Announcement #3

The latest interruption tells us that the broadcast is paid up to the end of October 2021.  This is because they are fully expecting Jesus to come in September this year (2021) at the Feast of Trumpets.  As according to Prophet Stair.

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Brother R.G. Stair
Brother R.G. Stair
Announcement #3

Last Updated on Sat August 7, 2021 @ 5:19 pm

The Overcomer Ministry is running a new announcement with Brother Brown, who has become the new voice of the Overcomer.  It has yet to be fully aired without being cut off but let us examine what we are now being told of what is being done in a corner (Acts 26:26).

It would seem that the confusion and hiding that the Overcomer Ministry is doing has finally resonated in that (as we’ve told you) their faithful listeners and financial supporters are in the dark and in confusion about what is going on with the Overcomer Ministry now that Brother Stair has died. 

The replays seem to be indicating and amplifying Brother Stair’s false statements and false prophecies and make you wonder if they are turning from their Prophet, or are they just having ears, hear [they] not? and do [they] not remember? (Mark 8:18;  Isa 6:10;  Jer 5:21;  Eze 12:2;  Matt 13:15;  Acts 28:27;  Rom 11:8).

Nothing is still being told about Brother Stair’s funeral or burial.  We are not even being told anymore that Brother Stair has even passed.  We know more about Craig Mack and Sister Eunice’s funeral than we do about the great man of God.  We know more from the Overcomer about the Pope’s, the Bush’s, Reagan’s, and the deaths of many political leaders than we do of the most spiritual man on the face of the earth.  This is clear to us as we have been flooded with new viewers seeking current information about Brother Stair that is not being made available from his own ministry that appears to be… overcome.

This latest interruption wants to address our concerns but only tells us of its concerns.  They tell us that the broadcast is paid up to the end of October 2021.  This is because they are fully expecting Jesus to come in September this year (2021) at the Feast of Trumpets.  As this is the only thing they still have to hold on to that Prophet Stair said – the only thing that hasn’t failed yet.  Yet!

There is a masked plea for more funds implied, that it is the only way there will be an expansion of the broadcast of the ‘kingdom message’.  So if you’re believing what Brother Stair propagated, that there is to be a Last Push of the broadcast before Jesus returns, then you’d better fund it.  This Last Push was prophecied to use Radio Jülich’s 12 transmitters 24 hours a dayRadio Jülich is gone – another prophecy and Push failed.

You are also suggested/implied that you can designate your funds to go to helping feed the Farm and to pay their power bills – if you feel that’s necessary.  Since the radio time is already paid for.

The Broadcast is NOT aired from Walterboro, SC.  Why do they lie about that when we all know it’s from the Radio Room on the Farm in Canadys, SC?  But then they are in confusion – as the broadcast shows.

The prophetic vision of Brother R. G. Stair to propagate the ‘message of the kingdom’ unto all the Earth.  The pathetic vision of Brother Stair has been to propagate his seed (semen) into all he can.  This seed is what leads up to those who are now the Board of Directors.  This ‘message of the kingdom of Brother Stair’ has always been that the Sign (Brother Stair) must be magnified (exalted) – not the Kingdom of God or Jesus.  Those are just terms used [in vain (Exodus 20:7)] as a means to lift Brother Stair higher.

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This prophetic vision has failed and with the death of Brother Stair it should be clear to everyone that there is no way his many End Time prophecies can ever be fulfilled – they have failed and are fallen to the ground.  Thus making Brother Stair a false prophet – of a certainty.  Yet this is not stopping his followers because this is all they have to hope for.  They have now put all their fragile eggs in the basket of Jesus coming in September 2021 during the Feast of Trumpets

This is because Bro Stair said Jesus would come within six months of his death and that Jesus would come in a year that all the Fall Feast fall in September (which 2021 is such a year).  When this fails to happen, as it will because they are ignoring the scriptures and what must take place first, then we can expect massive disarray and disintegration of The Overcomer.  Are they going to miss their hopeWrath!  (Prov 11:23) 

This belief in Brother Stair’s prophecy of Jesus coming solely based upon his death forgoes other prophecies of Brother Stair, and most importantly it ignores all biblical prophecy.  When the prophet Isaiah cried how long of Lord, God did not tell him until Brother Stair passes awayHe answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate (Isaiah 6:11).

