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And… We’re Late

Today we find Brother Stair having his 2020 Pentecost Gathering.  It’s a weekend gathering of services celebrating Pentecost on Sunday, May 31st.  We did not make any announcements this year for these services as we didn’t want to be the ones helping people to know about services for a Feast that has passed by the time they chose to celebrate it.

At first glance (or search) one might think Brother Stair finally got the date right for the Feast of Pentecost.  But what you would be finding is the date the pagan church sets from their pagan festival of Easter.  Which appears to be good enough for the Ministry to Overcome the saints (Rev 13:7).

Shavuot occurs 50 days after Passover, Hellenistic Jews gave it the name “Pentecost” (Greek: “fiftieth day”).  This is the Feast Day, not the pagan church day of May 31st.  Another day, another gospel – it’s not important… is it?

If this is a surprise to you then you should look at Brother Stair’s errors on Passover dates, and his former Pentecost timing errors.  Perhaps what will surprise you if you follow Brother Stair is that the revelation of the Antichrist according to the scriptures comes not by revelation but by calculation – just the opposite of what he is teaching you“Let the person who has insight (wisdom) calculate the number of the beast (Rev 13:18  NIV).  No prophet is needed (1Jn 2:27) and no revelation is required.

The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved
(Jeremiah 8:20)

Faulty Calculator

Look up Shavuot 2020 and you’ll find Shavuot (Pentecost) 2020 began on the evening of Thursday, May 28, and ended on the evening of Saturday, May 30.

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Yet we have Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry celebrating it on the pagan churches proclaimed day (counted from Easter) on Sunday, May 31.  [The Christian holiday of Pentecost, which is celebrated the 49th day (the seventh Sunday) after Easter Sunday,]  This is done by the pagan church so that it ends up to be a Sunday celebration – not because it’s Biblically correct.  Nor did they even count to 50.  While Brother Stair’s reasoning is similar, using the weekend day so that he can get more people to come and join.

We may have the Prophet of Time here but his timing has never proved to be correctWhat we have here is failure to calculate.  Unable to count to 50.  He’s is a faulty calculator, a broken timepiece, a false time giver, or a liar.  Is this the man that you expect to tell you when the antichrist or Jesus is coming?  Is this the man and ministry that you want to base your eternal standing on?

Missed It By That Much… Again

So if you’re tarrying for the 50 days to be endued with power from on high (Lk 24:49) and you didn’t get it already – you’ve missed it.  If you’re sticking with Brother Stair and his timeframes then you’ve always missed it – and will continue to miss it.

Oh, that doesn’t mean that Brother Stair will not try to get you all speaking in tongues so that you think the spirit fell today.  But beware of which spirit you’re getting (1John 4:1).  It’s not just the time that Brother Stair has that’s off.

If you were expecting to hear a timely word from Brother Stair’s Overcomer Ministry you’re either going to have to continue waiting or realize that that time has passed.  The last word we had on Pentecost was in 2018, and the last Daily Word from the Prophet of Time was over two years ago.  [Update: In 2021, 6-months after his death there are now NO Daily Words]  It seems (by observing the signs) that the Overcomer Ministry has no time to give us a timely word on the present truth.  Yet (William Branham) the dead man Brother Stair was supposed to have replaced is still keeping their updates current.  Since Brother Stair is under house arrest and cannot go cavorting about as he did, we have to wonder what he’s doing with his time that is more important than the body of Christ?  Too much time touching other bodiesBuyer beware!

Stop listening to teaching that contradicts what you know is right.
A worthless witness cares nothing for truthhe enjoys his sinning too much.
Mockers and rebels shall be severely punished.
(Proverbs 19:27-29  TLB)

Forget Me Not

Let us not forget that large Pentecost Service three years ago in 2017 when Brother Stair did his famous Boob Dance with a visiting sister by shoving his face in her breasts.  This was the same year he would extend himself to fondling a 12-y-o girl and was brought down by a 16-y-o that he molested in the Radio Room.  For these and many other crimes, he was arrested in 2017.  For which he is still under house arrest awaiting trial.

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Watch the Boob Dance at the Pentecost Service 2017

Dec 2017Brother R.G Stair was arrested over this matter.

Feb 2018Brother Stair will go to Trail for Rape & Burglary


You can listen to the Pentecost Weekend Services on the Services page


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