1987 Prophecy


My servant, I want you this day to speak unto My people and unto the United States of America; for the day of her judgment has now come up before Me…

Brother Stair
Brother Stair
1987 Prophecy


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Proclaimed by the last day prophet of God: Brother Stair.  “He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

I will raise up a prophet like you from among their fellow Israelites.  I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell the people everything I command him.  I will personally deal with anyone who will not listen to the messages the prophet proclaims on My behalf.
(Deut 18:18-19  NLT)

The Judgment of America

[He’s saying:] My servant.  I want you this day to speak unto My people and unto the United States of America; for the day of her judgment has now come up before Me, and it’s time [1987] that I must move against this nation, and against those within her ranks who call their self, “My people”.

God Raised Up America

For I, the Lord, the Almighty God, have raised this nation up.  It has been spoken to you time and time again saith the Lord from the holy scriptures, that righteousness is what has exalted a nation.  Everyone around the world, and history itself has proven, that no other nation in the history of mankind has ever reached the plateau of height and exaltation as the United States of America.

[What about Rome, Ottoman, Byzantine, Han, Persian, Japan, Russia, England, Israel,… ?]

From a small beginning of people who came to seek My face.   Seeking for a privilege to worship Me.  Seeking to do that which is right.  Pleasing in the sight of Almighty God.  I began to bless this nation.  In less than two hundred years I raised you to become the pinnacle of power, and might, and material blessings, and wealth around the world.

God Established His People in America

I established within your borders the people of God: men and women of integrity and righteousness and morality.  I caused your influence to reach around the world, until the whole world marveled at your success and your prosperity  But My dear friends, I the Lord thy God remind you: that in the same scripture verse that I have declared unto you where “Righteousness shall exalt a nation,” I have went one step further, and I have declared that sin, sin, would be a reproach to any people.  And even as your righteousness has caused you to be exalted.

America’s Sin

Now your sin.  Your sin so outwardly committed, so unashamedly performed in the midst of thee, has caused I the Lord thy God to look away from thee.  Even as My Son hanging upon the cross bore the sins of the whole world, and I had to turn My back upon Him, even so this day, even so this day saith Almighty God, I have to turn My back and My eyes away from America.  I can no more look upon you.  You are so sinful.  You are so wicked.

God’s Prophets Sent

I have pled with you for years.  I have raised up My servants.  I have put in the midst of thee My prophets and I have cried and pled with you, that thou shalt turn from thy sin.  Yea, thou hast heard the cry of My scripture saying, “My people, humble yourself seek My face, turn from your wicked ways; I will hear from heaven, I will forgive your sins, and I would heal your land.”  But did you heed My call?  Have you heeded My voice?  No, you have progressed yourself to the place where you have banished My voice from all of your lifestyle.

Americas Removal of God

You have removed Me from government.  You have removed Me from politics.  You have removed Me from your monetary system, and you have removed Me, I am sorry and sad and grieved to say, from your pulpits and your churches.  And now you are even moving to remove My voice from out of the holy scriptures, and you have chosen to twist them and to wrestle them to say the thing that thou hast wanted them to say.

The Set Time of 1987

Now listen to Me My people.  Listen to Me America, for the judgment of the Lord thy God is now resting upon you.  Even, even at the time of the coming of My Son Jesus Christ is a set time, and it is fastly approaching, that time that I have ordained, that the end of all things shall be.  Even so, the time for judgment for America is now here [1987].  Your appointed time, your time of destruction, your time of reaper, reproof, your time of being brought down is now, yea, presently being fulfilled.  Your destruction is being planned, the weapons of warfare are being prepared to destroy you.

Locations of Americas Demise

They shall come from the east, from the northwest, from the southeast, from the southwest, and they shall destroy your major population centers wherein sin has been allowed to progress to such a degree that it is almost impossible to find a righteous soul within the ranks of these major cities:

New York, Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Atlanta Georgia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, yea New Orleans, Dallas Texas, Houston Texas, Miami Florida, Jacksonville Florida.

Oh, I speak against thee.  Thou hast rebelled against MeYou have allowed sin to become prevalent.  You have taken from the minds of the children My Word.  You have refused to allow them to believe in My creative power.  You have rebelled!

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No Fear of God’s Word

Now I would reaffirm to you saith the Lord God,  I would reaffirm to you My holy word.  For I have told you time and time again that heaven and earth will pass away, but My word shall never pass away.  And now I remind you of a word that I have spoken through My prophets of the old.  Yea I have said unto you My children that I will laugh at you when your fear comes; and I will mock you at your calamity.  Thou shalt see what the might of your defense shall do in the hands of the ah ah, of your enemies now; for they do not fear thee anymore.