Interestingly, the current regime is not propagating this Jesus coming in September 2021 during the Feast of Trumpets, which adds further confusion to the listeners who are expecting this because of what Brother Stair taught.  The current regime has either apostatized even farther from Bro Stair’s perverted teachings or they are working on distancing themselves from them and holding to a fabricated image [idol] of The Prophet that is palatable to their liking.  Just as the Brenamites have done.  Or they plan of just departing from Brother Stair’s teachings altogether.

Are we to expect that Jesus is returning without the destruction that Bro Stair foretold upon America?  Are we expecting the nuclear bombs before this Fall?  Who is to proclaim America’s last 40 Days?  What about the Red Heifer and the rebuilding of the Temple that Bro Stair talked so much about?  Then there’s the important stuff – the Bible.  Where are the Seals, the Trumpets, the Vials?  Where’s the revelation of the Anti-Christ?  Do you see why this teaching of Bro Stair’s is pre-Tribulation escapism

Apparently, none of these things matter now that Brother Stair has died.  Only a happy returning of Jesus in September.  Having forgotten not only the Bible but the Prophet’s great healing revival to come with the 1,000 Gathering south of the Tabernacle.  The Final Radio Push.   And so much more.  Let us not forget that God promised him that he would outlive all his enemies – and since he is also to be the most hated man on the face of the Earth he would have to outlive us all.  Someone was also supposed to die in his presence.

There are all pushed under the carpet because to remember them and expect them to take place would be to awake from our slumber of deception, to arise from the dead teachings that we have let deceive us into a strong delusionand Christ shall give thee light (Eph 5:14;  2Thes 2:10-12).    and the Lord have removed men far away, and there be a great forsaking in the midst of the land.(Isaiah 6:11). 

Denial is not a river in Egypt; denial is ignoring the obvious.

The Community’s Board of Directors, for two years now, is something that is only a puppet of Brother Stair’s to keep his 501c3 intact.   Something which he only did to keep any funds placed in his hands from being taken back because of his fraudulent dealings.  And lesser, to maintain an air of compliance on the books only, because the board appointees (that’s what they were, appointed by Brother Stair not voted on) did not even know they were on this board previous to the last 20 years when the law started coming down on Brother Stair.  As we can see in his deposition in 2006 where he was just pulling names out of a hat.  They also never attended any of the non-existent (yet mandatory for legal compliance) meetings [as noted on page 74].  If the IRS would have looked into this they would have been the ones to put him in jail. 

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Brother Chris Gingrich was his chairman of the board until Brother Chris confronted Brother Stair about groping the sister at the River.  This lead to the ex-communication of the River – as we all now know.  What we don’t all know is the real reason for them being cast out.  Now you’re seeing part of the rest of the story.

This board [brood] of seasoned members (Mt 23:33) consists of the seasoning of Dennis Larivee [Ahab] who has pimped out his wife Rose [Jezebel] to Brother Stair [Elijah] – for the advantage of these positions (Jude 1:16).  And his vice-president is Rose, Brother Stair’s live-in chambermaid.  The unfaithful prostituted wife of acknowledged Swinger Dennis.  It is Rose’s living with Brother Stair and caring for his sexual needs that have garnered them this placement for two years now.  [While this relationship has been going on since about 2005).  So we can all rest safely that the Overcomer is in good godly hands (LOL).  All things continue as they were (2Peter 3:4).  Spiritual wickedness is still in the high places (Ephesians 6:12).

The broadcast has failed miserably in preparing people, or even one, for the imminent (it is not, God’s word doesn’t lie) return of Jesus Christ.  This was Brother Stair’s whole reason for having a Community.  Yet he failed to prepare anyone unto perfection.  How could he?  A corrupt tree cannot produce good fruit (Matt 7:15-20;  Rom 6:20-21).

This Community mirrors the Book of Acts – yes, Acts 8:9 where Simon the sorcerer deceived the whole city (community) by making out that he (Bro Stair) was some great one (last day prophet of God).  This community has never followed the biblical example and that is why 99% of the people have left itIt is Ichabod!  Anathema!   Cursed at the coming of Christ (1Sam 4:21;  1Cor16:22;  Prov 11:30).

Having all things in common.  Having given all things to Brother Stair is what he means to say.  We did not have any common unity (Acts 2:44-45). There has never been a bond of peace or common unity there (Ephesians 4:3-13;  Phil 2:1-2).  It has always been the common bowing down to the will and desires (often sexual desires) of the prophet.  Those who don’t comply with receiving and bowing down to the mark of this beast (the image of the prophet) are excommunicated (Rev 13:16).  Like the River was.

