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Feast of Trumpets 2020

The 2020 Feast of Trumpets at the Overcomer Ministry in Canady’s, SC is expected to be held in September.  Brother Stair says that Jesus is coming in a year when all the Feast Days happen in September – when the Last Trumpet sounds.


The latest article on the 2020 Feast of Trumpets is now out with the dates for the Feast of Trumpets 2020.


If you’ve heard the Overcomer Broadcast in the months since the last Gathering around Passover you are sure to have heard the interruption every 15 minutes announcing the Feast of Trumpets that is desperate to Gather many to Canady’s.  Or Cana Land as Rick Bell called it (Brother Stair’s Candy Land would be more accurate).  Hoping to preserve the remnant.  Though no time for a Timely Word about the crisis we’re in.  Most importantly is to remember to call now to let Brother Stair know your plans so that he can modify his predictions as to the turn out as the time nears.  So call now.  Right NOW!!!  Stop reading this and call now!  1-843-701-5053

What’s most sad about this constant announcement is that every time you turn on the broadcast it’s all you here, so the occasional listener has given up tuning in because all they hear is this repeat – constantly.  The only ones listening are the faithful few – who, most sadly, have to endure this over and over and over… and over again.  So this mesmerization is being used on them to convince them to come and join.

With the COVID-19 outbreak perhaps many will be willing to come and join to hide away like they were baited with the Y2K fear before the year 2000 and the imminent return of Jesus before 2000.  Though this same plague may be what stops any travel or Services to be.  This is yet unknown to the Prophet of Time at this point.

Feast of Two Weeks

You should also be reminded (something not mentioned on the Broadcast – guessing there’s no time as there’s some interruption taking place every 15 minutes) is that no one under 18 is allowed (because of Brother Stair’s restrictions against minors as he is awaiting trial for sex crimes – and likely the reason for the phone call heads-up) and there may be a 14-day Quarantine for anyone going to South Carolina and returning back to their home state.  This doesn’t account for South Carolina’s 14-day quarantine for those coming from an area with widespread or ongoing community transmission of the virus”.   [Guessing you weren’t told that on the broadcast either]  Unless you’re going to follow the lawless teachings that you will be given once you come.  In that case, never mind.

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Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus

Prophet Brother Stair assures us that Jesus is not coming this year.  But it could be next year he says.  Remember, we are told by the Prophet that Jesus is coming at the Feast of Trumpets in some year.  Just not this year – but come join us anyway – and bring your daughters.  We are also told that Brother Stair is greater than Jesus so does it really matter if and when Jesus comes – since a Greater is already here?

Brother Stair says that Jesus is coming in a year that all the Feast Days happen in September.  So since He’s not coming to this Feast the next possible one is 2021.  (Not sure how or when you’re going to get all the spring Feasts to happen in September though.  That is the miracle we await.)

Understanding of the “Times Like These”

One of the (many) things the Prophet that is to reveal to us the Times fails to realize is that at this point, Jesus isn’t coming until 2024 – at the soonest.  But Brother Stair’s not going to tell you that because he’s always used urgency and kept his (many) dates close so that people will act quickly – in fear.

What the Bible tells us is that the Two Witnesses will witness for three and one-half years (3.5 years) then Jesus comes.  With Jesus coming at Trumpets this would mean that the Two Witnesses would begin their testimony around Passover.  That’s something Prophet Stair has never told you – is it?  So it’s this event around Passover that we should be looking for rather than all the other claptrap.  Perhaps the Prophet forgot to tell you that, as that would mean that you don’t need any man teach you (1John 2:27) when the End Time is here.  That’s not something which someone that wants you to look to them and hang on to their every word for your salvation would want you to know – is it?  Since all you need to know is when the Two Witnesses begin their testimony (prophecy) clothed in sackcloth.  Or even when they are slain in Jerusalem – then it’s closer. 

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We have some history that has to take place before Jesus comes back.  Which will take years to fulfill.  Why are we not told that?  After the Two Witnesses go into Heaven we have then passed the Second Woe; and, behold, the Third Woe cometh quickly (Rev 11:14).  Then the Seventh Angel sounds (Rev 11:15).  Brother R.G. Stair claims to be this Seventh Angel (something he stole from William Branham who also made the claim) and that he (Bro Stair, the Seventh Angel) has been sounding.  If the Seventh Angel is already sounding, that would mean that the Two Witnesses have already testified, died, and risen.  In any case, this would mean that Brother Stair as the Two Witnesses will then become the Seventh Angel – again (Rev 10:7).

Keep Your Eyes on the Prophet

If these Two Witnesses are Brother Stair (as he believes) then we simply need to keep our eyes on Brother Stair and his going to Jerusalem some Passover to start prophesying in the streets.  Then we can count off three and a half years after.  Yet, if these Witnesses are the two candlesticks standing before God (Revelation 11:3-13), as scripture says, how are they Brother Stair?  Remember, he teaches that he is one or both of the Two Witnesses.

One thing we should be certain of is that there is a Last Day Prophet foretold in scripture (Rev 16:13, 19:20, 20:10).  Don’t forget about the one that called themselves a prophet (Rev 2:20) but that prophet (and leader of the church) was into seduction, fornication, and sexual sin – that wouldn’t apply here – would it?  Would this be the hidden revelation in Brother Stair’s claim as the Last Day Prophet?

Also pertinent to these End Times is that Brother Stair has said many times that we have seen the Great Falling Away thus we should be aware that it identifies the Man of Sin (2Thes 2:3-4, 9-12).  Now, he separates this former declaration from his current looking for the Man of Sin to be revealed.  While prophecy can have many fulfillments, this is one that we don’t want to overlook.

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Brother Stair holds that his importance, at minimum, is that he is the revealer of the Antichrist – or at a minimum, he will point us to the prophet that has that revelation.  First, Brother Stair recognizes no other prophets.  Oh, he may say that he’s not the only prophet but name one living person, by name, that he will allow the title?  So that’s not going to happen – it’s just a false-humility move.  Second, the Antichrist is not known by revelation but by calculation. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast (Rev 13:18  NASB, NIV).  Third, Brother Stair already told us in 2002 that the Antichrist would be revealed in 2003.  So The Prophet has proclaimed that the Antichrist was revealed in 2003, anyone else miss that revelation?  Still, keep your eyes on the Prophet… for something upcoming… I guess.

See You In September

Oblivious to the current turmoil in the world (something else which the Prophet failed to foresee) we are being ushered into a Gathering as if nothing is going to hinder it or those from coming.  We’re certainly not being told or warned of what’s to come of this or what to do about it – aside from Gathering in the Wilderness.  How are we to know what’s happening prophetically?  The one who sees all and knows all, sees nothing and knows nothing.  Perhaps we have to let him slide since he is under house arrest awaiting his trial for his sex crimes.

Still, one has to wonder why Prophet R.G. Stair is not playing all his prophecies that foretold of this virus and the ensuing lockdown and the coming vaccines.  Surely he knew?  Didn’t he?  Was he not told?  We are told all the time about what God just spoke to the prophet.  Did God not know?  Or was our petty annoyances all that is on God’s mind?  Did Brother Stair not blow his trumpet warning us of these very things every chance he got?  Or is he playing prophecies on his fiddle that have no relevance to the present time, making out that we should harken unto him?  To harken unto the one that has no present truth for us.  To an uncertain sound (1Cor 14:8).  Perhaps that’s why the Overcomer hasn’t got ready for battle – or overcome?

Blow ye the trumpet (1Cor 14:8)


The latest article on the 2020 Feast of Trumpets is now out with the dates for the Feast of Trumpets 2020.


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