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Brother Stan provides us audio clips of Brother Stair on what Brother Stair stated would take place before his death and as to how he would die – if he were a true prophet.

This is a video from his series The Death of The Testator on The Final Witness that has several audio clips from Brother Stair that all followers of Brother Stair need to pay attention to!  Listen to the Prophet!

The Overcomer was broadcasting Brother Christopher’s message from around 1999 where he spoke of the death of the testator.  This is the same Brother Christopher that left Brother Stair when he excommunicated the River Community.  Yet, they played Brother Christopher’s message over and over – someone that their illustrious leader condemned as damned and lost.

Seems he can pick and choose what he likes from someone’s message, as long as it profits him or praises him – like the censored messages in 2022 that strip the false prophecies from the Brother’s messages and leave them praising the prophet.

This pick and choose is not something that we are allowed to do though.   We must accept every word from the prophet’s mouth as coming from the Throne of God Himself.  Someone should tell this to Pastor Rice and the new improved Overcomer regime who have turned to spiritualize the words of Brother Stair so that they can overlook their obvious failings.

Brother Christopher was someone that Brother Stair claimed that his testimony was now invalid because he left.  Yet, the present regime chose to air Brother Christopher’s message as relevant to their leader – an invalid testimony according to Brother Stair.  Invalidating Brother Stair’s words by his own ministry.  This they now [2022] do with other past Brothers who fled.  Why don’t they air these Brother’s current testimony now that they’ve come to the knowledge of the truth?

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Brother Christopher was a restrainer of Brother Stair from going all out in manifesting his sexual wickedness.  Likewise, we witnessed that when this restrainer (withholder) was taken out of the way, Brother Stair was revealed in his sexual lusts, and he was again arrested.

And you know what restrains him now,
so that in his time he will be revealed

(2Thes 2:6  NASB95)

Currently, the broadcast is airing Brother Stair scoffing at those who told him that he’s not going to finish his course – well he didn’t finish his course!  Validating those whom Brother Stair has mocked and accused all these years.

Not only will we find that Jesus isn’t coming in the 2022 Fall Feasts to validate Brother Stair’s predicted timeline.  We must face the fact that Brother Stair neither died according to his own prophecies of – in Jerusalem by the Pope.  But he long rejected God’s declaration of his death that was spoken by his own mouth in 1987 in his infamous 1987 Prophecy.  Take a look at the article Not A Vision of a Man that Speaks It where we show this grand oversight.

And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven,…
the accuser of our brethren is cast down,
which accused them before our God day and night.
(Revelation 12:10)


After My Decease to Have These Things Always in Remembrance


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12 thoughts on “After My Decease to Have These Things Always in Remembrance

  1. @admin-rgstair

    Brother Stan is correct, but I never heard Brother Stair call out Brother Christopher on the air, and if I remember right, as late as 2017, Brother Christopher’s messages were played on the Overcomer Ministry 24/7 Radio Broadcast, atleast over the Internet. I consider a Streaming Audio on a consistent basis a Radio Station as people are moving away from Terrestrial Radio to the Internet. Also, in my opinion, today the Overcomer Ministry is a Internet Radio Station.

    I would love to hear the recordings of Brother Stair claiming “Brother Christopher’s testimony is invalid”. If anybody can provide links to these recordings, please post them somewhere because from what I am reading on this website, this all took place before I even knew anything about Brother Stair. Thank You.

    BTW: I have listened to Brother Stan on You Tube. I feel he is preaching God’s Word right. He seems to be a very good man!

    1. Brother Stair has said many times that the testimony of those that left is invalid. This covers Brother Christopher whether Stair stated it directly or not. Bro Stair has vilified both Brother Christopher and Brother Chris particularly because they sought for Stair to “do right” and “stop his sexual agenda with the sisters at the River” – something that enraged Stair.

      Brother Christopher and the River left in late 2016, a year before the FBI raid and Stair’s second arrest. So he would have been aired up to then, by mistake.

