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Last Updated on January 14, 2020 and the Brother R.G. Stair Forum are an outreach of MicroCults.

To contact us you can email us at this link for RG ( or at this link for the Brother R.G. Stair Forum (

Don’t expect a quick reply though.  This is not our life.

Thank you.


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. ~Hosea 4:6


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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I heard a small portion of one of Stair’s comments and it seems he thinks President Trump
    is the Man of Sin (antichrist) about to be revealed. It is the opposite. Trump is a last blessing/gift from the Lord Jesus the Christ to His Christian believers in the USA.
    We are about to go into the Time of Jacob’s Trouble. Jacob of the Last Days is made up of two
    nations decended from the sons of Joseph whom Jacob/Israel adopted and made his heirs
    to the Abrahamic Covenant. The synagogue of satan Jews will soon cause the IDF to attack
    Iran’s nuclear weapons and ICBM delivery systems development programs and destroy them.
    That will bring ALL the warring factions of Islam together in a Super Jihad against physical
    Israel. Israel will also fulfill Isaiah 17:1 when their attacking force that destroyed Iran’s
    nuclear weapons and ICBM delivery systems return to Israeli airspace via Syria and expend all remaining ordinance on Damascus. That is the prophetic marker that the Time of Jacob’s
    Trouble has begun….and the TOJT only lasts 150 days….from Rosh Ha Shana to Groundhog
    Day…the exact middle of winter. This will happen JUST BEFORE Trump is reelected in November 2020 and his first order of business will be to destroy the Islamic armies attacking
    Israel that are supported logistically by Russia. Trump and the British PM will destroy those
    armies of Islam on the borders of Israel using Neutron Enhanced Radiation Weapons. Their
    Gamma radiation will pass through 13 feet of lead shielding to kill the occupants inside the shield…so it will kill the soldiers inside the tanks and legions of Islamic soldiers in the open
    marching on Israel….leaving the equipment unharmed but the soldiers killed.
    Trump was put into the office of President by the Lord Jesus the Christ to PUSH the NEUTRON weapon button on Islam. 150 days later the US and UK (Jacob of the Last Days) will square
    off against Russia and the nuclear exchange will destroy ALL 3 nations. That is what the bible refers to as ‘removing that which prevents’ the coming of the antichrist world leader.
    He will rise to world power out of Germany’s Deutsche Bank with the help of the Jews and
    take over the world. He will cause there to be a ONE WORLD currency based on the German
    Mark…..the Mark of the Beast.
    He will force everyone to take part in his worldwide economy but exempt 3 nations in
    Asia….the Kings of the East…..China, Japan, and Korea…..because they are the source for
    microelectronics….and he will use an implanted electronic device to track every man, woman, and child on the Earth.
    He will raise an army of the remnants of the EU, the UN, and NATO in Europe…..and he will
    allow the Kings of the East to field a 200 Million man army to meet him at Armageddon.
    It is at Armageddon where the Lord Jesus the Christ returns….and His countenance SLAYS the
    soldiers on both sides….because both armies belong to satan….and NOTHING of satan can
    stand in the Light of God.
    The Remnant of Jacob Christians will make a last defiant stand against the antichrist and refuse to bow down to worship him. They will say to his (antichrist) face, “Hell no! You’re NOT my God and I will NEVER worship you!” knowing full well he will have them beheaded for refusing. But, they are NOT AFRAID and will not worship him. These are the remnant Christians of the USA and UK who have lost their lands, their inheritance under the Abrahamic Covenant, their friends, neighbors, and their very families after the US/UK
    defend physical Israel and are destroyed while destroying Russia.
    We have about 10 years until the Lord Jesus the Christ returns at Armageddon. R.G. Stair
    should KNOW all this because it is what the Holy Spirit it teaching every Christian who will

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