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Together we endure tribulation?  Together we experienced and lived in tribulation every day under Brother Stair’s wrath.  Some endured it.  He’s partly right about that.  (Pr 11:9, 11)

That we may be alive and remaining when Jesus returns to catch us up before He steps back down to reclaim the Earth

Ending on a false note, is the teaching of Brother Stair’s that was used to gather people to his Farm to blindly grind his grain [think Sampson] (Judges 16:21).  This false teaching is that God has to have a people that are alive and remain when He returns OR ELSE Satan will have charge of the Earth and will have won.  This is extracted from the scripture in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-17 and is then perverted to extend it to somehow mean that we need to help God out, or else God will lose the Earth to Satan. 

I don’t see that in that passage, do you?  Jesus doesn’t need to reclaim the Earth, The earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein (Psalm 24:1).  This false prediction is what is used to make people believe that they need to come and hide away in the wilderness (Matt 24:23-27) and await, safely (how convenient, catering to the flesh) through the Tribulation and be alive when Jesus returns

This is actually just a rebranded version of the Pre-Tribulation doctrine that Brother Stair preached against – and yet as we see, he tweaked and taught in his own way.  That those who follow him (Bro Stair) would escape Tribulation and get raptured away with Jesus when He returns.  A damnable heresy is what Brother Stair called it (2 Thessalonians 2:7-12).

God is fully able to keep His word, He doesn’t need you’re saving your flesh to do it.  He’s not going to lose the Earth if Satan destroys us all – the Earth is the Lord’s (Ps 24:1).  This message of Brother Stair’s is what Jesus warning us about in Matthew 24 – the religious deceivers that would come and deceive God’s elect by telling them they need to come apart and separate themselves into the wilderness where the true body of Christ is kept safe by the anointed one (Matt 24:23-27). 

That’s not what Brother Stair was telling you Matthew 24 said, was it?  He told you that the Jonah Sign was in Matthew 24 – it’s not.  There is no mention of Jonah in Matthew 24.  He lied, he did not the truth (1Jn 1:6;  1Jn 2:21).  There is no truth in him (John 8:44-45).  He did the works of his father the Devil (John 8:41, 44).

We are then back into the broadcast where Brother Stair is telling us that he is going to personally read our letters and emails.  It’s like they are trying to wave a big red flag at us to say that Brother Stair is a liar.  Are they going to pull a Saul and bring Bro Stair up from the grave to answer your letters? (1 Samuel 28:11-21)  With all the sorcery that Brother Stair practiced it wouldn’t surprise us.

When a wicked man dies, his hope perishes;
all he expected from his power comes to nothing.
(Proverbs 11:7  NIV84)

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12 thoughts on “Announcement #3

  1. Brother Brown, I don’t know who he is. Oh well, after being blasted by Michelle Behr on “You Tube” of doing business with the Ministry, Ralph Stair, and I did say Ralph Stair was nice to me, I made it clear he was nice to all of us Broadcasters. I told Michelle Behr I felt very sorry for what she went through on the farm. If she ever need something, me and my wife would try to help. It wasn’t right what happened there, as well. I askec her if she and her family though something was wrong, why didn’t she leave right then, even in the middle of the night. I’m not here to blast Michelle Behr, but she needs to understand the people like me on the outside didn’t know all this about R.G. Stair. Yes, I complained about my company not getting paid and the bookkeeper wrote it off.

    I told Michelle Behr this was not Twitter and Jack Dorsey doesn’t have any say so on this. Social Media is what is all wrong these days. People don’t know how to use it.

    Ralph Stair did business with the largest broadcaster in America, iHeart Media, then Cumulus Media. Ralph Stair did business with us smaller “Owned and Operated” Companies, in addition to all the Shortwave Broadcasters. It does not make any of us wicked! It’s called ‘The Business World”! I told Michelle Behr to call Gene Pittman, President and CEO of iHeart Media in San Antonio, Texas, that is where iHeart Media’s Headquarters is. Mr. Pittman may just ignore Michelle if she was to tell Mr. Pittman he is wicked! I know people who work for iHeart and Cumulus across the country. All these big corporations care about is their Investors and Wall Street. Ralph Stair knew this. The smaller ones, we just have had to grab the crumbs to stay afloat!

