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They Delayeth His Coming

Part 1

Think about it:
The ministry based upon heralding the coming of Christ by the Voice of the Prophet has now turned away from that Voice in regards to the return of Christ.
They have lost the witness in following the absolute words of Brother Stair.
And turned to a leader that teaches that it would be a trap to believe that Brother Stair’s words will manifest.

Jesus was to return within six months of Brother Stair’s death.  This would have made September 2021 the last possible time of Jesus’ return.  According to Brother Stair’s prophecies, it would have taken place on the Last Great Day of the Feast of Trumpets.

Now the Overcomer Ministry has turned to perverting the words of Brother Stair to say something else.  To the point of taking the time to edit the messages to say what they want them to say – by editing what is said – so that they don’t expose obvious false prophecies.

They [are saying],  “Where is this ‘coming’ [Brother Stair] promised?  Ever since our [prophet] died, everything goes on as it has since the beginning of [the Overcomer] (2 Peter 3:4  NIV).  Now they have to figure out what to do to continue on amidst his failed prophecies.

Unacceptable Offerings

What’s most impressive about this is that they are showing that they can edit what they broadcast and yet they let the old offers run.  Offers that Brother Stair would edit out because he didn’t have those offers anymore.  Yet the (obviously) money-loving Overcomer Ministry intends them to go out so that listeners will send them money for items that they don’t have, so they do not provide them any value in return for their offerings.

An example of this editing is the recently aired message of Pastor Brunner’s preaching.  First of all Brother Stair would never air Pastor Brunner because he left (Prov 16:17).  He departed, and Brother Stair had plans and hands for his daughters.  Thus Brother Stair damned and cursed him not only because of his leaving but moreso because he took his daughters with him (Prov 16:27-29).

Deferred Hope

In the message that Pastor Brunner preached talking about Hope Deferred, he mentioned how Brother Stair said that within six months of his death that Jesus would return.  You don’t hear that statement now.  They edited it out.  No longer do they believe in the words of their prophet when speaking about the return of Jesus Christ.  Think about that.  The ministry that claims to be based upon heralding the coming of Christ by the Voice of the Prophet has now turned away from that Voice in regard to the return of Christ.

This message of Pastor Brunner’s is now aired because of how it boasts up the Prophet – once they removed the words he spoke of the Prophets’ failed prophecies of his death.  These prophet-magnifying messages are the ones you will now find them pulling out of the archives and airing.  No matter how they are contrary to the wishes of the prophet to do so.  They have lost their hope in following the actual words of Brother Stair and they have made their hope in what they think it should be – or want it to be.

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Or as James Rice says, they have turned from the trap of holding to Brother Stair’s words materializing to holding to what he said by the spirit.  Therefore they can now make what Brother Stair said into anything they like.  What spirit was he then speaking by Dear Pastor Rice?  God’s Spirit brings true prophets’ words to pass.  By whom then was Brother Stair speaking?


Hope deferred maketh the heart sick (Pr 13:12).  This is going to be a problem when you are basing your life (and eternal soul) on something that has clearly failed and you are then tweaking it into something of your own making.  Though by doing this you have indeed followed in the footsteps of Brother Stair by making yourself into a god and twisting God’s Word into something of your own design.  This censoring of truth is showing us how the Overcomer Ministry is walking after the spirit of this age.  Lies are never censored.  People of truth don’t censor lies, they know that the truth will always prevail and show lies to be the lies that they are.  This is why liars censor the truth.

False Offerings

Another sign we have seen that this ministry is false is how they can pull certain brothers’ messages that were ‘accidentally’ aired – like Brother Tim Butler’s message that was so good that the person in the Radio Room going through these archives found to be good to be aired.  He didn’t know the damnation that Brother Stair put on certain Brothers, which is why Brother Stair didn’t re-air these old messages.

So when he aired it someone (like Pres. Dennis) must have heard it and said that’s Tim Butler and you can’t play him because he called Brother Stair a false prophet.  So they cut his message off midstream.  Something they seem either unable to do with the false offers of shortwave radio and books they don’t have, or they are intentionally airing them because of their love of money (1Tim 6:10).  What do you think?

All Things Continue As They Were

Now The Overcomer Ministry has come to the point of having to either reject their prophet as false – because that’s what the evidence shows them – or delay the coming of Christ.  They have chosen the latter.  This is becoming more and more manifest on the broadcast the farther we get away from the death of Brother Stair and his prophecies become greater and greater lies the more time that passes.

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As in the airing of Brother Brunner who is saying everything a Stairite would love to hear, they are using these messages (which these Brothers now know they were deceived in, as to the prophet) to prop up their failing prophet so that they can salvage their ministry.  They choose this rather than realize that they have been duped and repent and turn to God – before it’s too late (Acts 3:19-20).


Unbelief (or the twisted version thereof) has been a major topic of Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry.  Now we find that his posthumous ministry has turned to unbelief in the truth and has not only turned to lies but they are making lies out of what others are saying – like Pastor Brunner’s message.

By the way, Pastor Brunner left long before the rest of us realized that Brother Stair was a serial adulterer.  So don’t confuse his messages with his condoning the wicked actions of the prophet.  His leaving was his testimony that he was not in agreement with what little wickedness he learned of before 2001.  This was not a result of Pastor Brunner’s unbelief but a result of his belief in the word of God and a belief in holiness – something Brother Stair preached but didn’t practice.