Yea your immorality, your godlessness, your disrespect, your pollution of ah ah righteousness and truth and integrity has now crept around the world and they no more fear thee.  Yea they are looking at thee with disdain.  I have blessed you and you have polluted My name.  You have polluted My name not only within the borders of your country, but you have polluted it around the world, until the name of God is now blasphemed among you.

Using God’s Name in Vain

Oh America, what you have done, you have brought the Almighty God down to a mere man.  You have embarrassed Me to the rest of the world.  You used My name and you used My power, and you used My blessings for it is He, the Lord thy God who has given you power to get wealth.  You have become wealthy and you have used My power to coerce and to and to pollute the rest of the world, the political process of the world, the economic system of the world, the the the that, that the ah religious system of the world.  You have used the wealth that I have placed within thy hand and you have polluted it because you have ya used it for your own selfish, and worldly, and ungodly and earthly gains.  And I am saying unto you this day that your wealth now shall be turned into poverty, your blessings into curses.

The Freedom to Sin

You have allowed within the borders of thy nation, under the guise of freedom, every sin that is so despicable that even I cannot speak to them.  Oh you have allowed the homosexuality, or you have, you have permitted it to creep into politics, into the pulpit, into the school systems.  You will not allow them to read the Bible.  You will not allow them to pray.  But you have banished My word and My Spirit from your system, and you’ve allowed the spirit of Hell and witchcraft and demology to creep in, and I say unto you it is enough.  I the Almighty God have declared “it is enough.”

A Religious Nation

Then on top of that, you have become a very religious nation.  Oh, churches on every corner, a nation of religion; and you have allowed that that mother of harlots, that false religious system, mothered by the Roman Catholic church, to set to to ah cause her influence to creep into government, until even in Washington D.C. a decision cannot even be made now until you consult with the ambassador from the Mother Church.  In major cities, in politics, in governments, with her wealth, she has crept in until she influences now even the thought pattern and the actions of most of the people in power in this nation.

False God’s

And she sets herself up as a representative of God., and she practices idolatry and heathenism in, ah in in bold, bold, blasphemy against I the Lord thy God.  And I have spoken judgment to you, I have said that you should come out of her My people; but instead, you have brought her in unto you, and now you are committing adultery, spiritual adultery, you are unfaithful to Almighty God.  You have distorted My holiness.  You have, you have distorted My perfectionYou have distorted My My Godliness through your religious creeds, and your traditions, and you have permitted to come even into the protestant ranks now.  You have given yourself all sorts of names but the spirit of of the whore is upon you.

Exalted Denominations

Call yourself Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, whatever you may call yourself; Nazarene Church of God, Assembly Church of God, UPC.   You all have your little, ah, Roman systems with your Popes ah and your governing bodies and you have removed My spirit from the midst of thee.  And you have refused to obey My word when I have said, “let there be no divisions among you.”

Exalted Prophet

Now hear Me My people I say unto you that I am speaking today by the voice of My prophet unto this nation that it is enough”You are going to witness My hand of judgment upon you America.  Yea, I the Almighty God have spoken it.  It is not a vision of a man that speaks it, it is not at the discerning of a man’s soul that cries it out today; but this My servant that I have raised up I have declared to him from My mother’s womb that My word shall be in his mouth.  Yea, you will stone him, you will reject him, you will even eventually destroy him.

Oh, but I have said unto you that it would be better that a millstone be hung around your neck than for you to offend one of My little ones.  And I have raised him up that he would be willing to accept the offense, for they will come, but woe be unto them by whom the offense cometh.

God Protects His Children

Hear Me, Hear Me saith God.  I am not going to allow My little children to go on much longer and to be oppressed by a nation, whether it be this one or China, or Russia, or Cuba, or nations of the Muslim faith.  I am going to bare My arm.  I am the Almighty God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth.  I am the One who has spoken things into existence, and you have chosen to disregard Me, and to refuse to hearken unto Me.

And it shall come to pass shortly saith God that My vengeance, and My ranger [anger], and My wrath shall be poured out upon you without measure; and you will cry for rocks and mountains to hide you from My face, but you shall not hide.

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The Prophets Final Warning

Now the reason I am speaking unto you by the voice of this My servant today, is because I have raised him up, as he had spoken to you in the past, to give you your final warning.  Now you have gone past the point of no returnWarnings have meant nothing to you.  You are persistent in your determination to live your ungodly, sinful, lustful, passionate lives.  You have said no to God.  You have said no to My wordYou have done despite to the spirit of grace.  You have blasphemed the Holy One of Israel.  You have crucified Him afresh and anew.  You have spilt Hid blood one more time by your blatant open sins and I will not tolerate it no longer saith God.