    I really didn’t want to come back and post anything because there is nothing to say. One thing I will say is this, to all people who left the farm over the years, still having problems, get some help! Go to a Physiologist, go to Counseling! If a Doctor does give you medication for Anxiety or Depression, take it! Forget what Ralph Stair said about Doctors! This goes for past people who lived on the Overcomer Ministry Farm as well as Folks listening to R.G. Stair on the Radio/Internet and gave him money! You’re not alone! I’ve had to go to a Physiologist too! No need to be embarrassed or ashamed. Go to the Doctor and I know Jesus will be right there in the room with you!.

    We’ll Good Luck and God Speed to the ones on the farm. Let’s hope Sister Burgess comes to her senses. All of us on the outside that do not know her, well we will just pray for her. That is all we can do. At this point, I ended things between us and the Ministry. That’s all. The End!

    1. You would do well to check out our article Warning to Radio Stations and Providers. It addresses the diabolical wickedness that has gotten overlooked for the sake of filthy lucre. That article has been out for over two years now.

      I am surprised that this is so hard to get across to people – especially Christian people. We have been so polluted spiritually by the world around us and by the false church system that we don’t know what the basics are anymore. We have “Christians” blaming God for deaths and bringing bad things. Have we forgotten that Jesus said that the thief is the one who does that (Jn 10:10)? Why do we dis the word of God when we are clearly told that a corrupt tree CANNOT bring forth good fruit(Matt 7:18)?
      We lay the word of God aside because “we don’t want to judge”. We’re not judging, God already made the judgment, we are to agree with God on it. When we don’t agree with God on it we are then making a judgment on God.

      And I would heed whatever Michelle Behr said. She is one of the few people that have come out to the Overcomer Mess with their faith intact and in balance. This has a lot to do with her total rejection of Brother Stair’s teachings – without harboring bitterness. When we remain holding on to some things he taught, then we are under the strong delusion that it is attached to. The only people that we have seen get truly free are those who totally reject his teachings and seek God in His truth.

      Many years ago we put out a challenge for anyone to tell us anything that Brother Stair teaches that you think is true or right. And we will show you wherein it is in error. This challenge is still open and awaiting takers…

  2. I woke up and got to thinking this morning. They must have more than plenty of recordings of R.G. Stair preaching to last for many years to come. I heard that Gene Scott is still going on Shortwave Radio, and I can’t remember how long he has been gone. The same for J. Vernon McGee. It was said that R.G. Stair spent hours in to days making recordings in the Radio Room. Maybe they were all save. We’ll see.

    1. For over 30 years Brother Stair’s broadcast has consisted of repeated archives. Dr. Gene Scott has recorded over 40,000 hours of teaching, as shown in the article God’s Angry Man. While the Overcomer did switch to playing much older material (when he was less heretical) they have now got into an automated rut of airing the same block of material over the last several 24 hour periods. It’s like no one is at the controls anymore. They are continually airing Brother Christopher – who Stair excommunicated. His message is that Jesus was coming in 2003 according to what Bro Stair taught back then.

      It would do people well to dig around on this site for answers. Or do some searches on topics and you will find we have covered most of these issues over the years. Like our Warning to Radio Stations.

      One thing that we hope people realize about what we present is that we deal with the biblical errors of Brother Stair – why his teachings and doctrines are false and heretical. His sexual (and verbal) sins are the result of his false beliefs that he propagates. This is why no one should believe that what he taught was right but his life was wrong. That’s not biblically possible!
      Take heed to your life and your doctrine, because it will save or damn both you and your hearers (1Tim 4:16). THIS is what we emphasize as the error of Brother Stair. His sins are mentioned because they are the fruit that reveals that his teachings and interpretations of scriptures are in error. His sins don’t matter to us but they do matter to God. God had to come down and die, so don’t tell me your sins don’t matter to God!

      1. To the Administrator,
        My station doesn’t broadcast The Overcomer Ministry, R.G. Stair, nor do we have anything to do with them anymore because of the dark cloud that hangs over top of this Ministry and what Stair did. I don’t like it one bit.

        It’s late, and I’m not feeling good. Below, I provided you with a link to Bob Pittman, President and CEO of iHeart Media. You can shoot him a email along with the rest of the board members a email. Tell Bob Pittman about Ralph Stair. In each market they own a cluster of stations, the local sales people most likely were dealing with Ralph Stair. Mr. Pittman probably doesn’t know about this. iHeart has over 800+ stations. If the Overcomer has paid through October, I can’t say they will do anything. Like I said, they are a huge corporation. Their headquarters I think is still in San Antonio, Texas where it all started around 1974, and the corporation was known as “Clear Channel Broadcasting”. iHeart Media owns other businesses as well. Do keep in mind the First Amendment of the Constitution, and the Right to Free Speech. I know it’s Man’s Law, not God’s. I’ll leave it at that.