Remember that Brother Brunner had three daughters that Brother Stair had his sexual appetite on.  Just like we saw with the girls at the River Community whom he had groomed from youth.  That is the whole reason for his anger at Brother Chris for putting an end to this groping (and beyond) and thus his excommunication of the River.

The current Overcomer’s are showing us the sign that they do not believe what their Prophet saidBrother Stair clearly told us for many years that Jesus is coming within six months of my death.  A death that would be his beheading in Jerusalem at the hands of the Pope of Rome (Luke 13:33).  None of these prophetic events transpired – in any way.

This couldn’t be clearer seeing the statement that Pastor Rice made on September 28, 2021, [under Deferred Hope] at the Last Great Day Service, which was the last day for Christ to return according to Prophet Stair.  As such, they threw Brother Stair’s words under the bus and proclaimed (like good Jehovah’s Witnesses) that the words of Brother Stair are now by the spirit of what he said – not by the letter.  Thus, nothing Brother Stair said has any actual merit to physically manifest.  His words had nothing to do with us in this physical world – we are now to spiritualize them and go on in our comfortable lives (with Rose).

To the Very Bitter End

Folks, you better run for your lives then – while you can.  In that, they not only declare that Brother Stair is a false prophet but that they are going to continue in his falseness – just sidestep it a bit.  This is a very strong delusion indeed (2Thes 2:11).  Unable to turn to God (Heb 6:4-6).  Their apostasy is not just against Brother Stair but against God – Whom they refuse to turn to (Hosea 14:1).

For it is impossible to restore again to repentance those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have become partakers of the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come,
if they then commit apostasy, since they crucify the Son of God on their own account and hold Him up to contempt.

(Hebrews 6:4-6  RSV)

Sadly, they have set aside seeking God or any truth in hopes that the end will soon come and they will be somewhat right.  They have their heads in the sand ignoring all that Brother Stair said.  They have buried their talent awaiting their King to return and reward them (Matt 25:25-30).  They are trying to glue this house of cards together as the winds of truth assail it.

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Sadly, this will be their fate:  I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth [Overcomer]: lo, there thou hast that is thine.  His lord answered and said unto him, Thou wicked and slothful servantat My coming I should have received mine own with usury…  And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth (Matt 25:25-30).

Nothing but repentance is going to help them as the house that Stair built was built on shifting sand and great will be the fall thereof (Matt 7:26-27).

The Opaque Voice

Pastor Brunner said (back then, before Brother Stair was exposed) that Brother Stair was a clear voice’.  This clarity has become very obscured after his death and his followers no longer hear what his voice said.  This is because it’s obvious now (don’t overlook it) that it’s in error.  They have now turned from the unholy commandment that was given them by Brother Stair.  Their idolatry of the Prophet has turned into the greater idolatry of making a new image of their idol prophet.

They claim to follow the prophet Brother Stair yet they refuse his words.  They have changed them.  Thus they do not in fact follow Brother Stair but have apostatized from him and made unto themselves their own idol of a prophet that they have set up in their heart that has become their stumblingblock (Eze 14:3).

As Pastor Brunner mentioned in this message, Brother Stair would be enraged at their unbelief and twisting of his words (Mt 7:27).  Some believe that he’s going to rise from the dead before Jesus returns but if he did he would tear them to shreds for their turning away from their majestic prophet.  It looks like Brother Stair was right in one thing, they do not listen to his words or believe that he meant them.

Your prophets have seen for you
False and foolish visions;
And they have not exposed your iniquity
So as to restore you from captivity,
But they have seen for you false and misleading oracles.
(Lamentations 2:14  NASB)

Brother Stair’s final words on his words being absolute and about his death:


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4 thoughts on “They Delayeth His Coming – Pt 1

  1. These people are going to try to debate with Jesus Christ Himself at His Coming just like they did with the brothers who left and tried to warn them. They absolutely refuse the truth and embrace deceit. What more can be done? Some are appointed to condemnation, at what point do we wipe the dust off our feet?

    1. There but by the grace of God am I. We were there so we know the power of the strong delusion (2Thes 2:11). Those who cling to worthless idols forfit the grace that could be theirs (Jonah 2:8 NIV84).

      All that can be done is prayer. Pray for them to come to their wit’s end, for a shakeup that will force them to question, for them to dare explore this website and others that reveal the truth about their deception.

      We must stand in the gap for them (Eze 22:30). That is why we are here. No one is beyond the reach of the long arm of the LORD (Isa 59:1; Num 11:23). Believe in hope (Rom 4:18; Ps 136:26).

      These three remain: faith, hope, and love. And love never fails (1Cor 13:13, 8; 1Jn 4:21).

  2. You have a special calling and have been faithful, patient and consistent. Perhaps a few will heed the warning. I see the Overcomer Ministry run the same way the Catholic Church does regarding pedophile priests. The hierarchy has shielded Stair and evicted the victims over and over and over again. The pattern never altered over the years. It just became more apparent and exposed to the point it was embraced and promoted as the norm. Years ago (decades) this was hidden or camouflaged. By the time Stair died it was no secret. That’s why I wondered when is the point of no return. . .

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