If I Die a Normal Death

Game Over, Death

“If I die like any other men die, then I have not been sent from God!” [audio clip]

Brother Stair also says in this clip about the things he says, “When I speak that, and they don’t come to pass, I’m done!  That’s all there’s to it….  this ministry then was all in vain.”

Brother Stair was referring to his dramatic beheading in Jerusalem at the hands of the Pope of Rome (and America’s Last 40 Days which has to be spoken beforehand).  Bro Stair made it clear many times that if he doesn’t die that way then he [has] not been sent from God and you can count everything he has said as a lie and false.  This was the foundation that he set his whole ministry upon.  If that failed – then the whole house of cards would come down.  That’s all there’s to it.”

Time has finally prevailed and revealed – it didn’t come to pass!  It’s time to step back and reevaluate your prophet.

He made it even more scathingly clear when he said If I Die A Natural Death, Before My Time – You’re Gonna Go to Hell, ‘cos you believed a lie.

THE Audio Clip of his FINAL declairation on the matter