      2. I wasn’t saying all this personally to anyone commenting here. Most of this is some general statements that these comments allowed me to address. I hope it didn’t come off that all that was directed at one person. I am dealing with a general consensus that we’re seeing from the listeners across the board.

  3. I just got a message in my email box about the following message:

    “The latest interruption tells us that the broadcast is paid up to the end of October 2021. This is because they are fully expecting Jesus to come in September this year (2021) at the Feast of Trumpets. As according to Prophet Stair.”

    O.K. Anyone why a “Religious College Education” might say perhaps that this is a typical message a Cult would be sending out. We’ve seen the in the United States and in other countries before. Is it possible they are showing us a behavior typical now that their leader on the the call “so called compound” has passed away. I hate called the Overcomer Ministry Farm a compound, but however, the media, like Daily Mail, who I think is out of Los Angeles, California, is referring to the Overcomer Ministry as a Cult. This is the MSM, or Mainstream News Media.

    It’s a wonder that ANTIFA and BLM Extremist are not down there protesting, but no Black Person has been killed on the Overcomer Ministry Farm to get them to travel down there to roit and protest. Congresswoman Maxine Waters would fly in on her private jet, police escorts to protest, and she wants to defund the police across America? I’m sure you have seen what’s going on in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Just a theory comment guess here.

  4. Thank God this ( information is made available for anyone who seeks truth or needs spiritual clarity regarding the personal experience of being a part of a cult at some point in their life. Just a quick note. I had a Scott Bailey/Sheldon respond to a comment I had posted under a Stair video elsewhere. My reply was short, sweet and to the point. Bailey admitted he had been sarcastic (even apologized) and tried to get a back and forth going which I purposely avoided as I had foresight to understand it was pointless. I see he came back here licking his wounds? Anyway- have a blessed day all who love the truth and look for Jesus Christ our Blessed Hope!!

    1. Michelle,

      While I am symoththic and understanding about your experiences with Ralph Stair, and you have the Right to Free Speech under the Constitution, your comments on YouTube are making you look like you need a Physiologist and I personally know two great ones at Vanderbilt University.

      It is now so hilarious how you called me “Wicked” for having a business relationship with Ralph Stair. Well, Michelle, call Bob Pittman at iHeart Media in San Antonio, Texas and tell him he’s Wicked, as iHeart is the biggest radio broadcaster in the United States and is on Wall Street with Investors wanting that Corporation to turn a profit. But you don’t understand any of that, oh by the way, Allan and Angela Weiner of WBCQ Shortwave and WBCQ-FM in Maine must be real “Wicked” because they would stop by the Farm and visit Ralph Stair coming home from their Vacation Home in Florida.

      Michelle, Ralph Stair is gone, let it go. Stop bashing the radio broadcasters on past business dealings with Ralph Stair. Nobody cares. I have spoke to Dr. Terry Stair, Ralph’s son, and because of this mess, it tore them apart.

      Michelle, Go get some counseling, professional help, see a physiologist or something because you just can’t stop!


      Where was that warning that you wrote to the Radio Stations and Broadcasters? Kindly give me the link to that again.

      Thank You.

    3. WOW, Michelle Behr, Licking my wounds? Let me warn you Michelle, I can be a Sarcastic.
      I never had anything to lick in the first place. I’m not a Animal, the last time I checked. Your comments are so crazy, they are priceless. Such a sick, mental statement Michelle. As I was telling some of my fellow Radio and TV Broadcasters and Colleagues, you really need help. I really feel so sorry for you. Your still caught up in a false religious world.

      Humm, Michelle, my Mom is Catholic. Now, I am not Catholic. I respect my Mom’s choice to be. On my Mom’s side of the family, they are Italians. My Dad’s side was Nazareth. I’m Southern Baptist by choice. Now, I do not dislike the Catholic Church, you will not hear me say anything to put down Pope Francis or any Pope.

      Michelle, maybe the Catholic Church could be your answer. Just a guess. But for now, stop rambling on YouTube Comments Forums. People do care, but you need help, even if it’s counseling from another well known church organization like even Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas. I know, I know, Ralph Stair hated Joel Osteen. I don’t hate Osteen, just disagree with him. If sat down to have a conversation with the Osteen, I would be a professional, something you obviously don’t know how to do.

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