Passover 2020 [Updated]

Passover 2020
Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Passover 2020 [Updated]

Last Updated on June 6, 2020

It would serve us well to remember that in 2000 Brother Stair told us that if he were to live till 2020 that it would mean that all his words were a lie, a damn lie.

Ye observe days, and months, and times, and years. 
I am afraid of you, lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain.
(Gal 4:10-11)

Here we are in 2020 and Bro Stair is still going on like nothing has happened or was said.  Just as he has done with his Prophecy’s (1988, 2001, 2007) that he still claims have all come to pass.  Well, the time for his prophecies has certainly come to pass and gone past.  While nothing came about according to what and when they were prophesied to have been; like they were to have been.  Still, they are sold that they came about just as Brother Stair said they would.  Yet we’re the ones lambasted for not remembering.  So remember that another Feast Day is coming so that Brother Stair can use it for a Gathering to hopefully fill up his failing Farm.

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Passover Push 2020

Already before the year 2020 is begun Brother Stair begins his Passover 2020 push in hopes that having pushed it for over three months he will get some to come.

The 50% will not be here next Passover has been dropped.  Probably in fear that he wouldn’t have anyone if that were the case.  Rest assured that fear will still be the theme of this year’s Passover Gathering event meant to bring in fresh meat to fill his Farm and work his fields and fulfill his sexual lusts.

The time for this years Passover Feast Gathering is so far set for April 8-16, Wed – Thr.  At least it’s not April 1st, like it was two years ago.  Which was neither a Sabbath nor a Passover, it was April Fool’s Day. 
[UPDATE: No, he couldn’t do it on the correct day so it was changed to coincide with the Catholic Good Friday thinking.

The setting is the Overcomer Tabernacle for those listening over the air, shortwave, Internet, satellite…

The reason is given as to remember what God is doing.  Though you’re supposed to forget to put God in the judgment that had been executed upon this ministry.  Bro Stair says that “God’s preparing a people to pass over”.  Does he remember that 99% have already passed over his ministry either by fleeing or ex-communication?

The hope is to have “the whole Community filled.”  “God is going to fill His house.”  What is yet to be seen is how God shows us that this is not His house.  God is not in the house of the wicked (Pr 3:33;  Pr 14:11;  Pr 21:12).

The reality is that the Prophet didn’t foresee the COVID-19 Coronavirus or he probably wouldn’t have been begging for attendees for the last 4+ months.  Another reality is that (naturally) the dates were changed to correspond with Easter.

Man of Sin Revealed

There is much talk again by Brother Stair about the Man of Sin being revealed.  Let us not forget that Brother Stair has already said that the Man of Sin was revealed in what he identified as The Great Falling Away which took place in 2001.  [Which at least may make it in time with his prophecy that the Antichrist was to be revealed in 2003]

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Brother Stair referred to this Great Falling Away in his message on Dec 18, 2012, Those Left Behind alive and Remain where he wrote, “A few years ago the Overcomer had and witnessed the begining of a great falling away. John 6 – 66.”

What Brother Stair forgot to mention to you is what this Great Falling Away that he identified reveals.  It is this Great Falling Away that identifies the Man of Sin.  The falling away is a falling away from the Man of Sin thus revealing him to be this Man of Sin, identified by God’s people fleeing from him and his sinful ways.  Therefore, the Man of Sin that was revealed in this Great Falling Away was Brother Stair himself to be the Man of Sin.  According to Brother Stair’s own defining.

Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God. And then shall that Wicked be revealed Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, 10 And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved
(2 Thessalonians 2:3-10

The Revelation of Time

What shall be revealed this year?  Perhaps it’s time for another Thunder to come out to drum up the fear level to support the Prophet while there’s still time.  [Before he goes to prison]

If you’ve been listening to the broadcast you’ll hear incessantly creeping into your house (2Tim 3:6) (in case you missed it) the plea for all to come and Gather at the Overcomer for the 2020 Passover.  It would seem that it takes three months to get people talked into coming to such an event; or to be lead captive (2Tim 3:6).  Most interesting here is that Bro Stair’s lawyers must have assured him that his trial would not take place before then.  Remember in previous years he was not so sure he wasn’t going to be in prison when the Gathering rolled around.  Perhaps that was just another emotional urgency that he was playing on the people.  We now see he’s turned on a boldness that has him saying and doing things that most likely will get him in trouble, as he’s taken the attitude that he’s never going to have to pay for his crimes against God’s people.  [Hard-hearted brazen rebellion]

What you’ll also hear is about the Door being shut.  Something Brother Stair has been saying (according to him) for 30 years.  Therefore declaring that for the last 30 years he hasn’t known when this is going to happen or even what time it is (It’s a good thing we’re not relying on Brother Stair to tell us what time we’re in or something).  It’s not like he claims to be the Prophet of Time – or does he?

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The Revelation of the Door

If you remember, back in 2002 when Brother Stair was feigning repentance he said: “God says that’s gotta stop [sin] cause we are right at the Door being shut.  That’s where we are.  So in 2002, we were AT the Door being shut.  Here we are 18 years later and that Door is apparently still open.  One would think that Brother Stair would have soon after 2002 told us this Door of his had shut – at least to not be seen as a false prophet that had no idea of what time it is.  This is just another Sign showing us that Brother Stair has no idea of what time it is.