Begining in 1987

So beginning this year [1987].  Beginning in this year [1987] saith the Lord, as the time schedule for My fulfilled prophecy is quickly being accelerated; I am going to bring the judgment of this nation.  I am going to bring you down. I  am going to make you as nothingYour power as a military might, your power as a political power, your power as an economic strength shall be as nothing.

Americas Enemies Bring Death

I will take your enemies that I have prepared a table for you in their presence in the past.  I will smash that table and I will place you into their hands and they shall take charge of theeThey shall move in the midst of theeYou desire to serve the god of this world, than I shall give you that strong delusion.

I shall send unto you that which you have foreordained and chosen, and I shall see that you are damned.  You have chosen the way of death, and the way of death you shall go.  I have set before you, as I have said in the past, the way of life and the way of death.  I have pled with you, and I have called unto you and I have cried unto you, “choose life, choose life”, but you have chosen death.

Death and Deterioration is in America

Even as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden could have chosen the tree of life, they chose the tree of knowledge of good and evil; and brought damnation and sin into their lives, and into the lives of all mankind.  And even you, I have given you the choice to choose tra Christ who was the tree of life, and you have chosen knowledge, you have chosen science ah, you have chosen the man-made philosophies and theologies, the knowledge of good and evil, and you have chosen death.  Now death is in your land.  It shall begin at the very top of your political process yea.  It shall creep all the way down until it is completely polluted.

America has No Spirit for War

The military strength shall deteriorate in the, in thy very face, and you shall lose your spirit to war.  It shall begin at the beginning of your religious pol ah, leadership, as as I begin to tear it apart.

Mocking God with Little gods

Yea, you have lifted up these men on television and you have made little gods of the unto yourself.  While I have told you that there will be no other god before Me.  I have told you that I am a jealous God, and I will not give My glory to another.  Have you hearkened unto Me?  You did you not realize that I would not allow this to go on? 

You have counted My long-suffering as slackness. You have ignored My words of warning.  Have I not declared unto you that vengeance is Mine I will repay saith the Lord?  What have you done?  You have mocked Me, and I have told you, I would not be mocked.  I have told you that if you continually sow to the flesh, you would of the flesh reap corruption.

America Comes Down by the Prophet

Now hear Me.  Hear Me America.  I am going to, bring you down.  I the Almighty God am now speaking it by the voice of a prophet ordained by Me, with his words in My mouth.  You have spoken against him, but now you shall see that the vision and the burden of his heart that I have burned like holy fire in his bosom as he cried out to you to return – it shall come to pass.  You are going to witness it with your own eyes.

The Antichrist Rises

The anti-Christ system is going to rise as Satan knowing his time is short, and I am going to remove the restraints from himI am going to remove the hindrances from him and he is going to move.  He is going to reveal himself, and he is going to demand that all worship him; and because you have blinded your eyes and you have already accepted his spirit, you will follow and you will follow into destruction.  You will follow into perdition.  You will follow into terrible punishment and fear.  Yea, men’s hearts will fail them for fear as they look upon the thing that shall come upon the face of the earth.

Trouble Upon the Whole Earth

And there shall be a time of trouble, yea, quickly come to pass upon the face of the whole earth such as there never has been in all of history before.  It will be so devastating that there will not be a living person alive upon the face of the earth unless I intervene.  And I have foreordained that at the proper time, I will send My Son Jesus Who will be revealed from Heaven in flaming fire.  He will take vengeance upon all of them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of Christ.

Hide in God’s Secret Place

Hear Me My little ones.  If you are one of My children listening, yea even to the voice that is speaking unto you now.  I have told you in Psalms 91 to find the secret placeShut yourself in with Me.  Come out from among the world.  Come out from the false church system.  Begin to isolate yourself in the secret place of the most High, that thou might ashad, abide under the shadow of the Almighty.  For only in My presence will there be protection.  Only under My wings will there be a shield and buckler.  Only in obedience to My word will there be strength, saith God.

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Come Out of Her

Hear Me My little ones.  I have warned you also.  Come out, come out and be not a partaker of her sins.  You cannot, you cannot continue to support the false church system.  You cannot My people continue to support the religious system of your nation.  It is corrupt.  It is corrupt.  They are blind leading the blindYou must separate yourselfYou will only be in unity by My spirit.  You will come in oneness by the Holy Ghost.  You will come into that that, that perfect body by ah the the the crucifying of your flesh, by the separating yourself ah from this worldly things, and setting your affections on things above.  My little children, My little children, come unto Me.  Come unto Me.  Hear My voice.  I call unto thee.  I call unto thee, come, come.

