Website Updates 2022


We have done some recent updates to the usability of the website.  Here are the ones we remember:

  • We now have a Table of Contents on most articles that not only gives you an overview of the topics or sections but provides a quick link to the section.
  • There are now buttons to print, PDF, or email the articles. 
  • The general time to read an article appears above the article along with a bar graph at the bottom indicating where you are in the article.

If the website has been a help to you please consider commenting on the articles and in the Forum and encouraging discussion on the topics.

Realize that we are constantly adding to and reworking past articles, this is why you see them coming into the Recently Updated list.  Therefore it is a good idea to take a fresh look at them as they may have undergone major updates or additions to the content.  Unlike most news agencies, many of our topics of content are ever expanding as there are more and more ‘revelations’ or news to add to them.  As we add more articles the older topics require links to them.

Sometimes the updates are simply grammatical errors or rephrasing to make things clearer but often they include additional information and insight that was not previously in the article.  So if you get email updates or have an old copy be sure to always visit the site for the current article and refresh the page.  It will likely be updated from the previous version.

Also going through the email accounts that have been neglected, so sorry if you got overlooked, no one was minding the store.

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