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The Press and Standard reports on the recent arrest of two parents who failed to report Walterboro Prophet Brother R.G. Stair’s sexual misconduct with their daughter[Press & Standard Facebook page here]

The two parents have been taken into custody and charged with unlawful neglect of a child.

They both left the Overcomer Ministry Farm shortly after the investigation into Natosha’s video began (video below).


There is still a warrant out for the arrest of the parents of the 14-year-old who Brother Stair groped on video.


16-year-old Natosha Lehr’s courageous testimony (30 Sept 2017)  *** WARNING explicit sexual content ***

16 year old Natosha Lehr's testimony

[Brother Stair got Natosha’s video banned from YouTube]

We featured this video and more in our article on Recent Accusations & Investigations


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