No New Doctrines [Gospels]

You have argued, you have squabbled over your pet doctrines.  I have told you in the past and I tell you even now that the foundation of God, it standeth sure.  There is not going to be another foundational doctrinal truths.  It is built upon the apostles, and the prophets, and Jesus Christ, the chief Cornerstone.  There is only one faith, one Lord, one baptism, one church, one way, and one God; and you must come that way.  Let us lay aside every weight and every sin that doth so easily beset us.  Run with patience now the race that is just before you, that you might endure and attain the prize.

Oh, quit your squabbling over the doctrines of baptisms and the laying on of hands, and go on now and seek that perfection that will make you to be qualified to be in the bride, in that church, in that glorious body that shall be gathered to meet the Lord as He returns back to this earth to reign and rule upon it for a thousand years.

Time is Short

Oh My children, My people, I say unto you, the time is short.  You have delayed already too long.  You have allowed the holiday seasons to one more time intervene in your life and move you again away from your course, from your pressing into the Kingdom.  You must redeem the time.  Wake up.  Wake up Christendom.  Wake up children of God.

For the judgments of the Lord, and now in 1987, are going to be fulfilled heavily upon this nation.  You will see them shortly come to pass.

Americas Upheaval

You will see a great upheaval in Washington D.C. You will see a political turmoil that will shake our political process to its very cores.  It will make Watergate look like a picnic.  You are going to see a military confrontation that’s going to cause the American people to lose heart.  And there will not be home of the brave and land of the free any longer.

The Collapse of Money

You are going to see the American dollar collapse to such a degree that even the gold and silver standard shall become nothing.  As I have spoken in My words, have I not said, go to now and weep you rich men, for you have heaped to yourself treasures for the last days and your gold and your silver is conk it it it is cankered; and you shall throw it in the street because it shall lose its value.  It will lose its power.  You have looked for monetary strength, and now [1987] it shall be taken away.

1987, the Year of Retribution

Hear Me My people.  The day [1987] of judgment is at hand.  The day of retribution is at hand [1987].  You have walked before Me in total, complete rebellion and disregard to My words of holiness.  You have spurned My cry of love.  You have rejected My offer of mercy.  You have walked in your own ways.

I have spoken softly.  I have cried aloud.  And you said we will not listen.  We will not do that which He has asked us to do.  You think I have not heard you?  You honor Me with your lips but your heart is far from Me.  With your mouth you worship Me, but in your deeds, in your lifestyle, in your actions, in the way you live, you dishonor Me.

Embarrassing God

You have even gone farther than that, you have embarrassed MeYou have used My name and you have lived in such filth.  You have practiced such unholy lifestylesThink of it!  Some of you dishonoring your bodies amongst yourself in homosexual liaison and many adulterous states, and then you get up and say it doesn’t matter to Me, a holy God.

Think of it, you women who are ashamed of your womanhood, and you dress like men, and you walk around blatantly smoking your cigarettes, and bobbing off your hair, and painting your face – and then you use My name and justify it.

Think of it!  Yeah, I have told you to redeem the time that you have spent hours in front of the TV watching the cesspools of this world and then you go to church and say you love Me.  You lie, you tell not the truth, and I have heard your blasphemy.  I have heard your arrogance, and I have had enough of it.  I shall bring it to an end.

God Restores His People

I am going to bring My purchased church, My redeemed ones, those who have loved Me, and those who have given their lives for Me, and those who have denied themselves for My cause, and I am going to reward them.  I am going to allow them to see Me deal with judgment upon you, and then I am going to restore them into the Kingdom with Me.  I am going to bring it to an end.

Americas Judgment Today – 1987

Judgment is in America today.  It begins in the year 1987.

It becomes reality because of the voice of My servant the prophet who has obeyed Me to speak.  Hear ye him!


[words in red are the actions of Brother Stair
which are against what his own mouth has spoken here as judgments from God,
this making these judgments upon himself]

I will raise up a prophet like you from among their fellow Israelites.  I will put my words in his mouth, and he will tell the people everything I command him...

But any prophet who falsely claims to speak in my name or who speaks in the name of another god must die.  If the prophet speaks in the Lord’s name but his prediction does not happen or come true, you will know that the Lord did not give that message.  That prophet has spoken without my authority and need not be feared.
(Deut 18:18-21, 22  NLT)

“Behold, I am against the prophets,” declares the LORD, “who use their tongues and declare, ‘The Lord declares.’ (Jer 23:31  NASB)


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