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Last Updated on April 22, 2020

Many Services took place over Passover Week 2020 at the Overcomer Ministry

They are listed under the Services Menu along with many others. 

Your leaders are rebels, companions of thieves.
Who wants your sacrifices when you have no sorrow for your sins?  The incense you bring me is a stench in my nostrils.  Your holy celebrations of the new moon and the Sabbath, and your special days for fasting—even your most pious meetingsall are frauds!  I want nothing more to do with them.  I hate them all; I can’t stand the sight of them.  From now on, when you pray with your hands stretched out to heaven, I won’t look or listen.  Even though you make many prayers, I will not hear, for your hands are those of murderers; they are covered with the blood of your innocent victims.  (Isa 1:23, 12-15  TLB)

Here are the current links for the Passover Services: 

Pre-Passover Service – Wednesday 2020.04.08 – Bro Stair

Pre-Passover Service – Thursday 2020.04.09 – Bro Stair

Passover Service – Friday 2020.04.10 – Bro Stair

Sabbath Service  2020.04.11 – Bro Stair

Post-Passover Service – Sabbath PM 2020.04.11 – Bro Stair

Post-Passover Service – Sunday 2020.04.12 – Bro Stair

Oh, wash yourselves!  Be clean!  Let me no longer see you doing all these wicked things; quit your evil ways.  Learn to do good, to be fair.
Your leaders are rebels, companions of thieves.  (Isa 1:16-17, 23  TLB)

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