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After finally getting through the self-exaltation and nonsense of the two men who run the show, we got a beautiful testimony from Brother Spencer.


Why We Are Here

This is why we are here to put the Bible into what Brother Stair teaches and to show you how his teachings and doctrines not only do not have the truth of the Bible in them but that they are most often completely contrary to what the Bible says and teaches.  While the Overcomer focuses you on an emphasis on the witness of the Spirit, the only thing the Overcomer has to do with Jesus is that they cry wolf that He is coming.  With this putting you in fear of missing Him, the intent is so you’d better fear and come to the prophet (the Sign) for your protection.

This false witness is sold to us as the only thing needed to verify the prophet.  After that, we are to solely listen to and obey the prophet – rather than God.  This is why another false teaching of Brother Stair’s is that the prophet represents God in your midst.  That is error and heresy.  This is not the truth of the Spirit.  You were warned to test the spirits on the prophets.

Thus, Brother Stair’s, and now Pastor Rices’ alike, are void of these three truthsThey do not pass the test.

Brother Stair set himself up as the new Jesus, the current Son of Man, the one that is greater than Jesus – thus he replaced Jesus.  That’s not the truth of Jesus.  Brother Stair excommunicated you if you didn’t have the witness of the Spirit that he wanted you to have, or if you lost it.  Brother Stair would often scoff at his congregation for not going along with his quoting or interpretation of the Bible.  Because he would say it says what it doesn’t say, then he would put his own spin on top of that and make it say and mean something contrary to what it says.  That does not pass the truth test.

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In this, we see how Brother Stair and his Overcomer Ministry fail in all three points that Derek Prince makes in the following video.  It would do us well to heed these warnings and test these spirits.  At the least, you could take an hour and a half here to listen and some truth.  Rather than spending eternity in a place that deceivers go to.  Which is what Brother Stair told you is going to happen to his followers.


So here is a better way to sow your time and a warning about Brother Stair’s false Gospel:


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Read Your Bible!

In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight (Pr 3:6  NIV78/RSV).  What does that tell us about Brother Stair and Pastor Rice?  Where you have crooked paths you have people who do not acknowledge God in all their ways – no matter how they speak to the contrary.  They are liars!  God’s word is true.  God’s word will reveal to you the way these men walk.  Read your Bible and depart from these worthless idols (Jonah 2:8  NIV84).  Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace (Pr 3:17).  Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, because they keep not Thy law (Ps 119:134).

A people without understanding will come to ruin
(Hosea 4:14  NIV)


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