2003 Revelation of the Anti-Christ


Lately, Brother Stair has been back on the Planet-X track and airing the sensationalism he was known for airing in the 90s & 00s.

Learn what Brother Stair revealed in 2002 that Planet-X would herald…

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The Revelation of the AntiChrist was to have taken place in 2003

On Feb 10th, 2002, Brother Stair did a radio interview with Mark Hazlewood who wrote the book “Blindsided: Planet X Passes in 2003 – Earthchanges!”.

After which Brother Stair proclaimed “Planet X is Satan’s John the Baptist.  The anti-Christ will be revealed NEXT YEAR”.

This is another of Bro Stair’s prophecies/proclamations from the Throne of God that is not brought up anymore.

We suppose that because Planet-X didn’t come in 2002 like Stair and others were pushing, that nullified his words from Gods Throne.

Along with that line of justification; WHEN Planet-X does come, THEN the anti-Christ will be revealed the next year.  We suppose that’s the new reasoning – if there is any.

That is if Bro Stair would even want to admit he spoke this in the first place.  Not likely.

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