Why he would continue on keeping the Door open is for the use of drumming up fear in his hearers.  Fear that you’d better move quickly or it will be too late.  If the Door were already closed then this whole charade that Bro Stair has been playing for 60 some years would come crashing down around him like the house of cards it really is.  Because once the Door is shut there’s no use knocking anymore (Lk 13:25).  This is the same reason that the Seven Thunders are put off and they are meted out slowly and carefully.  He can’t run them out.  That would bring this whole thing to an end.  Yes, those are his words again, and again we should see that they are just empty words used to evoke urgency, scarcity, and fear.  The tools of any good salesman – or shyster (Ps 1:1-2;  Ps 5:4-6).

Apparently it has just been 30 years that Brother Stair has been preaching that the Door would close.  Because in 1987 in his message Pleasing God preached from the Campground in Walterboro, SC in 1987 around the time of his 1987/1988 The Prophecy he said the Door would still be open when all Hell breaks loose.  And yes, he was talking about Noah and the Ark, from which he surmised the new doctrine about the Door being closed.  His teaching then was that people wasted time and wouldn’t be able to get there [the Campground].  Apparently a revision was in order since that didn’t evoke enough fear in them moving down before the Tribulation was upon them.

Also interesting here is that the Prophet that is here to reveal the End Time events didn’t foresee this Coronavirus COVID-19 virus affecting the whole world.  Even though now he’s selling this present distress as something he prophesied in one of his 3 prophecies listed earlier.  All those prophecies foretold many things that other men had long said, so there’s nothing new in them.  What made Brother Stair’s prophecies special is that he named a date for the fulfillment of these things.  The dates thereof have long passed, making all his prophecies false in their timing.  Which is what makes a prophecy useful.  To say he predicted some events is meaningless because all the things in those prophecies were not unique to Brother Stair speaking them.  It was only that he placed a time on them to take place.  Notice that when you hear or read them because the events are not the focus it is the timing of the events that give it any weight.  Which is also what makes it fails when it fails the timing.  Brother Stair was just reiterating the prognostications that others had been saying, he just put a time on them.  This reiteration is why there’s no mention of anything we see happening today.  No one foresaw it.  Thus it wasn’t repeated in the prophecies.  No mention of biological warfare or contagions spreading over the whole Earth.  No that wasn’t the topic back in 1987.  Though you would have thought he would have thrown that in the 2001 or 2007 prophecies.  Nope.  No clue.

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To What End?

Why would we come to the Community?  The implication and our thoughts are likely that Brother Stair is preparing a people to meet God.  That is his claim anyway.  Yet on October 27, 2018, he said that; “by the time I leave the scene [his death] most of you folk, you won’t be ready.”  Why then would anyone want to go there if Bro Stair is not doing his job of readying us?  The time is far spent and the Prophet still comes up short.  His own testimony of his own people is that We don’t look or live like people that expect the imminent return of Christ.”  Is that the house you want to be a part of?  Lead by a man that won’t get you ready?

So as you can see, The Revelation that we have got has not been one of what Time it is, or of the Door shut, but of The Man of Sin.

Corona Misfortune

Now with the Coronavirus COVID-19 happenings if looks like there will be few if any new arrivals for his Fill the Farm Passover Gathering 2020 push.  You would think the Prophet of God would have known this was coming.  Now it’s hurry and get here (so you’re locked out under quarantine) before you’re not allowed to come.  Which is already much the case. 

So what we have here, for over three months, is the Prophet of God, who is to reveal to us the times, who has not known about this present time.  Rather he worked on getting us into his Gathering for his own benefit, not knowing of this Coronavirus outbreak throughout the whole world.  One wonders what else this prophet doesn’t know about?  Should we be listening to this man at all?  He can’t even see three months down the line on something that has affected us all.  Where’s his head at?  In whose underpants?

There’s a sale going on (get it before the price goes up) that the 1987 Prophecy (dubbed THE Prophecy) foretold all this.  What isn’t in that sale is the timeframe that was given in that prophecy in which all those things were to take place.  That 1987 Prophecy failed in all ways.  Nothing came about in the timeframe that it was foretold to be.  Thus making the giver thereof a false prophet (Deuteronomy 18:20-22).

From the coughing in the March Sabbath Service it sounds like they may already have the virus on the Farm.  Would you like to come and join them so that you can be quarantined with them?  You’ll already be gathered together so they can give you their inoculations – they know where the Overcomer’s at.

Come if you dare, flee if you care… for God.

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  1. Very perceptive.
    Will he hug the Nigerian from New York if he shows up? Will It be closed down for contravening quarantine laws?
    Following events there now is like reading a mystery where the murder has not yet been committed
    From tonight’s evening Prayers: Did Pastor Rice ‘Cross the Line’ by preaching a False Gospel? Will their appearance be impeded by travel restrictions? If Passover can’t be celebrated in Henryetta how can it be celebrated elsewhere?
    and from old 2015 rebroadcasts: what’s wrong with playing baseball on Sunday if it is not the Sabbath?

  2. He reminds me of Warren Jeffs only his group is much smaller and he doesn’t seem to have as much control over the people as Warren does.

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