [Jam 3:13-18].  There is a wisdom that is bitter, selfish, boastful, fleshly.  That wisdom is of the Devil [Jam 3:15].  That Devilish unspiritual wisdom and understanding is shown in its fruit of envy, selfish ambition but mostly in the disorder and evil practices.  Practices are something you do, in the flesh.  Something you do a lot.  You practice at it.

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The wise man follows wise advice, and Paul wisely told us to turn over our bodies and its members – the tongue – to God.  That is what spiritual worship is all about.  [Rom 12:1]

To deny the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ constantly telling you – through looks, disagreements, lack of submission, lack of rejoicing at your words – that you are not speaking and doing right, is an act of Antichrist.  You are rejecting Christ in His body – the people of God.  This is not wise.  It shows a lack of understand what God is trying to tell you. [Mt 7:24-27]

Love From Above

But, Gods wisdom is, above all things, the first and predominate thing, without this thing it is not Gods wisdom – purity.  Gods wisdom is pure through and through.

Gods wisdom:  [James 3:17-18]

  • Pure (undefiled)
  • Loves and lives in Peace
  • Considers Others (courteous, gentle)
  • Submits to Others (yields to reason)
  • Extends Mercy, doesn’t just talk about it
  • Produces Fruit that is Good
  • Impartial (treating all rivals equally; fair and just)
  • Sincere (free from insincerity)
  • Righteousness is its Fruit
  • Peacemaking

The Amplified Bible sums all this up well in verse 18,

And the harvest of righteousness (of conformity to God’s will in thought and deed) is [the fruit of the seed] sown in peace by those who work for and make peace [in themselves and in others, that peace which means concord, agreement, and harmony between individuals, with undisturbedness, in a peaceful mind free from fears and agitating passions and moral conflicts].  [Jam 3:18 AMPC]

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