  2. I wanted to mention Stair stated numerous times that God promised him his daughter Naomi wouldn’t reach the age of 13. The way he said this was presented to us as though God Himself had spoken to Stair in this matter. Another remembrance I have is a prophecy that an elderly Sister Williams at the Community (who accompanied him from up North) would pass away 6 months before the start of the Tribulation. She passed away in April 1998. Also, a Brother Larry was evicted with his wife and son. Stair emphatically stated he was an Esau with no hope of repentance. After tormenting this man for a few years, he suddenly changed his mind. Stair kicked out a young man of 13/14 and sent him to Texas when all he knew was his mom. It broke my heart to hear his mother’s deep wrecking sobs before each service. He was her only child. Stair taunted her by saying he was going to hell. It was grevious to anyone with compassion and mercy who was filled with the Holy Spirit to witness this. Sadly, to my knowledge, she’s still at the Overcomer Community. There’s much more but perhaps others will recall other events.

    1. I heard late one night just laying and listening into Stair On-Line talking and his Cell Phone rang. He said it was Naomi. He said she wouldn’t listen to him, she was running around with the wrong crowd, Stair making out like Naomi was some druggie or alcoholic, whatever. She called back again and he wouldn’t answer it. Stair said well I told her we’ll give you a place to stay, food to eat, stuff to do. He said she wouldn’t come. That was all he said.

      Well, Who’s all taking the Covid shot? I’m not. President Biden can’t make me. Did I heard Stan right, I thought Stan said in a video it was taking the mark of the beast. Also for me, it violates my Constitutional Rights as a United States Citizen. I have two reasons to ignore President Biden and Vice President Kalama Harris on forcing me to take that Vaccine. I do wear a mask when necessary. I bought plenty of masks from Amazon.

  3. Many poepel do not knwo the whole staory, you will never know My Dad from what you hear or heard on the radido. Also thsoe who lived there still never knew ther WHOLE staory, just their story. Naomi was with my dad the last few days, the farm leaders did no like, but the family were the ones who coudl deside some end of life things not them. Two of my sister were with him the last few days, and at the funeral many of our family including my mother and Teresa were there.. You won’t hear that on the radio. It alswyas amasise me how people coudl say they have the Holy Ghost yet theye lived there for years. Why didn’t the Holy Spirit tell you the truth? God sent them all a strong delusion as my dad liked to quote often, sadly it was him, that was the delusion.

    1. Dr. Terry,

      This is what I exactly what I thought. Naomi was there trying to help get a oxygen machine for your Dad. That did go out over the radio-internet. I heard it. It had to be approved by a Physician, from what I understand because of the circumstances.

      Let me say this, I still am for our Justice System. The State of South Carolina failed everyone, and maybe Ralph Stair could have atleast cleared his name before he passed away, because my theory was he knew he was going die. Ralph Stair did have a heart attack, he was getting into his late 80s, and you can not force a person to see a Physician, against their Constitutional Rights, and don’t bring God and Scriptures into this because that will make you look foolish because the Laws of the Land are God’s Laws, what the United States of America was founded upon.

      Dr. Terry Stair and Naomi are brother and sister. Everyone needs get over it if you don’t like it. I have a half sibling. Yes, God will look over Dr. Terry Stair, his Mother, Sisters, Naomi, and Teresa. They are the ones that God will look over. That’s not for anyone to decide on this Earth, Period.

      I am concerned about the Accuses and Victims, like Staci Yates, BUT I never saw Nancy Grace or Lisa Kudrow look into this, including Senator Lindsay Graham, and Senator Tim Scott. Even though Ralph Stair is gone, there still could be a Trial with the State of South Carolina and The Overcomer Ministry in Federal Court, but what is it going to accomplish? Perhaps nothing.

      The Ministry could be paying money to accuses and victims that they don’t have because they maybe going under before all this is settled? This would now be a civil law suit, NOT a criminal law suit. Not really sure if it would even fly now.

      Now, Dr. Terry has brought up some “key points” nobody has spoken that he knows, and I will say this, Dr. Terry Stair will not lie to anybody. He and his wife, Debbie have gone through enough with all of this about his Dad. No, he didn’t agree with his Dad, but he still cared about his Dad, you see it in the writing I am giving response too.

      We can talk all about Ralph Stair’s false predictions. Everyone makes false predictions, in Ralph Stair’s case, he had the power to make them known with money coming into the Ministry. Look at Alex Jones. He is continuing on with his false predictions and Info Wars Proproganda, no proof Alex Jones is right or wrong. Also, Alex Jones says he is a Christian. O.K.eee?

