DOW passes 23,300

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Back in 2003, Brother Stair told his house in the Dining Hall that, the DOW will never go above 10,000 and that when it does the whole economic system will fall.  Just a few months later the DOW did go above 10,000 for the first time, and Brother Stair’s first response was to ignore that he had said (prophesied) that.

There were two obvious errors in his statement from the very proclamation itself.  Brother Stair said that the DOW would NEVER go above 10,000, then he said that WHEN it does…  How do we get a when, when we have a never?  Something was in error from the beginning, or someone was looking for a cop-out from the beginning.

Not Really… Really

When it failed, Brother R.G. Stair didn’t just ignore the statement (prophecy) [direct from God’s Throne remember] as he usually does.  Brother Stair would go far beyond that when confronted with the failed statement/prophecy and say that the DOW is not really what they are reporting it as, (much like saying that the world population is not really what they say it is).  Now we have even more issues and errors to cover with this excuse.

  • Brother Stair did not deny that he made the prophecy.
  • Apparently only Brother Stair knows what the DOW really is – Not those who run the Stock Market.  But he’s not telling anyone what it really is.
  • Brother Stair did not state what the DOW really was when he made this statement/prophecy, so we would have a reference as to when it would be surpassed.

    • NASDAQ 10 years
      NASDAQ Last 10 years (source FoxBusiness)

      Apparently, Brother Stair was saying this because the DOW was close to 10,000 and so making the time at hand for the economic failure.  This was not the NASDAQ or the S&P that he was talking about.  Brother Stair, with full intent, focused on what the DOW actually was.  For if the economy would have fallen when it surpassed 10,000 Brother Stair would have certainly said that he prophesied it rather than denying the actual reported figures.  This denial showed that he acknowledged predicting it and that he was speaking of the DOW.

    • Perhaps Brother Stair would say he was thinking about the NASDAQ.  But wait, as we can see it has far surpassed Brother Stair’s predictions too.  Now at over 14,000 [Feb 2021].
  • Nor did Brother Stair begin proclaiming the soon impending economic collapse as he had predicted would now be at hand with the DOW when it went over 10,000.  Perhaps this is just a failure to believe his own prophecy.  Or revealing that he doesn’t even believe the multitude of things that come out of his mouth.  This that we are all to believe without question.

Surpassed Expectations

With the DOW surpassing 20,000 one has to wonder if, according to even Brother Stair, that it has finally passed 10,000?  I mean, how much was it off?  It would have had to be less than 0 in 2003 to not be at least 10,000 now.


DOW passes 23,300

Source: Google Finance

Mid Oct 2017 – DOW surpasses 23,130 points

Jan 2018 – DOW surpasses 26,000 points

Nov 24, 2020 – DOW surpasses 30,000 points

Aug 9, 2021 – DOW surpasses 35,000 points

But Wait, There’s More

Not having enough of failure in 2003 (but banking on everyone having forgotten about it), Brother Stair again prophecied about the DOW and the economic collapse in 2008.  This time with The Lord signing off on it.

In October 2008, right after the stock market again was collapsing and the housing bubble crashed, he stepped into the Dining Hall and said, Thus saith the Lord, The Stock Market will never go above 10,000 again.”  Do we now have enough proclamations on the Stock Market by Brother RG Stair to say that he is again actually doing what he did with Ronald Reagan in 1987 when Reagan wouldn’t finish the year 1987?

Perhaps Brother Stair keeps saying this because of his anger at the stock market.  You see he lost money (your money) in the stock market.  Seems the prophet was clueless as to what to invest in.  So $100,000 was cast into a system that he preached was evil and going to fail.  Having that amount of money to put into the Stock Market also qualifies Brother Stair as a rich man.  Whom he said in 1987 was going to get hurt by the next crash.  Did he not believe his own words, again?  Rather he was driven by his love for money to make a million.


He made this statement that “the Stock Markets dropping like crazy now” in March of 2020 when they fell about 10,000 points.  They were still above 19,000.  Far above his predictions of never surpassing 10,000.  They soon climbed to over 30,000 later that same year – something that the prophet wasn’t privy to apparently.  Three times his (multiple) prophecied limit.

If we were to put God in it we might find that God is watching over Brother Stair’s word to make sure it’s not fulfilled.  So that He makes clear he’s a false prophet.  He’s also making it clear that he doesn’t hear anything from God.


Something (more) to think about.


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