The Coming Christ & His Kingdom


Is The Coming of Christ Valid? 
“Jesus is coming, in your lifetime”, Is this valid?
How is the Kingdom of God and of Heaven established?
What is the End Time deception?
Is the time of His coming all that matters?
What discloses the AntiChrist Spirit?

Brother Stair believes he has Freedom TO Sin

Brother Stair believes he has Freedom TO Sin

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Is The Coming of Christ a Valid Focus?

Some preach, “Jesus is coming, in your lifetime.”

But the question should be; is Jesus the Savior in your life?  Is Jesus perfecting your walk?

Jesus set up His kingdom in our hearts.  If we are in Christ.  The Kingdom of God is within you.  Why seek ye another coming Kingdom?  God’s Kingdom is a spiritual one and He has already established it through the Cross of Christ, through the Gospel of Christ – the only gospel, the eternal gospel [Gal 1:6-9].

If we concentrate on perfecting holiness (as He told us to), then His coming and it’s time matters not.  To focus on His coming is to identify yourself with the End Time deceivers that Jesus warned us about.

Don’t follow someone who has done away with that Gospel and fabricated another gospel as another “kingdom gospel”?  Or someone that is over emphasizing Jesus’ soon return to the extent that the present is not valid.

The Kingdom of God & the Kingdom of Heaven

Focus on perfecting holiness, the things scripture told us to focus on.  Not on His coming.  Jesus told us that we would not finish the job of preaching the Gospel (of salvation if you must) before He returned, so there would be no time where we would have stopped (buried our talent), hidden away, waiting and looking for His coming.  Realize that you’re not getting the Kingdom of Heaven at that time.  You still have 1,000 years to wait for Heaven to come down.  So this isn’t a Heaven thing they have you looking for at the coming of Christ.  No, their message is not, “The Kingdom of Heaven is coming in your lifetime.”  That would be the only condition to justify preaching the “Kingdom Gospel”.  We here are NOT teaching Kingdom Now theology, that Heaven is within you, nor do we believe that Jesus has already come physically any more than Heaven has physically come down.  Jesus is the One that taught that Gods Kingdom of righteousness and holiness is to be within you – that is the only way you’re going to get into the coming Heavenly Kingdom.  We ask you, if teaching the coming of Christ and waiting for His return is what Jesus said to do, or is that what Jesus warned us would be the message of the end time deceivers

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The issue is not whether Christ is coming – certainly, He is, and soon.  But Jesus told us to be doing something other than waiting for His return.  The parable He told about the one who hid his talent and waited for his master to return… it didn’t turn out too well for him if you remember [Mt 25:14-30].  So you don’t want to be of those who hold back part of the price – holiness [2Cor 7:1].

The greatest deception here is that salvation through Christ is not preached, nay it is taught that its time has finished, there is a new gospel message for todayWho is the one that does not want souls saved?  Who would teach you that God is not saving anyone today?  Who is the one that wants you to bury your talents in the earth and wait for the kings return?  The enemy of the Kingdom!  That’s who.  The coming of Christ use to be preached for this very reason – to lead people to salvation.  What’s happened?  The end-time deception, that’s what.  Keep your eyes on Jerusalem was also said now it’s, keep your eyes on the sign (meaning themselves).  That is exalting someone other than Christ.  Thus making the phrase Jesus is coming only lip service to make oneself the focus.  The soapbox upon which one raises themselves higher.  This is the Doctrine of LuciferI shall exalt myself above God and His people.  I will make myself more important and magnify my office, and I will do it by using the name of God.  Look at me, Jesus is coming… look at me…  We are supposed to keep our eyes on Jesus, not Jerusalem or some Sign – certainly not any man, or certain men telling you to receive him because of his calling so that you receive that callings reward.  Self-seeking.  Wicked men gaining their following by vainly using God’s Name as their justification, and further justifying their wicked deeds as approved by God.

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Why stand ye looking for His coming?

This was asked by the angels in Acts 1:11, because it’s not what we are to be doing.

You don’t need anyone pointing out Jesus’ return, every eye shall behold Him [Rev 1:7].

That is the pattern of the End Time deception

Jesus IS returning soon!  For this very reason, we should walk in righteousness and obey His will.  Not focus on the event of His coming, but on Jesus and what He is coming for – a perfected bride [Eph 5:27].

The Antichrist Disclosed

To emphasize Jesus is Coming and not point out He is Returning, not just coming, is to be identified by John as the Antichrist spirit – to deny Christ has come.  It may seem a trivial matter but those who do so know what they are saying.  Some of these men also make claims that they are today greater than Jesus because they are in His stead.

It is this very definition in the Greek that John says is what the Antichrist spirit does – comes or stands in the stead of Christ.  A replacement for Christ.  Though it has always been interpreted as against Christ, this can be misleading.  The one who opposes Christ is the one who replaces Christ.


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