The Twelve Apostles?

Only 12 In That Number?
The teaching that there are only twelve apostles and they where Jesus’ twelve disciples and Paul is a doctrine Brother Stair got from one of Bro Enoch’s bible study teachings

Recall on Matthias?
Was the son of man Peter wrong?

Son’s of Men in Error / But We See Jesus / The 70 Sent
Does scripture say that only those who see Jesus can be Apostles?

The Other Apostles
Paul lists at least seven other apostles.

The Doctrine Police

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Twelve Apostles?

Twelve Apostles?

Last Updated on June 1, 2020

Only Twelve Apostles?

The teaching that there are only twelve apostles and that they where Jesus’ twelve disciples plus Paul, is not an uncommon teaching. But as far as the Overcomer Ministry camp goes, this is a doctrine Brother Stair got from one of Bro Enoch’s Bible Study teachings – not from God and certainly not from scripture. Brother Stair once said that he got it from Brother Enoch. Brother Stair says there were only 12 apostles to equal Jesus’ close called 12 Disciples, and possibly the 12 sons of Jacob.  Brother Stair says, ‘He chose 12 apostles, no more.”  This is not in scripture.  Jesus chose twelve Disciples, of which Judas was one.  Jesus never ‘chose’ apostles in that sense.  There is not even the slightest indication that there was ever a set number of apostles.  Firstly, it is to be noted an apostle is simply the translation of ‘special messenger‘, and that’s exactly what Brother Stair claims to be.  Thus by definition and claim, Brother Stair makes himself out to be an Apostle.  Which brings us to the real reason that Brother Stair denies Apostles today – he will not have anyone over him.  Since it is also falsely taught that Apostles are above Prophets, Pastors, Teachers…  This is from false heretical hierarchy teaching that is in the Church today and it was also propagated by Wm Branham in his Pyramid Doctrine.  This is the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes which Jesus hates – lordship over the people of God [Rev 2:6,15].  Since Brother Stair also holds to this doctrine, it would make a Prophet under an Apostle.  Thus Brother Stair cannot stomach anyone being an Apostle because he doesn’t bear that title himself and he would, therefore, be… inferior – and he cannot have that.  So Brother Stair teaches there were only twelve apostles and there are no more and most importantly there are none today.  Prophets, on the other hand, he teaches exist today but he himself is the only one that he acknowledges by name as a prophet alive today.  It’s fine for him to call Wm Branham or other dead men as having been prophets and to claim that there are other prophets in the world today – just as long as they are no one that nobody knows about.  Thus, according to his teachings and his doctrine, Brother Stair is the only prophet you know of today.  So really, what we have is a teaching that there are no apostles or prophets today aside from the one Special Messenger – Brother Stair.

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No Recall on Matthias

Back in Acts 1, the Disciples chose Matthias according to scripture to be one of the twelve to replace Judas, as according to scripture and according to Peter.  Matthias was chosen to be a witness in the ministry of Jesus and as a special messenger along with the eleven.  Was this “son of man” (as Brother Stair calls Peter) wrong?  Where does scripture indicate that this was in error?  Even Paul who claimed to be an Apostle did not deny Matthias or say that he (Paul) was the twelfth Apostle.  There is no indication that there are only 12 Apostles.  Ephesians 4:11 lists the order of the church’s foundation, not a hierarchy – a hierarchy would make it the Nicholatian doctrine which Jesus hates.  Continue in Eph 4:12-13 and see that Paul is speaking of the reason these offices were given, not a hierarchy Pyramid false doctrine, but for our edifying and perfecting.  Two things you are most likely to find absent in those that promote the hierarchy doctrine.  If Apostles are no more, then Prophets likewise should be too.  Do we have a need for them in the New Testament Church as they were the Old Testament Holy Ghost?  They are the next in line in the list if “done away with” is your reasoning for sacking the apostles.


Son’s of Men in Error?

This reasoning would make Peter or Paul wrong, and according to Brother Stair – Peter was wrong.  Yet according to Brother Stair’s doctrine [also Catholic doctrine], Peter was a son of man and Bro Stair says that a son of man cannot be wrong – so how does that work out?  You also won’t find this son of man title indicated in scripture.  If Peter as the son of man is wrong, then what does that say of Brother Stair and his claim as a son of man – since Stair claims a son of man cannot be wrong?  Your threads are unraveling sir Prophet.

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If the Apostles are the founders of the Churches, then James the Lords brother, who was not of the Twelve, would have to be in the apostle category.  Then there is always Paul who no one doubts is an apostle – to the making up of the doctrine that says Matthias was wrong and that Paul replaced him – or Judas, since the Matthias thing was an error on the Apostles and son of man part.  Why and how then does Paul add Timothy, and Barnabas, … to the list of apostles?  [see more below]

[Interestingly, Matthias was also the name of Brother Stair’s lawyer in his 2002 sexual assault cases.  Brother Stair rejects him as an apostle but takes him up as his lawyer.  Interesting.]


But We See Jesus

Does scripture say that only those who see Jesus can be Apostles?  Thus Paul is granted status because Jesus appeared to him on the road to Damascus?  Is that necessary? Or is this just a nice nail to use to hold this doctrine in place?  Paul’s listing in Ephesians should have noted that Apostles are no more.  To say “in the Church” when they are not believed to be in the Church today is misleading. What were you thinking Paul?

Matthias was chosen from those who were with the ministry from the beginning because he was to be a witness to all that Jesus said and did, that was what Peter said.  Not that a special messenger (apostle) had to have just seen Jesus.  In fact, if this is the criteria then Paul and the others do not qualify as he only saw Jesus, as he was not witnessing to the ministry of Jesus from the beginning.  Only Matthias and Joseph called Barsabbas fit that criterion [Acts 1:23].  As such, why then is Barsabas not an apostle?  The criteria that Peter used to choose Judas’ replacement for The Twelve was someone who had been with them throughout Jesus’ ministry from the beginning to be a witness with them so as to testify to His resurrection [Acts 1:21-22].  Only two men fit that qualification.  Not Paul, not Barnabas, not Timothy, none of the others listed as apostles in the scriptures.

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When Jesus sent out the 70 [Lk 10:1-23], certainly they could be called apostles from the definition of scripture.  They were special messengers (apostles) sent by Jesus.

And what of Mark and Luke who wrote gospels?  You realize that they were witness to Jesus, yet they are not specifically called apostles.


The Other Apostles

The Bible lists several more than Brother Stair’s twelve as apostles, and why not, the word Paul uses as apostle means Special Messenger.  Which would make Brother Stair an apostle by his own definition as a special messenger.  More than that, Bro RG Stair makes himself out to be the son of man today – taking Jesus’ place on the Earth today.

Paul calls these men apostles: Epaphroditus, Apollos, Timothy, Silvanus, Silas, Andronicus, and Junia.  Some say that many more are listed in the Bible.

Lastly, let us not forget that Hebrews 3:1 tells us that Jesus is our Apostle and High Priest.


The Doctrine Police

Brother R.G. Stair also says that only Apostles can make doctrine, and this is what defines them.  Did Bro Stair forget that many of those he labels as sons of men long past Paul have established church doctrine?  Even William Branham established doctrine.  Last of all, Brother Stair himself establishes doctrines and teachings that he commands to be from God and commands that you obey or be damned.  That is establishing doctrine people.  It looks like Brother Stair is a wannabe Apostle hiding behind the claimed facade of a prophet.


This is certainly not all that could be said on this subject but this is just a quick Daily Word on the matter to get you thinking about what is truth.

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