      1. Bro RG Stair’s false predictions make him a false prophet – because he set himself up as a prophet. Alex Jones is not a prophet – and yet his “predictions” are for the most part spot on. Unlike Bro Stair’s “prophecies” which have all failed.

        Any of us may make predictions (or statements are more like it) that do not come to pass, that doesn’t make us all prophets nor are we subject to the standards of a prophet – Brother Stair IS subject to God’s standards (Deut 18:20-22, 17:12). Whether he be a true prophet or a self-proclaimed one doesn’t matter – the judgment still applies because he chose to prophesy in God’s name.

        1. Quick Opinion:

          I could of made up all this stuff like Ralph Stair did and not said to anybody I was a Prophet.

          To me, like Alex Jones and Ralph Stair, they are good “Salesmen”.

          If you’re going to hold one, hold both of them accountable for what they say because both of them having access to The Free World of Speech in America.

          1. You’re welcome to your opinion but God’s word makes a difference. A prophet’s words must come to pass or he is a false prophet and you are therefore to ignore him from then on.

            What false prophecies have Alex Jones, or anyone similar, made? Perhaps you have a list, we don’t. We do have a list of Brother Stair’s false prophecies – because he claims to be a prophet. All prophecy and predictions of Brother Stair’s have failed – God has seen to that. God watches over His word to perform it and likewise watches over the words of false prophets to make sure they are not performed (Jeremiah 1:12).

            Bro Stair also propagated false visions, dreams, and news fears as he would get many of his fear-mongering predictions from the news. Something that those who believed him to be a true prophet trusted in his predictions and guidance as to what was coming. Not that they were just ramblings of fear-mongering to stir up his hearers into divulging their funds and give their lives to his Farming machine out of fear that the End Times were as close as he wanting them to think – which was all a lie.

            When the likes of Alex Jones speak this kind of news they are not doing it to benefit themselves nor are they implying that it’s going to take place immediately. If you stretch them to be “secular prophets”, then likewise stop listening to them if and when their “prophecies” fail.

            There is a big difference between calculated predictions from what’s going on in the world to see where it’s headed, to “biblical” prophecy about the future specifically and as “coming from the Throne of God”.

  4. Another Quick Opinion,

    I agree with you on Ralph Stair being held accountable for his false predictions, prophecies, etc. because he said “I’m The Last Day Prophet Of God”. Ralph Stair used God’s Word out of the Bible to show his authority. To the Mainstream, Ralph Stair was a “Self Proclaimed Prophet”, being many other Christians, Denominations, Religions, and the General Public didn’t believe him. Only a very small fraction in the United States Population believe him, not counting people outside America.

    Ralph Stair said that the Seven Thunders of Revelation were being revied to him. That was false. Pope Francis was the Fourth Thunder, in my opinion, no. What Stan has said is correct, The Thunders have not been revied.

    We can take people like Joel Osteen, who some say he is a Prophet, and hold him accountable to any predictions he makes because Joel Osteen is preaching God’s Word. Ralph Stair hated Pat Robertson. Now I feel Pat Robertson and his son will be accountable for what they say on TV and On Line, preaching God’s word. Could we compair Ralph Stair, Joel Osteen, and Pat Robertson? Just quick thoughts, more later.

  5. @admin-rgstair.com

    I want to bring up something (topic) that doesn’t apply to this thread, but it does indirectly. It’s about Sister Burgess.

    Is that woman just plain Crazy? I was listening back to one of R.G. Stair’s Sabbath Services in the Tabernacle. Does this woman not know how to Shut Up and Pay Attention to Topics being discussed?

    If I was a Professor/Instructor at let’s say a Community College. I had Sister Burgess in my class to teach Math or Simple Elementary Algebra. Sister Burgess would flunk (or receive a “F”) in my Class. She just keeps her jaws running, disrupting preaching, learning, etc. May it be at the Tabernacle or My Classroom teaching say simple math or algebra, pays no attention, or does she know how? This woman is insane.

    She pays absolutely NO attention to anybody or anything that is being said. You people know her better than me, but it seems her Mental State is long gone, and if I was standing up to give a speech to a small class, or speak in the Tabernacle, I would not tolerate this because it deprives others from hearing and maybe learning.

    Point is, Ralph Stair let her get away with all this. I wouldn’t and I wouldn’t let her come back in until she learned when to be quite and listen. Now wonder this woman believed anything said to her.

    That’s just a opinion.

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